Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas Review – Grandeur and Luxury at Sea!

Introducing the Wonder of the Seas, a magnificent vessel celebrated for its grandeur and luxury. As the newest addition to the Royal Caribbean fleet, this cruise ship promises an unparalleled blend of opulence and adventure. With its impressive amenities, diverse entertainment options, and exquisite dining experiences, the Wonder of the Seas ensures passengers embark on an unforgettable journey across the seas. Its towering decks, sophisticated design, and cutting-edge facilities beckon travelers to indulge in a voyage of discovery and relaxation. Whether thrilling water slides, captivating Broadway-style shows, gourmet dining, or serene spa retreats, this floating paradise offers something to delight every guest. Prepare for an extraordinary vacation as you embark on this remarkable cruise ship, where luxury and adventure harmoniously intertwine at every corner.

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In a Nutshell…

  1. Grandeur Beyond Measure:
    • With a length rivalling skyscrapers and decks that sprawl like city blocks, the Wonder of the Seas is a floating metropolis. Its silhouette against the horizon evokes awe—a modern-day Noah’s Ark for intrepid souls.
  2. Luxury Embodied:
    • Crystal chandeliers dangle in opulent atriums, and marble staircases sweep upward. Suites boast private balconies, where sunrises kiss the sea. The ship’s heartbeat is the Royal Promenade—a bustling boulevard lined with boutiques, cafés, and the hum of camaraderie.
  3. Culinary Odyssey:
    • From Michelin-starred chefs to street food artisans, the ship’s kitchens orchestrate a global feast. Sushi bars, trattorias, and avant-garde bistros await discerning palates. The aroma of freshly baked croissants mingles with ocean spray.
  4. Entertainment Extravaganza:
    • The theater’s velvet curtains part, revealing Broadway-caliber performances. Acrobats defy gravity, magicians blur reality, and comedians provoke laughter. The casino pulses with anticipation, and the nightclubs throb with rhythm.
  5. Whispers of Adventure:
    • Shore excursions promise intrigue—a Mayan temple in Tulum, a fjord in Norway, or a spice market in Mumbai. The Wonder of the Seas is a passport to the world’s wonders.
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Entertainment onboard the Wonder of the Seas

Exploring the entertainment options aboard the Wonder of the Seas cruise ship unveils a vibrant and diverse array of activities and performances designed to captivate passengers of all ages. From dazzling shows to interactive experiences, the ship offers a wealth of entertainment options that promise to delight and engage guests throughout their voyage.

A highlight of the entertainment onboard the Wonder of the Seas is its Broadway-style productions, featuring talented performers, elaborate costumes, and stunning sets. These theatrical performances transport audiences to magical worlds of music, dance, and storytelling, providing an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

In addition to the main theater productions, the Wonder of the Seas offers a variety of live music performances throughout the ship. From solo acts to full bands, guests can enjoy a diverse range of musical genres and styles in venues ranging from intimate lounges to lively nightclubs.

For those seeking interactive entertainment, the ship hosts a range of activities and events designed to engage passengers in fun and exciting ways. From game shows and trivia contests to dance parties and themed events, there’s always something happening onboard to keep guests entertained and enthralled.

Moreover, the Wonder of the Seas boasts state-of-the-art facilities for guests to enjoy a variety of leisure activities. From exhilarating water slides and thrilling zip lines to tranquil spa treatments and relaxing lounges, there’s something for everyone to indulge in onboard.

Families traveling with children will find a wealth of entertainment options tailored to younger guests, including dedicated kids’ clubs with supervised activities and performances. From character meet-and-greets to arts and crafts sessions, children can enjoy a fun-filled experience while parents relax and unwind elsewhere on the ship. Find special deals and reserve today on the Wonder of the Seas by clicking here.

1. Aqua Show: The aqua show stands out as a highlight. Dazzling acrobatics, synchronized swimming, and jaw-dropping stunts unfold against a backdrop of water and light. It’s a mesmerizing spectacle that leaves guests in awe.

