Carnival Venezia Review – La Dolce-Vita on a Cruise Ship!

The Carnival Venezia is unique is its Italian-inspired design, evident throughout the ship’s architecture and decor. From the Venice-inspired atrium Piazza San Marco to the onboard restaurants like Marco Polo, Canal Grande, and La Strada Grill serving Italian street food, guests are immersed in a cultural experience that sets this ship apart. The ship’s interiors draw inspiration from Italian architectural design, with details like faux marble columns, gold balustrades, rococo inlays, and Venetian artwork creating a visually stunning and immersive environment. Carnival Venezia offers a diverse culinary experience that reflects its “Carnival Fun, Italian Style” theme. Guests can indulge in a variety of dining options ranging from fusion spots like Tomodoro (Mexican-Italian) to Guy’s Burger Joint featuring new burgers with Italian flavors. The ship also boasts restaurants like Marco Polo and Canal Grande, offering authentic Italian cuisine in an elevated setting. With bars specializing in complex cocktails, bubbly drinks, frozen treats, and fine Italian wines, guests can savor a wide range of flavors while onboard. The Carnival Venezia provides a plethora of entertainment options that cater to guests of all ages and interests. From the red-velvety Teatro Rosso hosting Playlist Productions shows to the Gondola Lounge inspired by Venice’s famous canals, guests can enjoy captivating performances and immersive experiences throughout their voyage. Outdoor spaces feature activities like bocce ball, waterslides at the WaterWorks water park, and sports facilities including a ropes course, jogging track, mini-golf, and outdoor fitness center. The ship also offers luxurious shopping options with brands like Bvlgari and Cartier for those seeking retail therapy.

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In a Nutshell…

  1. Inspired by Venice: The Carnival Venezia draws inspiration from the iconic Italian city of Venice, infusing its design, decor, and ambiance with a touch of Italian flair.
  2. Sailing Routes: The ship offers exciting itineraries, including destinations such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada/New England, Caribbean, and the Panama Canal.
  3. Size and Dimensions:
    • Length: Approximately 1,061 feet (about the length of 2.9 football fields).
    • Width: Around 122 feet (as wide as 2.3 tractor trailers).
    • Height: Equivalent to a 14-story building.
  4. Stateroom Variety:
    • Terrazza Interior: Cozy staterooms with Italian flair, exclusive access to the outdoor Terrazza Carnevale area, and morning access to the Carnevale Lounge.
    • Ocean View Balcony: Enjoy ocean views from your private balcony.
    • Premium Vista Balcony: Spacious balconies with premium amenities.
  5. Onboard Activities:
    • WaterWorks: Thrilling water park for all ages.
    • Serenity Adult-Only Retreat: Relaxation zone for adults.
    • Playlist Productions: Spectacular live shows.
    • Camp Ocean: Fun activities for kids.
  6. Dining Options:
    • Il Viaggio: Italian-inspired cuisine.
    • Bonsai Teppanyaki: Japanese teppanyaki experience.
    • Lido Marketplace: Casual buffet-style dining.
    • Steakhouse: Premium steak and seafood.
  7. Fun Italian Style™: Carnival Venezia promises a unique cruising experience that combines the best of Italy with the excitement of Carnival cruises.
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Entertainment onboard the Carnival Venezia

The Carnival Venezia cruise ship offers a vibrant and diverse entertainment experience, catering to a wide range of preferences and ensuring a delightful and unforgettable voyage for guests.

The ship boasts an array of entertainment venues, including the Italian opera house-like Teatro Rosso and the Limelight Lounge, where guests can enjoy elaborate song-and-dance shows, comedy acts, and game shows. The Limelight Lounge also hosts family-friendly shows in the early evening and R-rated versions late at night, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy .

Carnival Venezia is a paradise for kids, offering outstanding facilities and programming to keep children of all ages occupied for hours. From waterslides and ropes courses to mini-golf and indoor fun in the arcade, the ship ensures that families have ample opportunities for fun and entertainment throughout the cruise .

The ship’s deck plan includes an adults-only spot, the Serenity Deck, providing a tranquil retreat for adults seeking relaxation. The outdoor sports facilities, including a running track, pickleball and basketball court, and a waterpark, offer diverse entertainment options for guests of all ages. Moreover, the ship’s entertainment venues and sports facilities ensure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy while sailing on Carnival Venezia .

Carnival Venezia’s distinctively Italian vibe, inspired by Venice’s Grand Canal, creates a unique and fun-filled atmosphere for guests. The ship’s Italian theming and new Italy-themed venues, including Il Viaggio and Amari bar, add to the overall charm and appeal of the onboard entertainment offerings .

