Viking Saturn Review – State-of-the-art Ocean Ship for a Perfect Cruise!

Welcome aboard the Viking Saturn, a luxurious cruise ship that promises an unforgettable voyage through some of the world’s most captivating destinations. From the moment you step on board, you’ll be immersed in a world of elegance, comfort, and adventure. As you embark on your journey, you’ll be greeted by the ship’s sleek and modern design, with spacious decks and panoramic views of the surrounding ocean. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, sipping cocktails on the sun deck, or enjoying a leisurely stroll along the promenade, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind in style. But the Viking Saturn is much more than just a floating resort – it’s also a gateway to some of the most exciting destinations on Earth. From the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean to the rugged beauty of Alaska, the ship’s itineraries are carefully crafted to showcase the best that each region has to offer. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, or marveling at majestic glaciers, you’ll find that every port of call offers a wealth of unforgettable experiences.

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In a Nutshell…

  1. All-Veranda Small Ship: The Viking Saturn is an award-winning, all-veranda small ship designed for intimate exploration. With just 930 guests, it allows docking in ports where larger ships cannot.
  2. Dimensions: The ship has a length of 745 feet and a beam (width) of 94 feet. Its modern Scandinavian design combines elegance with practicality.
  3. Accommodation: The Viking Saturn offers 464 staterooms for up to 928 passengers, served by a crew of 465. Guests can choose from various cabin categories, each featuring a private veranda.
  4. Understated Elegance: Passengers experience understated elegance throughout the ship. From the cabins to the public spaces, the design reflects a harmonious blend of comfort and style.
  5. Direct Port Access: The Viking Saturn’s scale allows it to access most ports directly. This means travelers can step ashore conveniently and explore their destinations with ease.
  6. Global Itineraries: Since its debut in 2023, the Viking Saturn has sailed around the world on 51 unique cruise itineraries. From Mediterranean marvels to Arctic adventures, it offers diverse journeys for discerning travelers.
  7. Verandas Everywhere: Every cabin on the Viking Saturn boasts a private veranda, allowing guests to enjoy fresh air and scenic views from the comfort of their rooms.
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Entertainment onboard the Viking Saturn

On the Viking Saturn, entertainment is not just an afterthought but a central part of the cruising experience. With a diverse range of activities and performances, there’s never a dull moment on board.

Throughout the day, guests can enjoy a variety of entertainment options suited to every taste and interest. Whether you’re looking for live music, engaging lectures, or immersive workshops, there’s always something happening on the ship. From trivia contests to art classes, there are plenty of opportunities for guests to learn something new or simply have fun with fellow passengers.

In the evenings, the ship comes alive with a vibrant array of shows and performances. From Broadway-style musicals to cabaret acts and comedy shows, the entertainment offerings are as diverse as they are captivating. Whether you’re in the mood for a night of laughter or a more sophisticated cultural experience, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

One of the highlights of the entertainment onboard the Viking Saturn is the lineup of guest performers and artists. From world-renowned musicians to talented dancers and acrobats, the ship regularly hosts top-notch entertainment acts that are sure to dazzle and delight guests of all ages.

For those looking to unwind after a long day of exploring, the ship also offers a range of more laid-back entertainment options. Whether you prefer to curl up with a good book in the library, enjoy a quiet drink in one of the ship’s bars, or simply relax under the stars on the deck, there are plenty of ways to relax and unwind in the evenings.

  1. Movies on the Pool Deck: Enjoy cinematic moments under the open sky while relaxing by the pool.
  2. Munch Moments: Immerse yourself in the magic of master expressionist Edvard Munch with daily interactive events. Explore his art and its significance during your voyage.
  3. TED Talks: Engage your mind with thought-provoking TED Talks. These informative sessions cover a wide range of topics and provide stimulating discussions.
  4. Romantic Moonlit Strolls: Take a leisurely walk along the serene promenade that encircles the ship. The moonlight adds a touch of romance to your evening.

