Explora Journeys Explora I Review – A Luxury Cruise by MSC

The Explora I is not your typical behemoth of a cruise ship. Instead, it’s a beautifully designed, intimate vessel with a capacity for just 900 passengers. This means no long queues, no crowded decks, and a more personalized service. It’s like being on your own private yacht, but with all the amenities of a luxury resort. Speaking of amenities, the Explora I is packed with them. From its state-of-the-art spa and wellness center to its four distinct restaurants, there’s something for everyone. But what really sets the Explora I apart is its focus on immersive experiences. The ship boasts an innovative “Ocean Terrace” that allows guests to get up close and personal with the sea, as well as a “Journey Lab” where you can plan your own excursions. The Explora I also prides itself on its commitment to sustainability. The ship is equipped with the latest technology to reduce its environmental impact, including a hybrid power system and advanced waste management facilities. This means you can enjoy your cruise guilt-free, knowing that you’re not contributing to the pollution of our oceans. But perhaps the most unique aspect of the Explora I is its itinerary. The ship is designed to take you off the beaten path, to destinations that larger cruise ships can’t reach. From the remote islands of the Mediterranean to the icy fjords of Norway, the Explora I offers a truly unique and unforgettable cruise experience.

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In a Nutshell…

  1. Debut and Luxury: The Explora I made its debut in July 2023 as the first of six planned vessels for the new luxury operator, Explora Journeys. It promises an unforgettable experience, seamlessly blending boutique hotel sensibilities with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled comfort.
  2. Custom-Built Elegance: This custom-built cruise ship accommodates 922 guests and boasts exquisite design, ensuring elegance, joy, exploration, and discovery throughout the journey.
  3. Ocean-View Suites: Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean from their suites. The 461 ocean-front suites provide a luxurious and comfortable retreat3.
  4. Culinary Delights: The ship offers nine culinary experiences, including in-suite dining. Fine beverages are unlimited, and all on-board gratuities are included2.
  5. Wellness and Spa: Access to the Thermal Spa allows guests to unwind and rejuvenate. Wellbeing and fitness programs are available both on board and at the destinations2.
  6. Authentic Service: Expect authentic, cultured, and intuitive service throughout your voyage, enhancing the overall experience.
  7. Ultimate All-Inclusive Luxury: From welcome champagne and sweet treats to complimentary Wi-Fi, Explora I ensures an all-inclusive luxury ocean journey, where every detail is meticulously taken care of.
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Entertainment onboard the Explora I

The Explora I isn’t your typical cruise ship when it comes to entertainment. Instead of big stage shows, they focus on creating a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Here’s what you can expect to find for fun onboard:

Live Music that Flows: Think smooth jazz in the lounges, acoustic sets by the pool, and upbeat tunes to accompany your evenings. There’s also a nightclub if you’re feeling like dancing the night away.

Become an Explorer, Onboard Too: Explora Journeys loves to bring the destinations you visit to life right on board. Expect talks by guest speakers who are experts on the local culture, history, and ecology. You might even learn a new skill like capturing stunning sunset photos or mastering the art of mixology!

Unwind and Play: Several lounges and bars offer comfy seating and open space to relax with fellow travelers. They also have a casino for those who enjoy a bit of friendly competition (age restrictions apply, of course).

Lights, Camera, Relaxation! Who doesn’t love a good movie night under the stars? The Explora I offers a selection of new and classic films to enjoy on demand in your room or on the big screen in the Conservatory.

Something for Everyone: The daily schedule is filled with a variety of activities, so there’s always something to pique your interest. Whether you want to learn more about the world, brush up on a hidden talent, or simply find a quiet corner with a good book, the Explora I has you covered.

Think of it like a luxurious resort, but at sea! The entertainment options are designed to enhance your journey, not overwhelm you. So come ready to relax, explore your interests, and maybe even discover some new ones. Find special deals and reserve today on the Explora Journeys Explora I by Clicking Here.

