Carnival Glory Cruise Review: A Fun Cruise Designed for the Young at Heart

Carnival definitely knows how to entertain its guests. It is no wonder why they call themselves “The Fun Cruise” and it is definitely their priority to leave this idea in everybody’s mind. This, in turn, attracts a particular crowd “looking for fun”, much younger than the average cruise and mostly from the United States and Canada with very few international passengers. But Focusing so much on “fun” also means providing less quality to their passengers which in general don’t ask as much. Is this compromise in quality worth all the Fun provided? This is what I will cover in this article…

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  • Entertainment on-board: 10/10
  • Theater Shows: 7/10
  • Ship Common Areas 9/10
  • Room Comfort: 5/10
  • Service Quality: 5/10
  • Food: 5/10
  • Cleanliness: 6.5/10
  • Check-in / Check-out: 7/10
  • Quality/Price: 7/10
  • Overall satisfaction: 6.5/10

In a Nutshell…

  1. Quantum Ultra Class: The Carnival Glory belongs to the Conquest-class cruise ships operated by Carnival Cruise Line.
  2. Colorful Fun: This ship is as lively as its name suggests, offering a palette of activities and hot spots for guests.
  3. Dining Delights: Enjoy a rainbow of salsa options at BlueIguana Cantina, and savor burgers designed by celebrity chef Guy Fieri at Guy’s Burger Joint.
  4. Comedy Club: Catch a variety of stand-up comedians at The Punchliner Comedy Club.
  5. Stateroom Variety: Choose from various stateroom types, including interior, ocean view, balcony, and suites.
  6. Sails To: The Carnival Glory embarks on exciting itineraries to destinations such as the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Transatlantic
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I have had only one other experience on a Carnival ship prior to this one, on the newer Carnival Breeze and at the time I was happy with the experience. It was totally different, there was much more to do, and at my younger age, this is a definite plus. I had a great image of Carnival in my mind prior to coming on the Carnival Glory and was excited about it. But I have cruised a lot on several other cruise lines since then and I have gathered a lot more experience to be able to compare them. Thus, it was expected that I would be more critic of any lack provided during the cruise. That said, my experience was in a whole interesting, but just as expected, I thought too many things were just too low in quality for my taste. Everything was there, but just a little “cheaper” and cutting too many edges for the experience to be complete. So let’s see in details my experience and ratings through each category.

Entertainment on-board

Focusing so much on entertainment is very obvious at Carnival and no one will leave disappointed on the Glory. From Comedy shows, game shows, live bands, animation teams and a very dynamic cruise director named “Dustin”, it feels like there is always something to do and FOMO kicks in whenever you are in a quiet place. For anybody under 40, this is an important factor in choosing Carnival Cruise Line and especially the Carnival Glory, where I found the entertainment on-board to be very amusing, even more than on the Carnival Breeze. There are so many bars on the ship that it is hard to count them all.
The Glory has a nice variety of musicians on-board, such as an Irish solo guitar signer, a latin band, a Caribbean barrel drums player and several others, to keep the boat entertained everywhere there are guests. I particularly enjoyed the Punchliner Comedy Club, one of the glory’s main attraction, having several shows every night.
One of the only negative point about the entertainment onboard, in my opinion, was the music in the nightclub, which was only oriented towards fans of Rap and Hip-hop, leaving a big part of the late night party people wanting to dance on other types of music feeling left out. It was a common critic while I was on-board and even having several people requesting other types of music to the DJ would have no effect, every single night. Many ships will have special nights even in the club, such as 70s or 80s night, but not on the Carnival Glory, prioritizing late nights to Hip-hop only.
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  1. Amber Palace (Main Show Lounge): Imagine a theater bathed in warm hues, plush seats, and an air of anticipation. The Amber Palace is where magic unfolds. Night after night, talented performers take the stage—Broadway-style musicals, mind-bending acrobatics, and heartwarming acts. Grab your popcorn (or piña colada) and let the show begin!
  2. Black and White Library: Need some quiet time? This cozy nook invites you to catch up on your reading. Write postcards to loved ones back home or challenge your brain with a game of chess. It’s a literary escape with a touch of elegance.
  3. Carnival Seaside Theater: Picture this: balmy evenings, stars above, and a giant screen by the pool. The Seaside Theater hosts movie nights, concerts, and even dance-offs. Grab a deck chair, snuggle up, and enjoy the cinematic magic under the open sky.
  4. Ebony Cabaret Aft Lounge: This swanky lounge at the ship’s rear is where cool cats gather. Sip your favorite drink, swap jokes with friends, and groove to live music. It’s like stepping into a classic film noir scene.
  5. Spectrum Atrium: The heart of the ship, the Atrium, buzzes with energy. People-watching, live music, and a relaxed vibe—it’s the perfect spot for a pre-dinner cocktail. The grand staircase adds a touch of elegance.
  6. The Colors Lobby: Whimsical meets sophistication. As you step into the lobby, colorful lights dance, setting the tone for your cruise. It’s like a promise—a hint of the adventures awaiting you
Rating Entertainment on-board: 10/10