Viking Saturn focuses on a cultured style of cruising, emphasizing enrichment rather than flashy nightclubs or casinos. So, get ready for art lectures, watercolor painting classes, and traditional afternoon tea in the attractive and airy Wintergarden. As with sister ships, Viking Saturn offers a high number of inclusions, including 24-hour room service, a variety of shore excursions, gratuities, dining at specialty restaurants, wine, beer, and sodas with lunch and dinner. Plus, spa enthusiasts will appreciate access to the spa’s thermal suite.

Dining venues onboard also feature an emphasis on the destinations visited. The Chef’s Table specializes in regional dishes, while The Kitchen Table offers a unique chef’s market tour combined with a cooking class and dining experience. Keep in mind that The Kitchen Table is the only fee-based venue, but it’s more of an excursion-led foodie experience than a typical dining spot. Find special deals and reserve today on the Viking Saturn by Clicking Here.

Cabins and Room Comfort on the Viking Saturn

The staterooms and cabins aboard the Viking Saturn cruise ship offer a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation, ensuring that guests enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating stay throughout their voyage.

Each cabin is meticulously designed with modern furnishings and elegant décor, creating a cozy retreat for travelers to unwind after a day of exploration. From intimate solo cabins to spacious suites, there is accommodation to suit every preference and budget. Guests can expect plush bedding, ample storage space, and luxurious amenities to enhance their onboard experience.

One of the highlights of the staterooms on the Viking Saturn is the breathtaking views of the surrounding ocean or port cities, thanks to large panoramic windows in many of the cabins. Guests can wake up to stunning sunrises or enjoy mesmerizing sunsets from the comfort of their own private balcony.

For those seeking an extra level of luxury, the ship also offers a selection of suite accommodations that provide added space and amenities. These lavish suites often feature separate living areas, expansive balconies, and exclusive access to VIP services and facilities.

In addition to the comfortable accommodations, guests can also take advantage of a range of onboard activities and entertainment options. Whether lounging by the pool, participating in enrichment programs, or enjoying live performances in the theater, there is always something to keep guests entertained.

For those looking to stay active during their voyage, the ship offers a variety of fitness facilities, including a well-equipped gym, jogging track, and sports courts. Guests can also take part in group exercise classes or relax with a soothing massage in the onboard spa.

When it comes to dining, guests aboard the Viking Saturn are treated to a culinary journey that celebrates the flavors of the world. From gourmet restaurants serving international cuisine to casual eateries offering comfort food favorites, there is something to satisfy every palate. Guests can indulge in expertly crafted dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, accompanied by a selection of fine wines and handcrafted cocktails. Find special deals and reserve today on the Viking Saturn by Clicking Here.

  1. Interior Staterooms: These cozy cabins provide a comfortable retreat without windows or balconies. They are perfect for travelers who prioritize value and plan to spend most of their time exploring the ship and destinations.
  2. Veranda Deluxe Staterooms: These staterooms feature a private veranda where you can enjoy fresh air and scenic views. They offer a balance of indoor and outdoor space.
  3. Penthouse Junior Suites: Spacious and elegantly appointed, these suites include a separate seating area, a private balcony, and premium amenities. Ideal for those seeking extra comfort and relaxation.
  4. Explorer Suites: These suites come in both aft-facing and forward-facing configurations. They offer generous space, a king-size bed, and additional perks like binoculars, an espresso coffee machine, and complimentary beverages. Perfect for travelers who appreciate luxury and panoramic views.
  5. Owner’s Suite: The pinnacle of elegance, the Owner’s Suite is the largest stateroom on the ship. It boasts a king-size bed, premium linens, two large TVs, and a private terrace. Guests in this suite enjoy priority services and a range of complimentary amenities.

Service and Hospitality

On the Viking Saturn cruise ship, guests can expect exceptional service and hospitality that goes above and beyond to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience throughout their journey.

