Kitesurfing around Canoa Quebrada / Fortím / Parajuru

Pretty amazing area to kitesurf, just south of Fortaleza! Most kitesurfers that visit Ceará, and even locals, will hardly know this little paradise, as they almost exclusively concentrate on the western beaches of Fortaleza! Almost all the literature and information online talk about the western spots, and very few talk about the eastern beaches. But there is definitely something to see around Canoa Quebrada, with great kitesurfing conditions!

Less wind, great conditions!

It is known that there is less wind east of fortaleza. While this is true, I don’t see it as such an inconvenience if you visit during the season around august to November. If you visit with a Big kite,Ike a 12m, you will be able to kite every day and enjoy this paradisiacal land!

Canoa quebrada has great accomodation options

Parajuru: The river mouths and lagoon

Parajuru has a pretty nice shallow water lagoon for whoever wants to learn kitesurfing and also for freestyle kitesurfing. And the ocean is just behind with great waves as well, providing a great spot for all disciplines! Even for downwinders from fortím or even from canoa quebrada.

Parajuru lagoon

Fortím: a future hotspot

I had heard a lot about this spot, specially from french travelers. And this was my biggest surprise! The Juajaribe river mouth creates an amazing flat water spot, and the wind is mostly in a good direction in the morning. If you can syncronize your visit with low tides in the morning, you will be blown away! This is one of the best spots I have seen in Brazil (and in the world).

Launching spot at the Juajaribe River

Kiting in Canoa Quebrada

I couldn’t find much information on this spot, as most people claim that it is not for kiting, and most people just go to Fortím and Parajuru, really close from there. But there are actually people kiting as well! The wind is almost straight in shore though. So thing to consider.

Video of me kiting in Parajuru

In photos

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