One of the Main Bars

Theater Shows

The Glory possesses a great team in general. Their formula seems similar to that of the Breeze, where they showcase 4 singers and 4 dancers who have created 4 shows for the cruise, all of which are colourful and entertaining. There won’t be anything spectacular such as professional acrobats or even Cirque du Soleil type of artists on other ship, but in general, the Broadway shows are of good quality, enough to satisfy the crowd. I enjoyed the experience even though I prefer the shows on Norwegian and RCCL ships  more.
Rating Theater Shows: 7/10

Ship Common Areas

The ship definitely has one of the best infrastructures I’ve seen on a ship, providing an amazing “common area to passenger” ratio. As stated, there are so many bars and places for people to socialize.
Rating Ship Common Areas 9/10

Another Bar available for Guests

Room Comfort

The rooms look good in general, for a boat that is getting a little old. But, I somehow found it very hard sleep on the Carnival Glory. As early as 7:30, they constantly start blasting memos through the intercom which I found was much louder than usual ships, feeling like halfway between an in-room intercom and a hallway intercom. This made it impossible to sleep and made it very annoying hearing their shuttle embarcation procedures which take over 2 hours with repeated information, almost every day! Other than that, I found it very noisy with so much noise in the hallways with the stewards yelling at each other constantly, definitely not the usual experience accepted on other ships. This made the room uncomfortable to spend time, like naps in the afternoon or late morning sleep pretty much impossible.
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Other than that, I found the in-room cleaning procedures to be of much lower than average. Trash left in garbages, towels left dirty on the floor are some of the things I encountered which would simply be unacceptable on other cruise lines. Carnival even has a system where the steward will ask passengers if they want service once or twice daily, an obvious tactic to decrease staff costs, but they do not offer to lower the service charge accordingly… Clever way to save on staff…
  1. Interior Staterooms:
    • These cozy cabins are perfect for travelers who prefer an affordable option without an ocean view.
    • They provide a comfortable retreat with all the essential amenities.
    • While lacking windows, they offer a peaceful and private space to rest.
  2. Ocean View Staterooms:
    • These staterooms feature large windows or portholes, allowing natural light to filter in.
    • Guests can enjoy views of the sea or ports of call from the comfort of their cabin.
  3. Balcony Staterooms:
    • Balcony staterooms come with a private balcony where you can relax, enjoy fresh air, and take in the ocean vistas.
    • Ideal for those who appreciate outdoor space and scenic views.
  4. Suites:
    • The Carnival Glory offers several suite options, each with its own unique features:
      • Captains Suite: Twin beds that convert to a king, separate bedroom, large private balcony, living area, and whirlpool tub.
      • Grand Suite: Twin beds that convert to a king, large private balcony, sitting area, dressing area, and whirlpool tub.
      • Ocean Suite: Twin beds that convert to a king, large balcony, sitting area, dressing area, and whirlpool tub.
      • Premium Balcony: Twin beds that convert to a king, wrap-around balcony, and private bath with a shower.
      • Balcony: Twin beds that convert to a king, balcony, and private bath with a shower.
Rating Room Comfort: 5/10

Service Quality

The service in the restaurants and in the Lido Buffet was rushed and plainly bad. The waiters seemed to be acting in accordance with guests that don’t expect much quality. It felt more of a fast food joint than a normal cruise ship restaurant.
Rating Service Quality: 5/10


