Azamara Onward Review – Cross Oceans, Explore Scenic Waterways, and Access Locations that Larger Cruise Ships Can’t

The Azamara Onward, the newest addition to the esteemed Azamara fleet, stands as a testament to luxurious exploration and intimate cruising. With a unique approach to sea travel, this vessel combines the allure of discovery with the comfort of home, offering an unparalleled experience to its passengers. This narrative seeks to unfurl the distinctiveness of the Azamara Onward, detailing why it is more than just a cruise ship but a gateway to immersive and sophisticated adventures. At the heart of the Azamara Onward’s uniqueness lies its size. Unlike the colossal ships navigating popular routes, the Onward boasts a modest scale, allowing it to slip into lesser-known ports and offer access to secluded, untouched destinations. This capability enables guests to explore hidden gems across the globe, from the sun-drenched harbors of the Mediterranean to the vibrant cultures lining the shores of Southeast Asia, all without the rush and crowd typical of mainstream cruise lines.

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In a Nutshell…

  1. Small Ship Experience: The Azamara Onward is designed for intimate cruising, allowing it to cross oceans, explore scenic waterways, and access locations that larger ships cannot reach.
  2. Refurbished Elegance: Originally part of the Princess Cruise line, the Azamara Onward underwent extensive refurbishment in 2022. It now boasts a fresh look and modern amenities.
  3. Capacity: At full capacity, the ship can accommodate up to 670 passengers along with a crew of 400.
  4. Perfect Size: With a length of 592 feet, a width of 84 feet, and weighing 30,277 tons, the Azamara Onward strikes a balance—it’s not too big or too small, making it ideal for immersive experiences.
  5. Diverse Dining Options: Enjoy a variety of culinary delights across seven restaurants, cafes, and lounges onboard.
  6. Relaxation and Recreation: Sunbathe on the sun-drenched decks, take a dip in the refreshing pool, or rejuvenate at the revitalizing spa.
  7. Deck Plans: Explore the ship’s layout with deck plans spanning from Deck 4 to Deck 11. Each deck offers unique features and amenities.
  8. Luxurious Suites: Look out for features like convertible sofa bedsClub Continent Suites with tubs, and well-located interior staterooms.
  9. Life Onboard: Beyond destinations, the Azamara experience continues with top-tier dining, world-class entertainment, and relaxing spa treatments.

Entertainment onboard the Azamara Onward

The Azamara Onward cruise ship offers a unique and intimate entertainment experience, contributing to the overall allure of the voyage. Despite not having a traditional theater, the ship’s entertainment team showcases exceptional shows in a small lounge, creating an intimate setting that allows guests to be up close to the performers. The entertainment team’s versatility is evident as they not only deliver captivating performances but also organize engaging activities like trivia and seasonal decorations, reflecting their dedication and friendliness .

Passengers who may have been concerned about limited entertainment options on a luxury cruise find that the Azamara Onward offers a surprising variety of activities. While the ship may not have the same amenities as larger vessels, it caters to diverse interests, such as showcasing the Downton Abbey movie and providing access to onboard account information through cabin TVs. This demonstrates the cruise line’s efforts to ensure that passengers have access to entertainment and essential information during their voyage .

The ship’s unique ambiance and smaller size, compared to larger cruise liners, offer a more refined and exclusive experience. Guests are treated to elegant entertainment experiences, including themed galas and live music, fostering an atmosphere of sophistication and charm. The ship’s entertainment program, while different from that of larger cruise lines, aims to provide an intimate and rich experience that aligns with the expectations of luxury cruising .

Furthermore, the ship’s dining experiences are complemented by captivating entertainment, allowing guests to enjoy scenic views from the dining venues as they savor their meals. The Azamara Onward’s commitment to providing engaging and diverse entertainment options, despite its smaller size, caters to the preferences of its guests, ensuring that they have a fulfilling and enjoyable cruise experience.

In conclusion, the Azamara Onward may not offer the same scale of entertainment found on larger cruise ships, but it excels in delivering an intimate and refined entertainment experience. From captivating performances in a small lounge to thoughtfully curated activities and access to essential information, the ship’s entertainment program is tailored to provide an enriching and sophisticated experience for its discerning passengers. This attention to detail and commitment to quality entertainment contributes to the ship’s appeal and its ability to offer a unique and memorable cruise experience.