2. Voices and Effectors: While Voices and Effectors didn’t quite meet our lofty expectations, they still delivered an enjoyable performance. The blend of technology and music created a unique experience, even if it didn’t reach the stratospheric heights we anticipated.

3. Outdoor Central Park Boardwalk: Evenings spent in the outdoor Central Park Boardwalk are a serene escape. Amid lush greenery, guests can unwind, sip cocktails, and enjoy live music. It’s an unexpected oasis on a ship of this magnitude.

4. Solarium: The three-story Solarium at the bow of the ship offers panoramic views of the sea. Whether you’re soaking in the sun during the day or stargazing at night, this tranquil space provides respite from the bustling ship.

5. Specialty Dining: Be prepared to plan ahead. Reservations for specialty dining fill up quickly, and while the experiences are worth it, they come at a premium. From innovative cuisine to elegant ambiance, these venues elevate the dining scene.

6. Deck Plan Maze: Navigating the ship’s deck plan can be an adventure in itself. Public rooms sprawl across Decks 4, 5, and 6, and you might find yourself doubling back as you explore. The Casino, Studio B ice rink, Bionic Bar, Bolero’s, and the Schooner Bar await discovery.

7. Aquatheater: The Aquatheater steals the show. Nestled at the aft end of Deck 6, it hosts jaw-dropping performances. Imagine acrobats diving into a pool from dizzying heights, synchronized swimmers creating living art, and water dancing in perfect harmony.

8. Top-Deck Thrills: Deck 15 and 16 come alive with adrenaline-pumping attractions. The Ultimate Abyss slides, Flowrider surfing simulator, zipline, and pools beckon adventure seekers. It’s a playground where fun knows no bounds.

9. Quiet Enclaves: Amid the excitement, find pockets of tranquility. The Solarium on Deck 15 and the Central Park “neighborhood” on Deck 8 offer peaceful moments. Whether you’re reading a book or sipping a cocktail, these spots provide a welcome escape.

Cabins and Room Comfort on the Wonder of the Seas

Delving into the accommodations aboard the Wonder of the Seas cruise ship reveals a sanctuary of comfort and elegance that ensures passengers experience true relaxation and rejuvenation during their voyage. From cozy interior staterooms to spacious suites with private balconies, every cabin is meticulously designed to provide a tranquil retreat amidst the excitement of the sea. Find special deals and reserve today on the Wonder of the Seas by clicking here.

Entering a stateroom on the Wonder of the Seas is akin to stepping into a luxurious haven, where every detail is carefully crafted to enhance the guest experience. From plush bedding and soft linens to sleek furnishings and modern amenities, each cabin exudes a sense of sophistication and comfort that invites guests to unwind and indulge.

One of the standout features of the cabins onboard is their versatility and functionality, catering to the needs of travelers of all types. Whether it’s a solo adventurer, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family embarking on a vacation together, there’s a stateroom option to suit every preference and budget.

Moreover, the cabins on the Wonder of the Seas boast a range of modern amenities designed to enhance the guest experience. From flat-screen televisions and complimentary Wi-Fi access to luxurious bath amenities and 24-hour room service, every convenience is at guests’ fingertips, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay from beginning to end.

For those seeking the ultimate indulgence, the ship’s suites offer an unparalleled level of luxury and exclusivity. Featuring expansive living areas, separate bedrooms, and private balconies with breathtaking ocean views, these opulent accommodations provide guests with a truly VIP experience that is second to none.

Additionally, the attentive and dedicated cabin stewards ensure that every need is met with care and efficiency, providing personalized service that exceeds expectations at every turn. Whether it’s arranging for special requests or simply ensuring that the cabin is kept immaculate and well-stocked throughout the voyage, the crew’s commitment to guest satisfaction is evident in every detail.