The food on the Carnival Glory is designed to please the type of passengers it attracts. In this optic, almost all the food will be the type of fast food, fried meals that North American Love. If Burgers, Tacos and Fried Chicken is your thing, then you will love what the Glory has to offer. However, if you enjoy trying fine cuisine and a variety of international cuisine, the Glory’s food is plainly poor. Compared to the average cruise ship’s culinary experience, I found the Glory to have some of the worst selection of food around! Lack of choice, lack of taste, greasy and oily meals, fried and fried again fast food, it’s just impossible to eat healthy on the Carnival Glory… If it is true what they say that the average persons gain 1 pound every day on a cruise ship, this average must certainly jump to 2 pounds per day on this ship.
  1. Platinum Restaurant: The main dining room, the Platinum Restaurant, is where culinary magic unfolds. Picture elegant dinners with attentive service. Menus change daily, offering a delightful blend of American Table and American Feast themes. Try the “rare find” dishes—spicy alligator fritters, escargot, and braised rabbit. On elegant nights, indulge in broiled Maine lobster tail and filet mignon. And don’t miss the “Steakhouse Selections” for a surcharge—grilled lamb chops, New York strip loin, and more.
  2. Lido Marketplace: This bustling buffet caters to all appetites. Breakfast omelets, waffles, and fresh salads. At lunch, dive into burgers at Guy’s Burger Joint, tacos at BlueIguana Cantina, or grab a slice at Pizza Pirate. Variety is the spice of life here!
  3. Seafood Shack: Craving New England-inspired seaside delights? Lobster rolls, clam chowder, and shrimp await. It’s a seafood lover’s dream by the pool.
  4. Ol’ Fashioned Barbeque: Slow-cooked meats, smoky flavors, and finger-lickin’ goodness. This joint brings the BBQ party to your plate. Ribs, pulled pork, and all the fixings. Yeehaw!
  5. Coffee Bar: Need a caffeine boost? Specialty coffees, pastries, and sweet treats await. Sip your latte while gazing at the ocean.
  6. Comfort Kitchen: When comfort calls, answer with mac ‘n’ cheese, hearty stews, and soul-warming dishes. It’s like a hug from Grandma.
  7. Breakfast Grill: Rise and shine! Pancakes, eggs, and crispy bacon. Fuel up for a day of adventures.
  8. 24-Hour Room Service: Late-night cravings? Dial up room service. Sandwiches, desserts, and a side of ocean views
Rating Food: 5/10

Casino Bar


The boat is clean in general, with hand sanitizers available everywhere. But the boat feels old and rusty, and the Lido Buffet food doesn’t feel the cleanest. This also has to do with the passengers it attracts with many not having the basic manners of how to act in public, which is not Carnivals fault, rather the fault of their demographic target customers. However, I just can’t see how I can rank this category higher than a 6.5, compared to the efforts of other cruise ships in keeping the experience clean. The pool felt so dirty and the colour of the water was greenish…
Rating Cleanliness: 6.5/10

Check-in / Check-out

The experience in Miami was good in general and quick. So nothing special to note here.
Rating Check-in / Check-out: 7/10


The Carnival Glory is not expensive in general and many deals can be found prior to sailings. This, in turn, will attract a lot of Floridians on-board which wait for last minute deals to fill the boat and makes up the first demographic on the ship. With lower quality service and lower quality food, the quality-price ratio definitely goes down. So for my quality/price rating, I would have to give nothing more than a 7…
Rating Quality/Price: 7/10

Fellow Passengers On-Board

Carnival is very unique in the type of crowd that it attracts. Labelled the “fun cruise”, it will definitely aspire to people looking for animation and group dance opportunities. But after being on 2 carnival cruises, I now see the patterns of where people are from. By sailing out of uncommon ports like Lousiana and Texas, Carnival attracts mostly Americans from the mid-west and eastern central states of the united states and to usually lower-income Americans. In fact, the carnival glory felt to me at times like being in a Wallmart.

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There seems to be a lot of military and veterans that love to cruise with Carnival, with a daily “veterans” meetup and constant reminders from the cruise director to “thank the veterans”. In fact, I’ve never seen that many camouflage cloth on any ship! The animation shows reminded me of the TV show The Price is Right, where oversized American jump and dancing eccentrically to win a prize. The size of passengers on Carnival is also homogeneous, definitely 40 to 50 pounds heavier than most other cruise lines like Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. So this is to take into consideration when booking a cruise with Carnival. There is also about 20% of the passengers being African-American, which counts for 95% of the crowd in the nightclub at night. This will play in the choice of music the DJ plays, which is 100% Hip-Hop and Rap. Requesting anything else to the DJ would be denied. The average age is quite young, probably between 40 and 50 with not that many families with kids on-board.

The main pool deck on a Sea Day

Overall satisfaction

In general, I was happy with my experience on the Carnival Glory, but I would not cruise again on this ship, as there is simply too much lack of quality and lower standards than the usual cruise line. Sure, it was entertaining, there was a lot of activities and a lot of entertainment. But cruising is much more than just ranking high in one category, and the lower ranks in service and food categories make it a bad choice of cruise line for me. It just felt like a 3-star resort in Cancun, rather than 4-star experiences you will get on Royal Caribbean and Norwegian for example. If this is ok with you and you prefer having party people on board at the expense of quality, the glory might be for you. However, if you want to be treated in the way a quality 4-star hotel treats its customers, I would recommend choosing another cruise line.
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Carnival is known for its party vibe, and some smaller ships cruising to the Bahamas are explicitly oriented to a drunk younger crowd. The Carnival Breeze felt much more modern and with much more quality. The Glory is somewhere in between a booze cruise and a normal cruise in my opinion, and this is where I draw the line. I will certainly cruise again with Carnival in the future, but it will have to be on the higher quality, bigger and more modern ships of their fleet.
Rating Overall satisfaction: 6.5/10


Back Pool of the Carnival Glory

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