  1. Club Crooner: Step into a swanky nightclub where the great songs of magnificent artists come alive on stage. From classic crooners like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett to current songbirds like Natalie Cole and Michael Bublé, there’s a song for every mood and everyone.
  2. Wanderlust: Get ready to be transported to the world’s most beloved travel destinations in one exhilarating night. Our dynamic Signature Singers & Dancers explore all four seasons in a new city, singing and dancing their way through an eclectic mix of music from around the world.
  3. Amped Up! Groove Tonight: The guitars are tuned, the amps are cranked up, and the microphones are hot! Prepare for a night of energetic dancing, powerful vocals, and iconic guitar riffs in this high-energy show. Azamara celebrates renowned classic rock artists like Aerosmith, The Beatles, Pat Benatar, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and more.
  4. AzAmazing Celebrations: Formerly known as AzAmazing Evenings, these in-depth experiences connect you to the heart of local culture. Each private event delivers moments that bring you closer to your destination, its culture, and people.
  5. White Night: Join Azamara officers and crew for a signature dinner and entertainment event hosted al fresco on the pool deck (weather permitting). With delicious food and engaging entertainment, White Night is a memorable experience. Don’t forget to wear something white for the evening!
  6. Onboard Shopping: Explore our tasteful collection of merchandise, beautiful jewelry, and watches in our signature shops. It’s a promise of discovery and delight.
  7. Bars and Lounges: Enjoy various bars, lounges, and gathering spots, including the Discoveries Bar, Mosaic Café and Mosaic@Night, The Living Room, and the Cabaret Lounge.

Cabins and Room Comfort on the Azamara Onward

The staterooms and cabins on the Azamara Onward cruise ship offer a luxurious and comfortable retreat for guests, providing a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and needs. With a total of 335 staterooms, including 44 Suites, 203 Balcony, 67 Oceanview, and 38 Inside cabins, the Azamara Onward ensures that passengers have a variety of choices for their onboard stay.

The Azamara Onward features 44 Suites, including the Club World Owners Suite, Club Ocean Suite, Club Continent Suite, and Club Spa Suites. These suites offer the epitome of luxury, with spacious layouts, elegant furnishings, and private verandas that provide stunning ocean views. Guests staying in suites enjoy a range of exclusive perks, including butler services, priority check-in, en-suite dining, and complimentary amenities like daily hors d’oeuvres, specialty coffees, and more. The suites on the Azamara Onward are designed to provide guests with a truly indulgent and pampering experience at sea.

The ship offers 203 Balcony cabins, each featuring a private veranda with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that allow guests to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and panoramic views. These cabins are elegantly appointed with comfortable amenities, including deluxe bedding, smart HDTVs, and spacious living areas. Guests in Balcony cabins can relax on their private verandas furnished with a table and chairs, creating a serene and intimate space to unwind and take in the beauty of the ocean.

For guests seeking a cozy retreat, the Azamara Onward provides 67 Oceanview cabins and 38 Inside cabins. The Oceanview cabins offer picturesque views through large windows, while the Inside cabins provide a comfortable space with all the essential amenities. Both cabin types feature two lower beds that convert to a queen, televisions, refrigerators with mini-bars, and other conveniences to ensure a pleasant stay for guests.

All staterooms and cabins on the Azamara Onward come with a range of complimentary amenities to enhance the guest experience. These include fresh fruits baskets, daily bottles of water, fresh flowers, pillow menus, bathrobes, and slippers. The cabins are designed with a focus on comfort and convenience, offering guests a relaxing and inviting environment to make their cruise experience truly memorable.In conclusion, the staterooms and cabins on the Azamara Onward cruise ship are thoughtfully designed to provide guests with a luxurious and comfortable onboard experience. Whether staying in a Suite, Balcony cabin, Oceanview cabin, or Inside cabin, passengers can expect a high level of service, attention to detail, and a range of amenities that cater to their needs and preferences, ensuring a delightful and relaxing voyage on the Azamara Onward.