  1. Interior Staterooms: These cabins offer a comfortable sitting area within the room, making them a step up from traditional interior accommodations. While they lack windows, they provide a cozy retreat for relaxation after a day of adventures.
  2. Oceanview Staterooms: If you prefer natural light, the Oceanview Staterooms are perfect. Large windows allow you to experience the vast sea right from your bedside. Imagine waking up to the ocean stretching out before you.
  3. Balcony Staterooms: For unobstructed views and fresh air, opt for the Balcony Staterooms. These rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies. It’s a delightful way to enjoy the sea breeze and take in the scenery.
  4. Junior Suites: Offering more space than standard staterooms, Junior Suites provide a separate sitting area, enhanced amenities, and larger bathrooms. They’re perfect for travelers who want a little extra comfort and room to spread out.
  5. Grand Suites: These spacious suites come with a separate bedroom and living area. You’ll enjoy additional perks like priority boarding, concierge service, and access to exclusive lounges.
  6. Royal Loft Suite: The pinnacle of luxury, the Royal Loft Suite spans two floors. It features a grand living area, dining room, private balcony, and even a baby grand piano. Ideal for those seeking an opulent experience at sea.

Service and Hospitality

The service and hospitality aboard the Wonder of the Seas cruise ship epitomize excellence, creating a welcoming and unforgettable experience for passengers throughout their voyage. From the moment guests step aboard until they disembark, they are greeted with genuine warmth, professionalism, and attentiveness from the dedicated crew members.

One of the defining features of the service onboard is the exceptional level of care and attention provided by the staff. From the cabin stewards who ensure that every detail of the accommodations is perfect to the dining staff who cater to guests’ culinary preferences with finesse, every member of the crew goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Moreover, the crew members aboard the Wonder of the Seas are adept at anticipating guests’ needs and providing personalized service. Whether it’s remembering guests’ names and preferences, offering thoughtful recommendations for activities and dining options, or simply providing a friendly ear to listen, the crew ensures that every passenger feels valued and well taken care of throughout the journey.

The ship’s commitment to exceptional service is evident in every aspect of the guest experience, from the cleanliness of the public areas to the promptness of room service and the efficiency of embarkation and disembarkation processes. Guests can rest assured that their comfort and satisfaction are top priorities for the crew, who work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the cruise exceeds expectations.

Furthermore, the hospitality onboard the Wonder of the Seas extends beyond basic service to create a sense of community and camaraderie among passengers. Whether it’s through engaging social activities, themed events, or shared experiences ashore, guests have ample opportunities to connect with fellow travelers and forge lasting friendships during their voyage.

Food and dining Experience on the Wonder of the Seas

The dining experience aboard the Wonder of the Seas cruise ship is a culinary journey that promises to delight and satisfy passengers of all tastes and preferences. With a wide array of dining options available, guests are treated to an exceptional gastronomic experience that elevates their voyage to new heights of enjoyment. Find special deals and reserve today on the Wonder of the Seas by clicking here.

At the heart of the dining experience onboard are the elegant main dining rooms, where guests can indulge in a diverse menu of expertly crafted dishes inspired by global cuisines. These dining venues provide a sophisticated setting for guests to savor exquisite flavors and enjoy fine dining at sea.

For those seeking a more casual dining experience, the ship offers a selection of buffet venues serving an extensive range of international favorites and comfort foods. From hearty breakfast spreads to bountiful lunch and dinner buffets, guests can enjoy a relaxed meal with friends and family while taking in panoramic views of the ocean.

Moreover, the Wonder of the Seas features a variety of specialty restaurants that offer a gourmet dining experience for discerning palates. Whether indulging in succulent steaks and seafood at the steakhouse, savoring authentic Italian fare at the trattoria, or enjoying innovative Asian fusion cuisine at the sushi bar, these specialty venues cater to every culinary desire.

In addition to its dining venues, the Wonder of the Seas also offers a range of casual dining options for guests to enjoy throughout the day. From grab-and-go cafes serving freshly brewed coffee and pastries to poolside grills offering burgers, hot dogs, and other classic favorites, there’s something for every craving and occasion.

