National Geographic Endurance Review – Antartica and Patagona Cruise of a Lifetime!

The National Geographic Endurance cruise ship stands out as a truly unique vessel, combining world-class expedition capabilities with luxurious accommodations. Designed with the spirit of exploration in mind, this ship offers an unparalleled experience for adventurous travelers. Let’s delve into what makes the National Geographic Endurance so remarkable. One of the defining features of the National Geographic Endurance is its exceptional ice-class rating and advanced technology. Built to navigate through polar regions, the ship can venture into the most remote and breathtaking locations on Earth, including the Arctic and Antarctica. With its reinforced hull and state-of-the-art ice-breaking capabilities, the National Geographic Endurance (also called Lindblad Endurance) provides guests with unprecedented access to these captivating regions. The ship’s design places a strong emphasis on comfort and luxury. The National Geographic Endurance offers a range of spacious and elegantly appointed cabins, each featuring large windows that allow guests to admire the stunning scenery from the comfort of their own rooms. The accommodations are designed with a focus on sustainability, featuring eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems. From cozy suites to comfortable staterooms, every cabin provides a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration. An outstanding aspect of the National Geographic Endurance is its partnership with National Geographic. This collaboration brings exceptional expertise and knowledge to every voyage. Onboard, a team of expert naturalists, scientists, and photographers accompany guests, providing in-depth presentations, guiding excursions, and sharing their insights into the natural wonders encountered during the journey. This unique opportunity to learn from and interact with these experts adds a rich layer of education and discovery to the cruise experience.

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In a Nutshell…

  1. Purpose-Built for Polar Exploration:
    • The National Geographic Endurance is an ice-class Polar Code PC5 (Category A) vessel. (Owned by Lindblad Expeditions)
    • It’s designed for polar navigation and can navigate polar passages throughout the year.
    • The ship’s patented X-bow® ensures an exceptionally smooth ride even in adverse conditions, reducing spray on deck for better observation.
  2. Sister Ship to National Geographic Resolution:
    • The Endurance is an identical sister ship to the National Geographic Resolution.
    • Both ships are innovative polar expedition vessels, exploring Antarctica and the Arctic.
    • Their motto is “To Explore and Understand the World,” paying homage to the great explorer Ernest Shackleton’s ship, The Endurance.
  3. Artistic Exploration:
    • National Geographic Endurance houses the world’s first permanent ship-based installation of drawings, paintings, video, photography, and sculpture.
    • Curated by artist Zaria Forman, this installation features a wide range of artists dedicated to examining and expressing responses to vulnerable polar geographies.
  4. Smooth Sailing:
    • The ship’s powerful wave-slicing action ensures a comfortable experience for passengers.
    • Whether navigating icy waters or uncharted territories, the Endurance lives up to its name, providing a safe and enjoyable journey.
  5. Passenger Capacity:
    • The Endurance accommodates up to 126 guests, creating an intimate and personalized expedition experience.
  6. Inspired by History:
    • Named after Ernest Shackleton’s legendary ship, The Endurance, this vessel continues the spirit of exploration and adventure.
  7. Uncharted Waters:
    • Embark on a voyage with the National Geographic Endurance to explore remote and pristine regions, witnessing the beauty of our planet’s polar extremes.
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Entertainment onboard the National Geographic Endurance

Entertainment onboard the National Geographic Endurance cruise ship offers a unique and immersive experience that combines education, exploration, and relaxation to create an unforgettable journey for guests. From wildlife spotting to educational lectures and outdoor activities, the ship provides a diverse range of entertainment options that cater to nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Here is a detailed overview of the entertainment offerings onboard the National Geographic Endurance:

One of the highlights of entertainment on the National Geographic Endurance is the series of educational lectures and presentations offered throughout the cruise. Naturalists and experts provide insights into the destinations visited, wildlife spotting tips, and in-depth knowledge about the polar regions. Guests can attend daily recaps, lectures on history, science, and culture, as well as presentations on the next day’s schedule. These informative sessions enhance guests’ understanding of the environment they are exploring and provide a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

The National Geographic Endurance offers guests ample opportunities for wildlife viewing and exploration. From Zodiac cruises around icebergs to hikes at designated landing sites, guests can get up close to penguins, seals, whales, and other marine animals in their natural habitats. The ship’s expedition team guides guests on excursions that showcase the diverse wildlife of Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falklands, Patagonia, Iceland, Svalbard, Greenland, and other destinations. The focus on wildlife observation allows guests to connect with nature on a profound level.