From the moment guests step on board, they are greeted with warmth and hospitality by the attentive crew members, who are dedicated to providing personalized service and catering to the needs of each individual traveler. Whether it’s a friendly smile from the staff or assistance with luggage, guests feel welcomed and valued from the start of their voyage.

The ship’s staff are known for their professionalism, attentiveness, and genuine desire to exceed guest expectations. They are always on hand to assist with any inquiries, offer recommendations for onboard activities, or provide information about the various ports of call.

In addition to the friendly and helpful crew, the Viking Saturn offers a range of services and amenities designed to enhance the guest experience. This includes 24-hour room service, ensuring that guests can enjoy a delicious meal or snack at any time of day or night, as well as laundry and dry-cleaning services to keep clothing fresh and tidy throughout the voyage.

For guests celebrating a special occasion or looking to add an extra touch of luxury to their cruise experience, the ship also offers a selection of premium services and amenities. This may include priority boarding and disembarkation, access to exclusive lounges and dining venues, and personalized concierge services to assist with any special requests or arrangements.

One of the hallmarks of the service and hospitality on the Viking Saturn is the attention to detail and the genuine care and concern for guest satisfaction. Whether it’s remembering a guest’s preferred beverage or anticipating their needs before they even ask, the crew goes above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the guest experience is exceptional.

Food and dining Experience on the Viking Saturn

Indulging in culinary delights is an integral part of the onboard experience aboard the Viking Saturn cruise ship. With a variety of dining venues and delectable cuisine options, guests are treated to a gastronomic journey that satisfies every palate and preference.

The main dining room on the Viking Saturn is a showcase of elegance and sophistication, offering a diverse menu inspired by global flavors. Here, guests can savor meticulously crafted dishes prepared by talented chefs using only the freshest ingredients. From succulent seafood to tender cuts of meat, each meal is a culinary masterpiece that delights the senses.

For those seeking a more intimate dining experience, the ship boasts specialty restaurants that offer a range of culinary delights. From Italian trattorias to gourmet steakhouses, each venue presents a unique dining concept that promises to tantalize taste buds and create unforgettable dining memories.

Casual dining options abound on the Viking Saturn, providing guests with a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere to enjoy a quick bite or leisurely meal. From cozy cafes serving freshly brewed coffee and pastries to poolside grills offering burgers and BBQ favorites, there’s something to satisfy every craving throughout the day.

Additionally, the ship features specialty dining experiences that showcase the rich culinary traditions of the destinations visited during the voyage. Guests can embark on a culinary journey around the world without ever leaving the ship, sampling authentic regional cuisine from Europe to Asia and beyond.

  1. Manfredi’s Italian Restaurant: Indulge in freshly prepared pasta, flavorful sauces, and authentic Italian cuisine. Pair your meal with a carafe of Chianti for a truly delightful experience.
  2. The Restaurant: This main dining venue serves international fare, catering to a wide range of tastes. From classic dishes to innovative creations, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings.
  3. World Café: A buffet-style restaurant where you can explore global flavors. Enjoy fresh seafood, salads, and a variety of hot dishes. The World Café offers a relaxed and casual dining atmosphere.
  4. Pool Grill: Craving a gourmet burger or a light snack by the pool? The Pool Grill is your go-to spot. Savor delicious bites while enjoying the sun and sea breeze.
  5. Mamsen’s: For a taste of traditional Norwegian cuisine, head to Mamsen’s. Try hearty dishes inspired by the region, and perhaps even sample some Scandinavian treats.
  6. The Chef’s Table: Embark on a culinary journey with a multi-course tasting menu paired with exquisite wines. Each dish is thoughtfully crafted to delight your senses.
  7. Wintergarden: Afternoon tea and scones await in the Wintergarden. Relax in this elegant space, sip your tea, and savor sweet and savory treats.
  8. Room Service: Don’t miss out on the convenience of room service. Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a late-night snack, the Viking Saturn ensures your comfort.