  1. Decadence: Themes switch from lounge to lounge, offering live music, immersive performances, and an air of lavishness that rivals even The Great Gatsby. It’s a fabulously indulgent experience.
  2. An Evening by Candlelight: In intimate and cozy settings, guest artists, musicians, and vocalists perform softly lit by candlelight. The repertoire ranges from classical to movie soundtracks.
  3. Le Jazz: For journeys that include France, guests can immerse themselves in a Parisian jazz club experience, complete with French martinis and canapés.
  4. Let the Good Times Roll: On Caribbean journeys, groove to New Orleans jazz cabaret. Enjoy a Creole menu, absinthe cocktails, and dazzling musicianship.
  5. Activities: Beyond the performances, there are travel writing workshops, trivia sessions, afternoon tea, and even pickleball lessons on the open-air sports court.
  6. Well-Stocked Entertainment: The ship provides board games, a foosball table, a pool table, and a jukebox tablet connected to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple.
  7. Continual Evolution: The onboard program adapts to the destinations visited, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing entertainment experience.

Cabins and Room Comfort on the Explora I

Let’s start with those jaw-dropping Ocean Residences – the real showstoppers in this impressive accommodations lineup. Boasting a whopping 3,014 square feet of sprawling interior space plus massive private terraces, these floating villas are essentially lavish houses at sea. From the separate living and dining areas to the opulent bedrooms and marble-clad bathrooms, every exquisite detail screams “ultimate pampering zone.” Don’t be surprised if you forget you’re on a cruise entirely!

For those seeking slightly more, ahem, “cozy” but no less luxurious digs, the Ocean Grand Residences offer an ultra-plush 1,500+ square feet of decadent splendor with butler service, private hot tubs, and sprawling balcony terraces. With those kinds of lavish appointments, your toughest choice may be whether to soak in the fabulous sea views from inside or out on your private terrace!

Even the “standard” accommodations aboard Explora I are a total cut above the ordinary with those swanky Ocean Terrace Suites. This pampering home-away-from-home features an elegant sitting area, gorgeous bath retreat, and your own private terrace for sipping champagne with panoramic vistas at your doorstep. Lounge in blissful comfort while watching the waves ripple by – sheer heaven!

Attention to detail is the true hallmark of all the staterooms and suites, which were meticulously designed by the prestigious London-based studio of Amanda Glasgow. Inspired by the line’s “Ocean State of Mind” philosophy, the soothing color palettes, textures and curves evoke the free-flowing movement of water itself. With their clean, minimalist European styling and an abundance of natural light, these luxe living quarters are a true oasis of serenity on the seas.

Combine the sublime relaxation of your stateroom surroundings with Explora Journeys’ signature intuitive service, and you have the ultimate recipe for oceangoing extravagance. From capacious living quarters to inspired decor touches and incredible vistas, every aspect of the onboard accommodations is engineered to spoil you senseless in style. Now isn’t that the very definition of wandering in unbridled luxury? Find special deals and reserve today on the Explora Journeys Explora I by Clicking Here.