For guests seeking adventure and outdoor experiences, the National Geographic Endurance provides a range of activities to choose from. Kayaking excursions and stand-up paddleboarding are available for guests to explore the waters surrounding the ship under suitable conditions. The ship’s wraparound deck with abundant seating offers a perfect vantage point for enjoying passing scenery and spotting wildlife. Additionally, two infinity-style hot tubs at the stern of the ship provide a relaxing space to unwind while taking in panoramic views of the surroundings.

Guests looking to relax and rejuvenate can visit the exceptional spa onboard the National Geographic Endurance. The spa features treatment rooms, a relaxation lounge, a yoga studio, saunas, and outdoor infinity-edge hot tubs. Whether guests seek a massage to unwind after a day of exploration or prefer to practice yoga in a serene setting, the wellness facilities onboard cater to their relaxation needs. The spa provides a tranquil retreat where guests can pamper themselves amidst breathtaking polar landscapes. Find special deals and reserve today on the National Geographic Endurance by Clicking Here.

  1. Landings and Expeditions:
    • When the ship reaches its destination, up to two landings are scheduled each day—one after breakfast and another after lunch. These allow you to explore the surrounding areas.
    • Zodiac excursions are also part of the adventure, offering close encounters with nature and wildlife.
  2. Lectures and Enrichment:
    • National Geographic Endurance hosts informative lectures and enrichment programs.
    • Learn from experts about the regions you’re visiting, wildlife, geology, and more.
  3. Bridge Visits and Tours:
    • Get an insider’s view by visiting the bridge, where the ship’s officers navigate.
    • Explore the galley (kitchen) and even take a tour of the engine room to see how the ship operates.
  4. Bars and Lounges:
    • The Den (Deck 8) houses a bar, restaurant, and observation lounge.
    • Enjoy a drink while taking in the views.
    • The main lounge (Deck 6) is another great spot to relax and socialize.
  5. Wellness Area:
    • National Geographic Endurance prioritizes wellness.
    • Discover a relaxation room, a large sauna, and a yoga studio.
    • Outdoor spaces also offer comfortable seating and two infinity-style hot tubs.
  6. Onboard Broadcast Studio:
    • The ship features an onboard broadcast studio for multimedia presentations and documentaries.
    • Immerse yourself in educational content related to your expedition.
  7. Science Hub:
    • Explore the science hub, where you can engage with researchers and learn about ongoing scientific projects.

Cabins and Room Comfort on the National Geographic Endurance

The National Geographic Endurance offers a selection of thoughtfully designed cabins and suites, each providing comfort and functionality for guests during their expedition cruise.

Staterooms Overview

  • Location: All 71 cabins are situated forward on the ship, except for those on Deck 7, which span the entire deck.
  • Ocean Views: 77% of the cabins feature balconies, providing guests with scenic ocean views.
  • Design: The staterooms are adorned in a Scandinavian style, characterized by modern furnishings, clean lines, and neutral shades, creating a contemporary and inviting ambiance.

Standard Cabins

  • Features: The standard cabins are well-appointed, featuring beds that can convert into two singles or a queen, nightstands with USB outlets, and a writing desk housing a charging station with North American and European plugs. They also offer ample storage space, a safe, a stocked mini fridge, and a sitting area.
  • In-Room Technology: A tablet, fixed to the wall, displays the daily program and expedition information. Additionally, a large-screen TV provides access to movies and National Geographic documentaries.
  • Balcony Cabins: Balcony cabins offer floor-to-ceiling windows and are equipped with outdoor chairs, a small table, and a hammock for guests to relax and enjoy the views.