The ship’s stunning design, wide selection of indoor and outdoor entertainment, and outstanding kids’ facilities make it an ideal choice for families and vacationers seeking a fun-filled and engaging cruise experience. However, the relatively small pool on the Lido Deck may be a drawback for some guests, particularly on sea days .

Carnival Venezia successfully combines Italian flair with an array of top-notch dining, drinking, and entertainment options, offering a unique and enjoyable cruising experience for guests of all ages. Whether it’s the diverse entertainment offerings, family-friendly activities, or the ship’s unique design elements, Carnival Venezia promises a memorable and fun-filled voyage for all who come aboard. Find special deals and reserve today on the Carnival Venezia by Clicking Here.

  1. Art Auctions:
    • Bid on exquisite artworks while enjoying the sun-kissed atmosphere. Who knows, you might just find that perfect piece to adorn your home!
  2. Art Exhibitions:
    • Explore the ship’s curated art displays showcasing a mix of classic and contemporary pieces. Expand your artistic horizons as you wander through the galleries.
  3. Art Seminars:
    • Dive deeper into the world of art with onboard seminars. Learn about different artistic movements, techniques, and fascinating stories behind famous masterpieces.
  4. Carnival Seaside Theatre:
    • Grab a poolside lounge chair or even float in the pool itself while watching big-name movies on the giant outdoor screen. Movie nights under the stars—what’s not to love?
  5. Karaoke:
    • Unleash your inner rock star or pop diva at the karaoke sessions. Belt out your favorite tunes and impress fellow guests with your vocal prowess!
  6. Teatro Rosso (Rosso Theater):
    • The ship’s main show lounge hosts grand productions. Get ready for dazzling performances, Broadway-style shows, and captivating entertainment.
  7. WaterWorks:
    • For serious splashing fun, head to WaterWorks! Zoom down exhilarating waterslides, splash around, and make a big splash of your own.

Cabins and Room Comfort on the Carnival Venezia

You’ll want to get cozy in the fabulous staterooms and suites aboard Carnival’s newest vista-class stunner, the Venezia. Taking cues from the romance and elegance of Venice itself, these ship accommodations will have you living la dolce vita from sunrise to sunset!

Let’s start with those sublime Cloud 9 Spa accommodations – the real pampering retreats aboard this Venetian dream vessel. Book yourself into one of these soothing, minimalist-chic quarters and you’re in for a world of restorative tranquility. From the plush Jenn-Air beds topped with govino linen to the decadent private saunas, oversized jetted whirlpools, and unlimited access to the lavish Cloud 9 facilities, you’ll feel utterly transported to a private rejuvenation oasis. The gentle sea breezes from your private balcony are like Mother Nature’s own calming therapy.

For those craving a more romantic, old-world ambiance, the premium Vista Balcony staterooms are simply bellissima! Inspired by the regal palaces and noble homes of La Serenissima, these indulgent accommodations evoke the elegant spirit of Venezia through their warm, classic decor and bespoke amenities. Sumptuous furnishings like ornate glass lighting, ultra-premium bedding, and lavish baths with rainfall showers and double sinks set the perfect mood for newlywed-style relaxation. And of course those coveted step-out balcony views of shimmering sea vistas and fabled ports are utterly swoon-worthy!

If you prefer carnival cruising’s signature brand of festive flair, the imaginatively decked-out Family Harbor accommodations aim to delight cruisers of all ages with their whimsical fun factor. Parents and kiddos alike will get a kick out of the vibrant decor filled with nautical touches, playful wall art and funky furnishings. From the deluxe linens and bottomless floor poufs to the family-friendly amenities like Xbox consoles and stocked snack pantries, these rooms are the ultimate home base for seaside memory-making.

No matter which stylish home-away-from-home you select on the Venezia, prepare to be wowed by the abundance of living space, ample storage for all your vacation gear, and those sublime Carnival Comfort Beds that cradle you in cloudlike splendor after busy days exploring. With such gorgeous Italianate design touches, whimsical amenities, and serene sea vistas just steps away, these staterooms are true pleasure palaces for relaxing in maritime bliss. Why settle for drab, ordinary accommodations when you can experience la dolce vita at sea? Find special deals and reserve today on the Carnival Venezia by Clicking Here.