  1. Owners Residence Suite (OR):
    • Features:
      • Dedicated private butler services by the Residence Manager
      • Floor-to-ceiling windows
      • Separate living, dining, and sleeping areas
      • Lounge area with a fireplace
      • Dining table for 8 guests
      • Work desk area
      • In-suite welcome bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2013
      • Private bar, replenished according to your preferences
      • Espresso machine, kettle, and tea pot with a complimentary selection of coffee and teas
      • Complimentary personal refillable water bottle for each guest
      • Pair of binoculars for use during the journey
      • Technogym Bench and Technogym Case Kit
      • Laptop-size safe
      • Guest lavatory and powder room
      • Butler pantry area
      • Bespoke king-sized bed sleep system
      • Down duvets and pillowsFine bed linens from Frette
      • Extensive pillow selection
      • Dressing room
      • Panoramic terrace covering the full ship’s width
      • Private outdoor whirlpool, day beds, a dining table, a scenic lounge area, and a shower
      • Luxurious marble double vanity bathroom with heated floors
      • Large bathtub and a walk-in shower
      • Private steam room
      • Plush bathrobes and bath linens from Frette
      • Custom bath toiletries and amenities
      • Dyson SupersonicTM hairdryer and illuminated make-up/shaving mirror
  2. Cocoon Residence Suite (CR):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 797 sqft (75 m²)
      • Balcony: 807 sqft (76 m²)
      • Spacious with a dining room table, sitting area, and desk space
      • Technogym kit with a smart range of fitness gear
  3. Serenity Residence Suite (SR):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 646 sqft (61 m²)
      • Balcony: 570 sqft (54 m²)
      • Comfortable cabin with a sitting area and ample space
  4. Retreat Residence Suite (RR):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 678 sqft (64 m²)
      • Balcony: 151 sqft (14 m²)
      • Cozy suite with a dining area and a private balcony
  5. Cove Residence Suite (CO):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 603 sqft (57 m²)
      • Balcony: 151 sqft (14 m²)
      • Intimate suite with a comfortable layout
  6. Grand Penthouse Suite (GP):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 506 sqft (48 m²)
      • Balcony: 104 sqft (10 m²)
      • Elegant suite with a private balcony
  7. Premier Penthouse Suite (PP):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 452 sqft (42 m²)
      • Balcony: 108 sqft (10 m²)
      • Stylish suite with ample space and a balcony
  8. Deluxe Penthouse Suite (DP):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 409 sqft (38 m²)
      • Balcony: 108 sqft (10 m²)
      • Comfortable suite with modern amenities
  9. Penthouse Suite (PH):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 366 sqft (34 m²)
      • Balcony: 97 sqft (9 m²)
      • Cozy suite with a private balcony
  10. Ocean Grand Terrace Suite (GT):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 301 sqft (28 m²)
      • Balcony: 118 sqft (11 m²)
      • Spacious suite with a private balcony
  11. Ocean Terrace Suite (OT):
    • Features:
      • Sleeps up to 2
      • Cabin: 301 sqft (28 m²)
      • Balcony: 75 sqft (7 m²)
      • Comfortable suite with a private balcony

Service and Hospitality

The service and hospitality aboard the Explora Journeys Explora I cruise ship redefine luxury, offering guests an unparalleled level of care and attention that ensures every aspect of their journey is extraordinary.

At the heart of the service experience on the Explora I is a commitment to personalized care and attention. From the moment guests step on board, they are greeted with warm smiles and genuine hospitality, setting the tone for a memorable voyage. The dedicated staff aboard the ship are not just employees but passionate hosts who strive to anticipate and fulfill every guest’s needs, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that feels like home away from home.

One of the hallmarks of the service on the Explora I is the attention to detail in every aspect of the guest experience. From the meticulously appointed cabins to the thoughtfully curated excursions and activities, every element of the journey is carefully designed to exceed guests’ expectations. Whether it’s arranging a private shore excursion, organizing a special celebration, or simply ensuring that every need is met with efficiency and grace, the staff aboard the Explora I go above and beyond to ensure that every guest feels valued and cared for.

In addition to personalized service, the Explora I also offers a range of amenities and facilities designed to enhance the guest experience. From luxurious spa treatments and wellness activities to gourmet dining options and entertainment, there is something to suit every taste and preference. Whether guests are looking to relax and unwind or seek adventure and exploration, the ship’s staff are on hand to assist with every aspect of their journey, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Food and dining Experience on the Explora I

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds on a journey around the world with the incredible food and dining experiences offered on the Explora I! This luxurious cruise ship ditches the traditional main dining room and instead offers a collection of specialty restaurants, each with its own unique flair.