  1. Club Interior: These cozy cabins offer a comfortable retreat with a cabin size of 160 ft² and no balcony. They are located on decks 4, 7, and 8.
  2. Club Oceanview: These cabins come in different variations:
    • Obstructed View: Cabin size is 145 ft² with obstructed views.
    • Porthole / Picture Window: Cabin size is 170 ft² with a porthole or picture window.
    • Accessible: Larger cabins with a size of 255 ft² for passengers with specific needs.
  3. Club Veranda Balcony: Enjoy the fresh sea breeze from your private balcony. These cabins come in various categories:
    • V1 (deck 8): Cabin size is 175 ft² with a balcony of 45 ft².
    • V2-V3 (decks 6, 7): Same cabin size with balconies.
    • VX (forward and aft on decks 6, 7, 8): Deluxe cabins with larger balconies of 65 ft².
  4. Club Continent Suite: These suites offer more space and comfort:
    • Cabin size is 230 ft² with a balcony of 60 ft².
    • Available on deck 81.
  5. Club Spa Suite: Perfect for relaxation:
    • Cabin size is 310 ft² with a balcony of 75 ft².
    • Located forward-portside on deck 9.
  6. Club Ocean Suite: Spacious suites with a cabin size of 540 ft² and a balcony of 175 ft².
    • Found forward on decks 6 and 7.
  7. Club World Owners Suite: The most luxurious option:
    • Cabin size is 600 ft² with a generous balcony of 215 ft².
    • Located aft on decks 6, 7, and 8.

Service and Hospitality

Azamara Onward is a small, intimate cruise ship that offers personalized service and high-end amenities to its passengers. Here are some key features of the ship’s service and hospitality:

  • Personalized Service: With a passenger capacity of just 690, the ship’s crew is able to provide highly personalized service to each guest, addressing their individual preferences and needs.
  • All-Inclusive Amenities: The ship offers all-inclusive amenities, including meals, drinks, gratuities, and select shore excursions, providing a hassle-free and worry-free experience for guests.
  • Luxury Accommodations: The ship features luxurious and well-appointed staterooms, with high-quality bedding, spacious bathrooms, and private balconies in most rooms.
  • Fine Dining: The ship offers a range of fine dining options, including a main dining room, specialty restaurants, and casual eateries, all with high-quality cuisine and excellent service.
  • Spa and Wellness: The ship’s spa and wellness center offers a range of treatments and services, including massages, facials, and fitness classes, allowing guests to relax and rejuvenate during their cruise.

Overall, Azamara Onward provides guests with a personalized, all-inclusive, and luxurious cruise experience, with high-quality amenities and excellent service throughout the ship.

Food and dining Experience on the Azamara Onward

The Azamara Onward cruise ship offers a delightful culinary journey that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of palates. From casual buffets to fine dining experiences, the ship’s dining options cater to every taste and preference. The ship’s culinary team is dedicated to creating dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing, using only the freshest ingredients sourced from around the world.

The ship’s main dining venue is the Discoveries Restaurant, which offers a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. The restaurant serves a range of dishes that are inspired by the destinations the ship visits, as well as classic favorites. The menu changes daily, providing guests with a new culinary experience each night. The restaurant also offers a selection of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as gluten-free and sugar-free dishes. The knowledgeable and attentive waitstaff are always on hand to offer recommendations and ensure that every guest has a memorable dining experience.

For those who prefer a more casual dining experience, the Windows Café is the perfect destination. The café offers a range of international dishes, as well as salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. The café also features a live action station, where guests can watch as their dishes are prepared to order. The café is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and features indoor and outdoor seating.

The ship’s specialty restaurants offer unique dining experiences that are not to be missed. The Prime C steakhouse serves a range of premium steaks, as well as seafood and other dishes. The restaurant features a sophisticated atmosphere, with dark wood paneling and plush seating. The Aqualina restaurant offers contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, with a focus on seafood and fresh ingredients. The restaurant features a chic and modern atmosphere, with floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning ocean views.