  1. Interior Staterooms:
    • These cozy cabins are perfect for travelers who prioritize value and comfort. They typically measure around 150 square feet and offer a comfortable space for relaxation. While they don’t have windows or balconies, they provide all the essential amenities, including two convertible beds, a built-in desk with USB ports, a mini bar, and an interactive flat-screen TV. You’ll also find bedside USB ports and a safe inside the wardrobe. Interior staterooms are great for those who plan to spend most of their time exploring the ship and its exciting activities.
  2. Deluxe Oceanview Staterooms:
    • These cabins offer a view of the ocean through a large picture window. They are slightly more spacious than interior staterooms, with additional seating areas. Expect around 185 square feet of space, including the window area. Deluxe oceanview staterooms come with sofas, coffee tables, and all the standard amenities found in interior cabins.
  3. Balcony Staterooms:
    • Balcony rooms provide the best of both worlds: a private balcony and an ocean view. These cabins measure 185 square feet, with an additional 35 square foot balcony. You can step outside and enjoy fresh sea air while taking in the scenic views. Some balcony cabins even accommodate up to four people, making them ideal for families or groups. The balcony features two deck chairs and a coffee table.
  4. Terrazza Cabins:
    • Similar to the Havana cabins on other Carnival ships, Terrazza cabins offer a unique twist. These cabins are the same size as regular balconies (185 square feet), but what sets them apart is their actual terrace that extends onto the ship’s promenade. Imagine having your own outdoor space with a hammock! Keep in mind that this setup might be a bit public, as people can pass by your room. However, the mirrored glass and private access through a wristband-controlled area help maintain privacy.

Service and Hospitality

The Carnival Venezia is a cruise ship that offers guests a unique blend of Italian style and Carnival’s signature fun. From the moment you step on board, you’ll be greeted by warm and welcoming staff who are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable vacation experience.

The ship’s crew is known for their exceptional service, going above and beyond to ensure that guests have everything they need to enjoy their time on board. Whether you’re looking for recommendations for activities or need assistance with any aspect of your cruise, the crew is always happy to help.

In addition to their friendly and attentive service, the crew of the Carnival Venezia also brings a touch of Italian flair to the ship. From the authentic Italian cuisine served in the ship’s restaurants to the warm and inviting atmosphere of the public spaces, guests can experience the best of Italian culture and hospitality throughout their cruise.

Overall, the service and hospitality on the Carnival Venezia are truly exceptional, with a friendly and attentive crew that goes above and beyond to ensure that guests have an enjoyable and memorable vacation experience. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or seek adventure and excitement, the Carnival Venezia’s crew is there to help you make the most of your time on board.

Food and dining Experience on the Carnival Venezia

Step on board the MSC Splendida cruise ship and prepare to be whisked away on a journey of unparalleled service and hospitality. From the moment you arrive, a dedicated team is committed to ensuring that every aspect of your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

As you embark on your adventure, friendly and attentive staff are on hand to welcome you with open arms. Whether it’s assisting with your luggage, offering a refreshing drink, or simply sharing a warm smile, the crew is dedicated to making you feel valued and at home from the get-go.

Once on board, you’ll be immersed in a world of luxury and comfort. The staterooms are designed to be spacious and inviting, providing a peaceful sanctuary for you to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you prefer a cozy interior cabin or a lavish suite with a private balcony, there is a perfect accommodation to suit your needs.

When it comes to dining, the options are as diverse as they are delicious. Talented chefs craft exquisite dishes using the finest ingredients, offering everything from gourmet fine dining to casual al fresco meals. Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine, sample international flavors, and treat yourself to delectable desserts, all served with the utmost care and attention.

The entertainment and activities on board cater to guests of all ages and interests, ensuring that there is never a dull moment. Whether you’re captivated by a Broadway-style show in the theater, unwinding by the pool with a refreshing cocktail, or seeking adventure with an array of recreational activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the exceptional service and amenities, the commitment to hospitality extends to every aspect of your journey. The staff is always on hand to assist with any request, ensuring that your experience is personalized and memorable.

On the MSC Splendida, great pride is taken in creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests, where every detail is carefully considered to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply a moment to bask in the joy of travel, the team is dedicated to making your cruise experience truly splendid. Find special deals and reserve today on the Carnival Venezia by Clicking Here.