Imagine stepping into a French bistro, a sleek sushi bar, or a lively Mediterranean marketplace – all within the same ship! Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits you:

  • The Wanderlusting Foodie’s Dream: Set sail on a culinary adventure with the Explora I’s diverse restaurants. From fresh seafood at the ocean-view Med Yacht Club to sizzling steaks at Marble & Co. Grill, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Craving Asian flavors? Sakura Restaurant will tantalize your taste buds with authentic dishes.
  • Casual and Comforting: Feeling like a relaxed poolside lunch or a light breakfast before your shore adventure? The Emporium Marketplace is your one-stop shop for casual dining. Think international buffets, delicious pizzas made in a wood-fired oven, and a tempting selection of sweet treats.
  • In-Suite Serenity: Sometimes you just want to unwind in the privacy of your balcony with a delicious meal and a breathtaking ocean view. No problem! The Explora I offers 24-hour in-suite dining, so you can create your own perfect dining experience whenever you wish.
  • Beyond the Plate: Food is about more than just sustenance – it’s an experience! The Explora I elevates your dining journey with special touches like an elegant tea service with delicate pastries and finger foods. Feeling curious about where your meal comes from? Sign up for a Chef’s Kitchen experience, where you can learn about the ingredients and even participate in preparing a delicious dish.

Here’s what makes the Explora I dining experience truly special:

  • Fresh, High-Quality Ingredients: The Explora I prioritizes fresh, seasonal ingredients, many sourced locally from the destinations you visit. This ensures the most delicious and authentic flavors in every dish.
  • A Feast for the Eyes: The beautiful presentation of the food will have you snapping photos before you dig in! From artfully plated appetizers to decadent desserts, every dish is a visual masterpiece.
  • Impeccable Service: The friendly and attentive staff will make you feel like royalty throughout your dining experience. They’re knowledgeable about the menus and happy to answer any questions or accommodate any dietary restrictions.
  1. Emporium Marketplace (Deck 11):
    • This is Explora I’s most casual food venue, but don’t let that fool you—it’s still a treat! Expect waiter service and glasses of ice-cold Moet to be kept topped up.
    • Dishes are prepared to order and served by chefs, rather than being piled high on trays for self-service.
    • For breakfast, enjoy eggs benedict and made-to-order omelets. Later in the day, explore stations of fresh pasta, sushi, a salad bar, meat and fish dishes, and a decadent dessert bar.
    • Standout dish: Try the plant-based lentil burger.
    • The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating with ocean views.
    • In the evening, treat yourself to a glass of Champagne and head for the raw bar, where crab claws, oysters, and dressed mussels await. Enjoy sunset views as you savor fresh seafood.
  2. Fil Rouge (Deck 4):
    • Open for breakfast and dinner, Fil Rouge is a French restaurant—the closest venue onboard Explora I to a traditional main dining room.
    • With pristine white tablecloths, it exudes sophistication.
    • Start your day with eggs benedict, and for dinner, indulge in dishes like Burgundy escargot, chicken consommé, lobster, or veal wellington.
    • Don’t miss the cheese and dessert trolley—a rich and indulgent experience.
  3. Med Yacht Club (Deck 4):
    • Located next to Fil Rouge, Med Yacht Club transports guests to the South of France and the Italian Riviera.
    • Open for lunch and dinner, it offers a Provencal menu that captures the essence of Mediterranean cuisine.
  4. Crema Café:
    • Inspired by modern European cafe culture, this all-day café features specially selected coffee and high-quality bites.
    • Perfect for a quick pick-me-up or a leisurely moment.
  5. Gelateria & Creperie at The Conservatory:
    • Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious gelato and freshly made crepes.
    • A delightful spot to enjoy a treat while taking in the views.
  6. Explora Lounge:
    • A place to unwind, socialize, and enjoy light refreshments.
  7. In-Suite Dining:
    • For ultimate convenience, indulge in complimentary in-suite dining.
    • Order from a menu and have your meal delivered to your cabin.

Destinations and Itineraries of the Explora I

These meticulously crafted journeys offer a blend of cultural immersion, historical exploration, and culinary delights, all from an exceptional perspective:

  1. Caribbean Adventures:
    • EXPLORA I adjusts its sails to explore the Caribbean during the winter season. The journey commences with a Grand Voyage from Barcelona to the Caribbean, visiting enchanting ports such as BridgetownPointe-a-PitreSt. John’s, and San Juan. Guests can bask in the warm sun, turquoise waters, and vibrant local culture. Find special deals and reserve today on the Explora Journeys Explora I by Clicking Here.
  2. Mediterranean Magic:
    • From April to November, EXPLORA I navigates the Mediterranean, offering a taste of effortless Mediterranean living. Imagine azure hues, aromatic herbs, and the allure of sea air. Explore the untamed beauty of the Eastern Mediterranean, including the Aegean Sea islands and the picturesque Dalmatian coast.
  3. Red Sea and Arabian Peninsula:
    • During the winter of 2025-2026, EXPLORA I embarks on a voyage through the Red Sea and the Arabian Peninsula. This region is steeped in history and culture, with bustling souks, fragrant foods, and the tranquil beauty of desert oases. Guests can savor the essence of ancient civilizations and modern marvels alike.
  4. EXPLORA II’s Enchanting Routes:
    • EXPLORA II, the sister ship, embarks on her inaugural journey from Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome). Along the way, she visits captivating destinations like IbizaPort-VendresPortofinoMonte Carlo, and the hidden gem of Port Santo Stefano in Italy. Secluded coves, lighthouses, and cultural treasures await curious travelers.
  5. Sun-Drenched Caribbean Escapes:
    • Crossing the Atlantic, EXPLORA II offers sun-drenched Caribbean journeys during the winter months. Picture white sands, warm breezes, and the sparkling blues of the Caribbean Sea. Ports of call include Pointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe, Roseau in Dominica, Little Bay in Montserrat, and Marigot in St. Martin.
  6. Cultural Richness and Convenience:
    • Whether it’s the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or the Red Sea, Explora Journeys ensures that guests have convenient embarkation options in BarcelonaCivitavecchia/Rome, and other accessible homeports. Overnight stays in ports allow for deeper connections with local life and heritage.

Finding Deals and Promotions for theExplora I

We have researched and found the best deals for the most interesting itineries. Find special deals and reserve today on the Explora Journeys Explora I by Clicking Here.


In the vast ocean of cruise ship options, the Explora Journeys’ Explora I stands out as a true gem, offering a unique and unforgettable experience that combines luxury, sustainability, and adventure.

From the moment you step aboard the Explora I, you’ll be struck by its elegant and intimate design. With a capacity for just 900 passengers, this ship offers a level of personalized service and attention to detail that’s hard to find on larger vessels. You’ll feel like you’re on your own private yacht, but with all the amenities of a luxury resort.

And what amenities they are! From the state-of-the-art spa and wellness center to the four distinct restaurants, the Explora I has something for everyone. But what really sets this ship apart is its focus on immersive experiences. Whether you’re lounging on the innovative Ocean Terrace, planning your own excursions in the Journey Lab, or attending a lecture in the Explora Lounge, you’ll be fully engaged with your surroundings and the culture of the destinations you visit.

Speaking of destinations, the Explora I’s itinerary is truly unique. This ship is designed to take you off the beaten path, to places that larger cruise ships can’t reach. From the remote islands of the Mediterranean to the icy fjords of Norway, you’ll discover hidden gems and experience local cultures in a way that’s simply not possible on a typical cruise.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Explora I is its commitment to sustainability. The ship is equipped with the latest technology to reduce its environmental impact, including a hybrid power system and advanced waste management facilities. You can enjoy your cruise with peace of mind, knowing that you’re not contributing to the pollution of our oceans.

Of course, no ship is perfect, and there are a few minor drawbacks to consider. The smaller size of the Explora I means that there are fewer entertainment options than on larger ships, and the focus on immersive experiences may not appeal to everyone. But for those who value luxury, sustainability, and adventure, the Explora I is an excellent choice.

In conclusion, the Explora Journeys’ Explora I is a truly unique and unforgettable cruise ship. Its intimate size, focus on immersive experiences, commitment to sustainability, and unique itinerary make it a standout option for travelers looking for something different. Whether you’re lounging on the Ocean Terrace, exploring a hidden cove, or indulging in a gourmet meal, you’ll be treated to a level of luxury and personalized service that’s hard to find on other ships. So if you’re ready to set sail on an adventure of a lifetime, look no further than the Explora I. Find special deals and reserve today on the Explora Journeys Explora I by Clicking Here.

– Reviewed by Contributing Author Silvester Thomson

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