  • Size and Amenities: The 12 spacious suites onboard are double the size of standard cabins, measuring 430 square feet. They boast additional upgrades such as a separated living area, a double-wide balcony with full floor-to-ceiling glass, a Bluetooth speaker, and a vanity desk with an espresso machine. A walk-in closet with spacious storage and a full-length mirror further elevate the suite experience.
  • Junior Suite: The ship also features a 344 square-foot junior suite with a split living/sleeping space and a standard cabin bathroom.

Cabin Bathrooms

  • Compact and Functional: The bathrooms in all cabin categories are designed to be compact yet functional, featuring a lighted mirror, ample storage, and a glass-enclosed shower with a rain showerhead and a hand-held option. Premium quality towels and bath mats complete the space.
  • Suite Bathrooms: Suites are equipped with exceptionally well-appointed bathrooms, including double vanities, a walk-in rain shower, a full-sized tub, a towel warmer, and bath amenities such as bath bombs and effervescent salts.

Cabin Selection Tips

  • Avoidance: Cabins nearest the bow may experience anchor and thruster noise, though the ship’s dynamic positioning system reduces the need for anchoring. Cabins on Deck 7 are recommended due to the absence of noise from outdoor furniture.
  • Recommendations: Balcony cabins are recommended for an expansive view of the surroundings and wildlife spotting opportunities. Solo travelers can opt for comfortable single-occupancy cabins with balconies. Additionally, suites are ideal for those seeking extra lounging space and enhanced amenities during longer expeditions. Find special deals and reserve today on the National Geographic Endurance by Clicking Here.

In summary:

  1. Porthole Cabin:
    • These cabins are located forward-midship on Deck 4.
    • Each cabin features two large porthole windows (non-opening).
    • Sizes range from 17 m² (183 sq ft) (Category 1, orange-colored) to 19 m² (205 sq ft) (Category 2, green-colored).
    • Enjoy alcove seating and a relaxation chair.
  2. Single Cabin:
    • Ideal for solo travelers.
    • Categories “Solo” are single cabins with floor-ceiling glass doors opening to a step-out balcony.
    • Category A Solo (Main Deck, blue-colored) and Category B Solo (Lounge Deck, red-colored) staterooms have a convertible sofabed.
    • Cabin size: 140 ft² (13 m²).
  3. Balcony Cabin:
    • These cabins are located on Decks 5 (Main)6 (Lounge), and 7 (Bridge).
    • Categories 3, 4, and 5 are balcony cabins with floor-ceiling glass doors opening to a step-out terrace.
    • Equally sized at 19 m² (205 sq ft).
    • Features a convertible sofabed.
  4. Balcony Junior Suite:
    • Located aft-portside on Bridge Deck (Deck 7).
    • Category 6 Junior Suite (purple-colored) is a large balcony cabin.
    • Floor-ceiling glass doors open to a step-out terrace.
    • Cabin size: 345 ft² (32 m²).
    • Includes a convertible sofabed.
  5. Large Balcony Suite:
    • These suites (Category 7) are located forward and aft on Bridge Deck (Deck 7).
    • Each cabin has floor-ceiling glass doors opening to a large, step-out balcony.
    • Equally sized at 40 m² (430 sq ft).
    • Features a walk-in wardrobeconvertible sofabed, and a bathroom with a bathtub.

Service and Hospitality

The National Geographic Endurance cruise ship stands out as a paragon of unparalleled service and hospitality, setting new standards in the realm of expedition cruising. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences, the ship’s service and hospitality offerings are imbued with a level of dedication and attention to detail that is truly extraordinary. From personalized care to enriching interactions, the National Geographic Endurance redefines the meaning of hospitality at sea, ensuring that every guest’s voyage is marked by warmth, comfort, and genuine attentiveness.

At the heart of the ship’s exceptional service is a team of dedicated and highly trained hospitality professionals, whose expertise and passion for excellence are evident in every interaction. From the moment guests step on board, they are greeted with a warm welcome and a sense of belonging, as the crew goes above and beyond to ensure that individual needs and preferences are not only met but exceeded. This personalized approach to hospitality creates an atmosphere of genuine care and fosters a deep sense of connection between the crew and the guests, elevating the overall cruise experience to unparalleled heights.