The ship’s pool deck is also home to a range of dining options. The Patio offers casual dining options, including burgers, hot dogs, and salads. The Pool Grill serves up freshly grilled meats and seafood, as well as salads and sandwiches. The Swirl & Top frozen yogurt station offers a range of flavors and toppings, providing guests with a refreshing treat on a hot day.

The ship’s bars and lounges offer a range of beverages, from classic cocktails to fine wines and craft beers. The Mosaic Café serves specialty coffees, teas, and pastries, while the Discoveries Bar offers a range of cocktails and wines. The Spirits bar offers a range of premium spirits and liqueurs, while the Looking Glass lounge offers a sophisticated atmosphere and live music.

The ship’s culinary team also offers a range of events and activities for food and wine lovers. The Chef’s Table is an intimate dining experience that offers guests a multi-course tasting menu, paired with wines selected by the ship’s sommelier. The Wine Corner offers wine tastings and seminars, providing guests with the opportunity to learn about different wines and regions. The ship also offers cooking demonstrations and classes, providing guests with the opportunity to learn new culinary skills and techniques.

  1. Aqualina: This specialty restaurant serves up authentic Italian dishes. From freshly made pastas to traditional recipes, Aqualina offers a delectable dining experience. Don’t miss their famous desserts like the Sorrento lemon liqueur mousse and hazelnut chocolate soufflé.
  2. Prime C: If you’re a fan of steak and seafood, Prime C is the place to be. Choose your perfectly cooked steak, indulge in herb-coated rack of lamb, or savor Chilean sea bass—all while enjoying stunning views and lush décor.
  3. Discoveries Restaurant: This main dining venue allows you to discover flavors from around the world. Whether it’s filet mignon with black truffle sauce or other nightly selections, you’ll enjoy a variety of dishes. Reservations are not required, and you can choose to be seated at a table for two or join a larger group of fellow guests.
  4. Windows Cafe: For casual dining, Windows Cafe offers themed dinners inspired by the region you’re visiting. Think Indian, Mexican, Spanish, or Italian cuisine. They even create live stations using local ingredients purchased in port—like Greek salad with local feta or fresh mussels served with garlic bread.
  5. The Patio (Pool Grill): By day, it’s a casual pool grill. By night, it transforms into a sit-down al fresco dining experience. Taste personalized dishes inspired by local flavors, and don’t forget to visit the self-serve frozen yogurt station—Swirl & Top.
  6. The Wine Cellar: Wine enthusiasts, rejoice! Azamara Onward boasts an impressive collection of limited production, small label, and rare vintage wines. From French to Californian, and Argentinean to South African, there’s a wine to suit your palate and journey. The knowledgeable sommeliers can guide you to the perfect pairing for your evening meal.

Destinations and Itineraries of the Azamara Onward

  1. Tahiti (Papeete): Begin your journey in this idyllic paradise, where azure waters meet lush landscapes. Tahiti’s vibrant culture and stunning beaches await.
  1. Bora Bora: Known for its overwater bungalows and crystal-clear lagoons, Bora Bora is a dreamy escape in French Polynesia.
  1. Venice: Sail along the Grand Canal, passing historic palaces and iconic bridges. Venice’s timeless beauty enchants every visitor.
  1. Santorini: The whitewashed buildings perched on volcanic cliffs create a postcard-worthy scene. Don’t miss the sunset views!
  1. Barcelona: Explore Gaudí’s architectural wonders, indulge in tapas, and soak up the lively atmosphere of this Spanish gem.
  1. Dubrovnik: Walk the ancient city walls and discover the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” Its rich history and stunning views captivate travelers.
  1. Rome (Civitavecchia): Embark on a journey through time as you explore the Eternal City’s iconic landmarks—the Colosseum, Vatican, and more.
  1. Lisbon: Portugal’s capital beckons with its colorful streets, historic neighborhoods, and delectable pastries.
  1. Edinburgh (South Queensferry): Admire the dramatic Edinburgh Castle and revel in Scotland’s captivating landscapes.
  1. Sydney (Australia): Down Under, Sydney’s Opera House, Bondi Beach, and harbor views await your exploration.
  1. Bangkok (Laem Chabang): Dive into Thailand’s bustling capital, where vibrant markets, temples, and street food abound.
  1. Dubai: Witness futuristic architecture, desert safaris, and luxury shopping in this dynamic city.
  1. Copenhagen: Pedal through bike-friendly streets, visit the Little Mermaid statue, and savor Danish delights.
  1. Stockholm: Discover the “Venice of the North” with its charming canals, historic sites, and Scandinavian flair.
  1. Reykjavik: Iceland’s capital offers geothermal wonders, Viking history, and the chance to chase the Northern Lights.
  1. Halong Bay: Cruise among limestone karsts and emerald waters in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  1. Seville: Flamenco rhythms, Moorish architecture, and tapas bars define this Andalusian gem.
  1. Aqaba (Petra): Explore the ancient city of Petra, carved into rose-red cliffs—an archaeological wonder.
  1. Malaga: Picasso’s birthplace invites you to explore art, beaches, and the Alcazaba fortress.
  1. Oslo: Norway’s capital blends modern design with Viking heritage. Visit the Viking Ship Museum and the Opera House.

