Tatajuba in North-eastern Brazil: a Kitesurf Paradise

Through my years kitesurfing the world and mostly the long north-eastern coast of Brazil, I’ve got to experience some of the best spots the world has to offer for kitesurfing addicts like me. All of the spots offer all sorts of different interesting attributes but very few offer the whole range of activities available to kitesurfers in one single spot! And this is where Tatajuba shine! No need to kite in different towns, you might have it all in one single place by coming to Tatajuba.

A Stunning and Beautiful Beach to the flavors of Jericoacoara

Ever since Lonely Planet voted Jericoacoara the best beach in the world in 2014, tourism has flooded the small desertic town into what it is today: a tourism megapolis that has helped it lose its original attractiveness as a small fishing village only accessible by sea. Jeri is still an interesting place to visit, but it always lacked a big feature for the kitesurfers: its offshore makes it too dangerous to practice kitesurfing. On top of this, since the town is blocking where the wind is coming from, it is creating a broken and gusty wind that makes it very uncomfortable to kite. This is what brought to fame other nearby towns which have better conditions. Of these: Prea ( just a few kilometers upwind) and Tatajuba (just a few kilometers south).

How to get to Tatajuba

Reaching Tatajuba is still a challenge by itself, as it is dependent on tides when it crosses a river on tiny loading boats (More of a platform than a boat actually). The Brazilian buggy cars are the most used transport to reach and since Jeri is an international hub, prices are pretty high in comparison to other Brazilian cities.

Prices seem to double each year or so, currently about 500 Brazilian reals (100$) .

The Kite Spot that has it all

No matter if you are into wave riding, big-air, freestyle or downwinding, there is something for everybody in Tatajuba. The wind is always constant and powerful, but not too much as it is in other spots nearby like Prea. This makes doing freestyle kitesurfing possible, especially since the movement of the tides creates mini lagoons with flat water.

For wave riding, Tatajuba offers some great waves at times! When the tide gets higher, the waves just off the main spot create a nice little break that can make for a great little practice spot!

The main attraction though is definitely Big Air! From international competitions being held here, Tatajuba got famous for its steady winds for the practice of big jumps, and each time I end up visiting Tatajuba, I end up riding with some of the biggest names in the industry, many of the who take part in the biggest Big air Kitesurfing competition: the King of the air.

A Growing International Community

The little town of Tatajuba doesn’t lack an international presence. Most of the guest houses and hotels are owned by foreigners, and the crowd is probably 90% foreigners, much fewer Brazilians come here. So if you prefer to get immersed in local culture, then this might not be the perfect place. Otherwise, if you look for the perfect kitesurfing destination, where you kite-eat-sleep as your unique activity, this is definitely a place to consider on your next trip to Brazil!

Video of me kiting in Tatajuba

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