Moreover, the National Geographic Endurance places a strong emphasis on creating enriching and immersive experiences for its guests, with a focus on facilitating meaningful interactions and fostering a sense of camaraderie among travelers. The ship’s expedition leaders and naturalists are not only experts in their fields but also passionate storytellers, eager to share their knowledge and insights with guests, thereby creating an environment where learning and discovery are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the cruise experience. Whether engaging in insightful lectures, participating in guided excursions, or simply conversing with the knowledgeable staff, guests are enveloped in an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation and cultural enrichment, where every interaction becomes an opportunity for personal growth and discovery.

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Furthermore, the National Geographic Endurance is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, an ethos that permeates every aspect of the ship’s operations. From responsible sourcing of ingredients for culinary offerings to eco-friendly practices in waste management and energy conservation, the ship embodies a dedication to preserving the natural world and minimizing its environmental footprint. This conscientious approach to sustainability not only reflects the ship’s ethos but also serves as an inspiration to guests, fostering a shared sense of responsibility and a deeper appreciation for the pristine environments they have the privilege of exploring.

Food and dining Experience on the National Geographic Endurance

The National Geographic Endurance cruise ship offers an unparalleled dining experience that’s sure to delight even the most discerning palates. With a range of dining options to choose from, you’ll be treated to delicious meals that are prepared by some of the world’s top chefs.

First up, let’s talk about the main dining room. This stunning space offers an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere, with comfortable seating and elegant decor. The menu is filled with delicious options, from classic dishes to modern twists on traditional favorites. And with a team of expert chefs at the helm, you can be sure that every meal will be a culinary masterpiece.But that’s not all – the National Geographic Endurance also offers a range of specialty restaurants that are sure to impress.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be treated to a range of delicious options that are designed to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty steak, a fresh seafood feast, or a light and healthy meal, you’ll find it all and more on board.And if you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, then be sure to check out the ship’s buffet. With a wide range of options to choose from, you’ll find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to delicious entrees and desserts.

And with a team of chefs who are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service, you can be sure that every meal will be a truly memorable experience.But it’s not just about the food – it’s also about the atmosphere. The National Geographic Endurance’s dining areas are designed to be warm and inviting, with comfortable seating and stunning ocean views. And with live music and entertainment options available throughout the ship, you’ll have a hard time deciding where to spend your time.

  1. 270˚ Main Dining Room:
    • This spacious dining room accommodates all guests in one sitting, fostering interaction among travelers.
    • Breakfast: A spread of cold and hot food items is served buffet-style. Guests can also order eggs cooked to their liking.
    • Lunches and Dinners: Enjoyed with waiter service, each day features a different menu. Standard courses include appetizers, soups, salads, and a choice of entrées (including vegetarian and pasta dishes). Desserts of the day are complemented by several flavors of ice cream and sorbet.
    • The food menu is diverse, including continental and international cuisine (our expedition featured many Indian and Asian dishes), as well as a variety of fish and meats. For those who prefer familiar options, steak, chicken, fries, and Caesar’s salad are available daily. The wine selection changes daily at lunch and dinner, and full bar service is also offered. Portions are sometimes on the smaller side, but double orders and seconds are promptly delivered. Guests can even request meals to be delivered to their cabins.
  2. C. Green’s:
    • Named after Shackleton’s cook, this secondary food outlet caters to early risers with a continental breakfast featuring pastries, cheeses, and yogurt.
    • Lunches include soup, salad, a wrap or sandwich, and a dessert. The quality and taste of the food here are excellent, providing a nice option for quick meals and lighter fare.
    • The talented pastry chef not only creates all the desserts but also prepares special cakes and pastries daily for afternoon tea. This tea service is accompanied by a selection of sandwiches, coffee, and tea.
  3. Charlie’s Table:
    • A special chef’s table dinner is offered to all guests onboard the National Geographic Endurance. It takes place in a dedicated section of C. Green’s called Charlie’s Table.
    • The six-course menu is a creative homage to a farewell dinner that Charlie Green cooked for Ernest Shackleton before departing on his fateful Antarctica expedition in 1914 .
  4. Additional Amenities:
    • Beyond dining, the ship offers other public areas, including a lounge with a bar, a gym, a yoga studio, infinity-style outdoor hot tubs, saunas with ocean views, a library, a spa, state-of-the-art facilities for films, slideshows, and presentations, and a photo workshop area .