Finding Deals and Promotions for the Azamara Onward

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The Azamara Onward’s design philosophy centers around creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere that mirrors the comfort of a boutique hotel. From the moment passengers step aboard, they are enveloped in an environment that blends elegance with homeliness. The use of soft, inviting colors, rich textures, and sophisticated décor throughout the ship contributes to a sense of exclusivity and personal space. Each cabin, regardless of category, is meticulously designed to be a tranquil haven, equipped with plush bedding, modern amenities, and thoughtful touches that ensure a restful and rejuvenating stay.

One significant aspect setting the Azamara Onward apart is its commitment to destination immersion. The ship’s itineraries are thoughtfully curated to allow for longer stays, more overnight calls, and night touring, offering guests ample time to connect with each destination’s culture, history, and people. This approach to cruising means passengers don’t just visit places; they experience them deeply, whether it’s dining at a local’s home in a small Italian village, enjoying a private concert in a historic European opera house, or participating in a traditional tea ceremony in Japan.

Azamara Onward’s culinary offerings are another hallmark of its distinction. The ship’s multiple dining venues serve a wide array of delectable cuisines, from casual al fresco meals to fine dining experiences, all prepared with the freshest ingredients and a great deal of culinary skill. The main dining room, Aqualina, offers Mediterranean-inspired dishes, while Prime C provides a sumptuous steakhouse experience with panoramic ocean views. The emphasis on local flavors means that the ship’s menus often reflect the regions being explored, allowing guests to savor the local cuisine even while on board.

Entertainment and enrichment on the Azamara Onward are designed to complement the spirit of discovery that characterizes the voyage. The ship’s programming includes expert-led lectures and seminars that provide insights into the destinations’ cultural, historical, and natural significance. Evenings on the Onward are alive with performances ranging from live music and dancing to feature films under the stars, ensuring that every moment on board is as engaging as those spent ashore.

Wellness and rejuvenation are key components of the Azamara Onward experience. The ship’s wellness center offers a range of spa and beauty treatments designed to soothe and pamper, alongside a well-equipped fitness center for those looking to maintain their workout routine while at sea. Additionally, the ship includes outdoor recreational spaces where guests can bask in the sun, enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, or engage in leisure activities, all surrounded by the vast, calming expanse of the ocean.

Sustainability and responsible travel form an integral part of the Azamara Onward’s operation. The ship employs various environmentally friendly practices, from waste reduction and energy efficiency measures to supporting sustainable tourism in the destinations it visits. This commitment ensures that guests can enjoy their voyage with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are traveling in a manner that respects the planet and contributes positively to local communities.

In sum, the Azamara Onward exemplifies the art of luxury cruising with its intimate scale, refined atmosphere, deep destination engagement, gastronomic excellence, enriching onboard programming, focus on wellness, and dedication to sustainability. It invites travelers not just to see the world but to immerse themselves in it fully, creating memories that are as meaningful as they are unforgettable. For those seeking to explore the globe’s wonders in unparalleled style and comfort, the Azamara Onward is a vessel that transforms the very essence of travel.

– Reviewed by Contributing Author Silvester Thomson

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