Destinations and Itineraries of the Viking Saturn

Let’s delve into the captivating destinations that the Viking Saturn typically explores. This elegant cruise ship embarks on voyages that blend cultural enrichment, scenic beauty, and historical marvels. Here’s a glimpse of where the Viking Saturn usually sails:

  1. Northern Europe:
    • Bergen, Norway: Begin your journey in this picturesque city, surrounded by fjords and colorful wooden houses. Explore its historic wharf, Bryggen, and immerse yourself in Viking heritage. Find special deals and reserve today on the Viking Saturn by Clicking Here.
    • London: The vibrant capital of England awaits, with its iconic landmarks, theaters, and royal history.
    • Stockholm: Discover the “Venice of the North,” where elegant architecture, lush parks, and a rich maritime past converge.
  1. The Mediterranean:
    • Barcelona, Spain: Marvel at Gaudí’s masterpieces, stroll down Las Ramblas, and savor tapas in this vibrant city.
    • Rome: Explore the Eternal City’s ancient ruins, Vatican treasures, and mouthwatering cuisine.
    • Athens, Greece: Stand atop the Acropolis, trace the footsteps of philosophers, and savor Greek delicacies.
    • Istanbul: Bridge two continents as you wander through the Grand Bazaar, visit the Hagia Sophia, and cruise the Bosphorus.

Viking Saturn offers an enriching experience, emphasizing cultural immersion, art, and history. Whether you’re gazing at the Norwegian fjords or savoring Mediterranean flavors, each port of call promises a captivating adventure.


As we conclude our journey aboard the Viking Saturn cruise ship, it’s evident that this floating oasis offers an unparalleled experience for travelers seeking relaxation, adventure, and cultural enrichment. Throughout our voyage, we’ve been treated to world-class amenities, impeccable service, and unforgettable moments that will linger in our memories for years to come.

From the moment we stepped onboard, we were greeted with warmth and hospitality by the attentive crew, who went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and satisfaction throughout the journey. Whether it was a friendly smile from the housekeeping staff or personalized service from the dining team, every interaction was marked by professionalism and genuine care.

The entertainment options onboard the Viking Saturn were nothing short of exceptional, with a diverse array of activities and performances to suit every taste and interest. From Broadway-style shows to live music performances, there was never a dull moment onboard. Additionally, the enrichment programs and guest lectures provided fascinating insights into the destinations we visited, enhancing our understanding and appreciation of the places we explored.

When it comes to dining, the Viking Saturn exceeded all expectations with its exceptional culinary offerings. From sumptuous gourmet meals in the main dining room to casual bites by the poolside, every dish was a masterpiece of flavor and presentation. The specialty restaurants offered a tantalizing array of options, allowing us to indulge in a variety of cuisines from around the world.

The staterooms and cabins onboard the Viking Saturn were havens of comfort and luxury, providing the perfect retreat after a day of exploration. With their stylish décor, plush furnishings, and modern amenities, our accommodations felt like home away from home. And the panoramic views from our private balcony were the perfect backdrop for watching the world go by.

But perhaps the most memorable aspect of our journey onboard the Viking Saturn was the opportunity to connect with fellow passengers and forge new friendships. Whether sharing stories over dinner, participating in group excursions, or simply relaxing by the pool, we found camaraderie and kinship that enriched our travel experience.

In conclusion, the Viking Saturn cruise ship offers a truly exceptional vacation experience that combines luxury, adventure, and cultural discovery in equal measure. From the moment we stepped onboard until the time we disembarked, we were immersed in a world of comfort, excitement, and exploration that exceeded all expectations. It’s no wonder that Viking Cruises has earned a reputation as one of the world’s premier cruise lines, and we can’t wait to set sail with them again in the future. Find special deals and reserve today on the Viking Saturn by Clicking Here.

– Reviewed by Contributing Author Silvester Thomson

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