Destinations and Itineraries of the National Geographic Endurance

  1. Purpose-Built for Polar Expeditions:
    • Constructed in 2020, the National Geographic Endurance is one of the latest and most technologically advanced ships in the polar expedition cruising industry.
    • It navigates the challenging waters of the Arctic and Antarctic with an impressive ice class rating of PC5 (Polar Class 5).
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  2. Distinctive Features:
    • The ship’s most striking exterior feature is its patented X-Bow® design. This innovative bow shape ensures the smoothest and most comfortable ride, even in challenging conditions. It also reduces bow impact noise, providing a quieter experience for guests.
    • With a capacity of just 138 guests, the National Geographic Endurance prioritizes expedition excellence over scale.
    • Scandinavian-inflected and luxuriously appointed interiors make the ship a destination in itself.
  3. Where Does It Sail?:
    • The National Geographic Endurance explores some of the most remote and pristine regions on Earth.
    • Iceland and Greenland: Originally set to launch in April 2020, the ship sat out the pandemic in Norway and is now ready to discover the wilder side of Iceland and Greenland. The inaugural voyage, titled “National Geographic Endurance Inaugural: Iceland & Greenland,” begins and ends in Reykjavik.
    • South America West Coast: Currently, the ship’s location is at the South America West Coast, en route to SENO PIA.
  4. Onboard Experience:
    • Observation Deck: Guests can enjoy inviting spaces such as the Den, the Library with electronic navigation charts, the Science HubC. Green’s bistro and bar, and Charlie’s Table for intimate dinner parties during the voyage.
    • Bridge Deck: The high-tech bridge allows guests to share the thrill of being underway. Naturalists provide insights, and the bridge is always open for wildlife spotting.
    • Lounge Deck: The Ice Lounge hosts daily Recap sessions, where guests gather over cocktails and canapés to share knowledge and anticipate the next day’s adventures.
    • Expedition Deck: Home to equipment and amenities needed for exploration off the ship.
  5. Art and Exploration:
    • The National Geographic Endurance houses the world’s first permanent ship-based installation of drawings, paintings, video, photography, and sculpture. Curated by artist Zaria Forman, this collection focuses on vulnerable polar geographies, enriching guests’ understanding of these regions.

Finding Deals and Promotions for the National Geographic Endurance

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The National Geographic Endurance is a unique cruise ship designed for adventure enthusiasts and curious travelers. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect onboard:

Focus on Exploration: The Endurance prioritizes exploration and discovery throughout your journey. The ship itself is outfitted with high-tech equipment and features public areas designed to inspire a sense of wonder about the natural world. There may also be opportunities to participate in educational programs led by experts in various fields.

Itineraries Focused on Nature: The Endurance typically sails itineraries that take you to remote and fascinating destinations. These destinations are chosen for their unique wildlife, geological formations, or cultural significance.

Expedition Teams: The Endurance may have a team of naturalists, scientists, and other specialists onboard who can answer your questions and enhance your understanding of the places you visit. They might lead educational programs, shore excursions, or wildlife spotting activities.

Focus on Sustainability: The National Geographic Endurance is committed to responsible tourism and environmental protection. The ship may incorporate features to minimize its environmental impact, and there may be educational programs focused on conservation efforts.

Variety of Amenities: In addition to its focus on exploration, the Endurance offers a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable cruise experience. These may include comfortable accommodations, delicious dining options, and relaxing public areas.

Overall, the National Geographic Endurance is a perfect choice for those who want to combine their love for travel with a passion for learning and exploration. The ship offers unique itineraries, educational programs, and opportunities to discover new and exciting destinations. When choosing a cruise, it’s important to consider your budget, preferred destination, and interests to ensure a perfect vacation at sea. Find special deals and reserve today on the National Geographic Endurance by Clicking Here.

– Reviewed by Contributing Author Silvester Thomson

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