  1. Marco Polo Main Dining Room:
    • Location: Deck 3
    • Description: The Marco Polo dining room offers the same menu at no additional charge to guests. It’s beautifully themed and suitable for guests who prefer set-time dining. While not as splashy as her sister venue, it feels more intimate. This dining room is also where you’ll find the Cat in the Hat Breakfast (additional charge).
    • Availability: Open for dinner.
    • Note: You won’t have to dine here every night, but when you do, your table and serving staff will be waiting.
  2. Canal Grande Restaurant:
    • Location: Spans Decks 3 and 4
    • Description: This larger dining room features a full-sized gondola in the middle of the restaurant—a unique and picturesque setting. It’s where you’ll be served a preferred meal, including Carnival’s popular sea day brunches. The Canal Grande is also open daily for breakfast, and lunch service varies by itinerary (check the app for details).
    • Availability: Open for breakfast and dinner.
  3. Chef’s Table Experience:
    • Location: Throughout the ship (specific details provided during the experience)
    • Description: The most memorable meal on the ship, the Chef’s Table Experience costs $99. It begins with a champagne toast reception, where you’ll meet the executive chefs. Then, you’ll be ushered to a table in the galley, where you can witness an in-depth presentation about the prepared dishes and observe the busy kitchen at work. Note that the menu is pre-set, so it’s not ideal for picky eaters.
    • Availability: Limited capacity; book in advance for this exclusive dining experience.

Destinations and Itineraries of the Carnival Venezia

Carnival Venezia embarks on captivating journeys, whisking passengers away to various destinations. Here’s a glimpse of where this magnificent vessel usually sails:

  1. Southern Caribbean: The sun-kissed islands of the Southern Caribbean beckon. From St. Thomas Island in the US Virgin Islands to the picturesque charm of Bridgetown, Barbados, passengers can immerse themselves in turquoise waters, lush landscapes, and vibrant cultures. Find special deals and reserve today on the Carnival Venezia by Clicking Here.
  2. St. Kitts and St. Lucia: The ship graces the shores of Basseterre, St. Kitts, where historic forts and sugar plantations await exploration. Next, it glides into Castries, St. Lucia, known for its dramatic volcanic peaks and pristine beaches.
  3. St. Maarten: The dual-nation island of St. Maarten (part Dutch, part French) invites travelers to savor its fusion of European flair and Caribbean warmth. Explore charming towns, indulge in duty-free shopping, and bask on sun-drenched beaches.
  4. Bermuda: The Carnival Venezia occasionally sets sail to the pink-sand paradise of Bermuda. Passengers can explore the historic streets of King’s Wharf, dive into crystal-clear waters, and savor the island’s unique blend of British and Caribbean influences.
  5. Eastern Caribbean: The ship embarks on captivating 10-day cruises to the Eastern Caribbean. From New York City, it ventures to idyllic ports like Charlotte Amalie in the US Virgin Islands, Basseterre in St. Kitts, and Bridgetown in Barbados.

Finding Deals and Promotions for the Carnival Venezia

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The Carnival Venezia offers a fun-filled and festive atmosphere, perfect for a memorable cruise vacation. Here’s a quick rundown of what makes the Venezia a great choice for your next trip:

  • Lively Activities and Entertainment: The Carnival Venezia is known for its energetic and exciting atmosphere. There are plenty of poolside games, dance parties, and onboard activities to keep you entertained throughout the day. At night, you can catch dazzling live shows, try your luck at the casino (must be 21 or older to gamble), or dance the night away at one of the many onboard clubs.
  • Delicious Dining Options: The Venezia features a variety of restaurants serving up delicious food. From casual buffets to sit-down meals with waiter service, there’s something to please every palate. Many cruises also offer themed dinners or special events based on the destinations you visit.
  • Spacious Comfort: The Venezia boasts a variety of comfortable and stylish staterooms to suit all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a cozy retreat or a spacious haven, you’re sure to find the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploration.
  • Exciting Destinations: The Venezia visits a variety of amazing destinations, allowing you to experience new cultures and hidden gems.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time cruiser, the Carnival Venezia offers a fun and affordable way to explore the world by sea. So set sail and create lasting memories with your family or friends!

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • The Carnival Venezia can be a lively ship with a vibrant atmosphere. If you’re looking for a more peaceful and relaxing cruise experience, there may be other cruise lines that are a better fit.
  • Carnival Cruise Line offers cruises to many exciting destinations. However, some destinations may have age restrictions for certain activities or attractions ashore. Be sure to do some research before your cruise to find out what interests you and is accessible to all ages in your travel group.

No matter what you’re looking for in a vacation, the Carnival Venezia could be the perfect choice for you! Set sail and see for yourself! Find special deals and reserve today on the Carnival Venezia by Clicking Here.

– Reviewed by Contributing Author Silvester Thomson

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