Cruise Ship Reviews

The Cruise Ship Industry is growing a very fast rate these last few years and Companies are rushing to build ever bigger and heavier Ships to accommodate the demand.

The business of cruising is based on mastery of companies to maximize mass tourism in a small area, to share amenities between passengers and thus, lowering the cost for the passengers and the company. To me, it summarizes in one simple fact: It is the mastery of Logistics that made cruising possible. Some companies have mastered the art of providing an impeccable experience, to what appears to be a very affordable holiday. Others are amateurs and trying to catch up. Some ships are oriented to s specific clientele. Others are oriented to accommodate everyone.

So as a world traveller, I enjoy cruising as I use it as a “holiday from a holiday”, as well as a means of transport between continents on “repositioning cruises”. Through the years, I have cruised over 2 dozen cruises on pretty much all the biggest cruise lines, and my reviews are aimed at helping my readers choose the best cruises for their holiday.


Norwegian Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line

Holland America Cruise Line


Royal Caribbean

Special Note on the rating System: The rating system on my Cruise Reviews is based out of comparison to what many consider the best cruise line over the board: Royal Carribbean. In fact, Royal carribbean have become so good at the game that they currently have a steady 25% of the clientel of cruise ships over the world, a very considerate amount. I must agree that Royal carribean is the best experience one can have on a cruise, and this is due to the fact that they are excellent in absolutly all the categories I list in my Rating articles. When I say excellent, this means they pretty much rank a 8/10 without exception. Some cruise lines may have one or two categories with higher ratings than RCCL, but may lack in other caterogies. So in mt rating system, for comparison purposes, if a category ranks 7/10, it means it is lesser than the RCCL’s average, while a 9/10 means an Exceptional rating, better than the RCCL Average.

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