GLOBETROTTER is a Best Seller! – Ian Boudreault Recounts 17 Years on the Road While Visiting Every Country in the World

Here it is! At last! You have no idea how happy I am to announce it. I can finally unveil my precious little conception I’ve been working so hard on, to the world! My feet were itching at the idea of having to keep it a secret for more than a year and a half! But with Covid raging all over the world, borders shut tight, restricting me from reaching my last country, I just had no choice… Fast forward to August 2021, having the book 99% ready for launch, I finally reached my 195th and final country in Libya. So I am proud to finally be able to present it to the world!

What is Globetrotter? In simple words, it is my memoir. 17 years spent roaming the world, living non-stop in a suitcase, to 230 countries including every one of the 195 countries recognized by the United Nations… I had to crown this important milestone with something big, and a book was just what I needed to share a piece of what I lived for all those years. But why stop at only one… I decided to build a team of dozens of editors and translators to work together and have the book launched in 5 languages. That’s right! A lot of work, but with so much time off during lockdowns, I guess we can say it was a good time to invest the endless hours of editing. It will be released in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian in the next few weeks following the English Original launch. The idea to release it in several languages was an idea I had, to reach as many people as possible. I knew that the market for international books wasn’t big, but I owed it to the world. One of the first thing we learn as travelers is to always give back to the community. This is my special way to do so.

Why Globetrotter? Because that’s precisely who I am. Having dedicated more than half my life as a full-time world explorer living non-stop on the road, all over the planet; this is what best identifies me. Why not The Digital Globetrotter then, like the name of this blog? Because I wanted to keep things simple. But make no mistake, the digital nomad aspect of my life is clearly emphasized throughout the book.

In a recent Testimonial, Tony Wheeler, Founder of Lonely Planet, the biggest travel guidebook collection in the world, wrote about the Globetrotter:

“In the pre-CovId-19 era, being a digital globetrotter and getting to every country on earth seemed to be all the go, so Ian is certainly on to a trend” 

Tony Wheeler, Founder Lonely Planet

The book officially classifies as a memoir, but considering the number of spicy events throughout the book, I have been told it mostly reads like fiction. But as I say in the book, “make no mistake, the book is nothing but the truth”. I have also written it keeping in mind to express the state of mind I was in throughout the years, from the careless traveler at the beginning of my journey, to the more mature sustainable Globetrotter I am today.

It is available today in print format on in the USA and around the world, or in digital format on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, Google, Apple Store and a ton of other platforms.

The Book IS CURRENTLY IN PROMOTION and can be found on as well as on the the following stores:

Amazon (Click here)

Apple Store

Google Play Store


Barnes & Nobels

Best Seller on Amazon !!!

After only 5 days after launch, Globetrotter won its Best-Seller Status in BUSINESS TRAVEL on the USA store of What an accomplishment, one of many to come!

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