Furthermore, the ship’s commitment to culinary excellence extends to its beverage offerings, with a variety of options available to complement every meal. From handcrafted cocktails and premium wines to specialty coffees and refreshing mocktails, guests can enjoy a wide selection of beverages to enhance their dining experience.

  1. Main Dining Room: Located across three decks (3, 4, and 5), the Main Dining Room serves up classic cruise fare. Menus change daily, offering escargot, shrimp cocktail, and decadent steak and lobster on select nights. The room, though spacious, can feel a tad cramped during peak hours. Choose from early, late, or anytime dinner seating options.
  2. Windjammer Buffet: Situated on Deck 15 aft, the Windjammer wraps around the pool deck, providing ocean views. Here, culinary diversity reigns supreme. From North American classics to global flavors, the buffet caters to all tastes. Don’t miss the impressive cheese selection—it’s the talk of the ship.
  3. Solarium Bistro: Overlooking the Solarium on Deck 15 forward, this intimate venue offers Mediterranean-inspired dishes. While billed as such, it leans more American, providing a refreshing change from the bustling Windjammer.
  4. Boardwalk Dog House: Craving a hot dog? Head to Deck 6 aft in the outdoor Boardwalk area. The Boardwalk Dog House satisfies with its tasty offerings.
  5. Café Promenade: Open 24/7 on Deck 5 midship, this popular spot serves coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and snacks. Whether you need a caffeine fix or a midnight snack, Café Promenade delivers.
  6. Sorrento’s: Located along the Royal Promenade on Deck 5, Sorrento’s is all about pizza. Expect both classic favorites and creative options. The pizza here is a hit.
  7. Specialty Dining Venues: While the complimentary options are delightful, consider splurging on specialty dining at least once. These venues elevate the culinary experience:
    • Chops: A steakhouse where you can pay for a filet. The quality is top-notch.
    • Hooked: A seafood lover’s paradise. The flavors are tremendous.
    • Izumi Hibachi & Sushi: For Japanese cuisine enthusiasts.
    • Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar: Indulge in Italian classics.
    • Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine: A whimsical journey for the senses.
    • El Loco Fresh: Southern-inspired flavors await.
  8. Pro Tip: Specialty restaurants often have their own dedicated bars. Pop in for a taste of the ambiance without the full cost.
  9. Late-Night Bites: When hunger strikes after hours, fear not. The ship’s dining venues accommodate night owls.

Destination of the Wonder of the Seas

The Wonder of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s largest cruise ship in the world, embarks on exciting voyages to various destinations. Let’s explore where this magnificent ship usually sails:

  1. Eastern Caribbean Itineraries:
    • Departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Wonder of the Seas offers weeklong Eastern Caribbean cruises. These itineraries include stops at:
      • Labadee, Haiti
      • San Juan, Puerto Rico
      • Nassau, The Bahamas
      • CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s private island.
  2. Western Caribbean Itineraries:
    • The ship also sails on 7-day Western Caribbean routes, which typically include visits to:
      • Roatan, Honduras
      • Cozumel, Mexico
      • Costa Maya, Mexico
      • CocoCay (again) before returning to Fort Lauderdale.
  3. Special Mediterranean Sailings:
    • Before her summer season, the Wonder of the Seas will delight travelers with 7-day Western Mediterranean cruises. These voyages alternate between two embarkation ports:
      • Barcelona, Spain
      • Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
      • Ports of call include Palma de MallorcaMarseilleLa Spezia, and Naples.
  4. Year-Round Sailings:
    • After her Mediterranean adventures, the Wonder of the Seas returns to the United States. From Port Canaveral, Florida, she continues to offer year-round sailings, allowing guests to explore the Caribbean and enjoy the cruise line’s private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Finding Deals and Promotions for the Wonder of the Seas

Uncovering deals and promotions aboard the Wonder of the Seas cruise ship presents an enticing opportunity for travelers to maximize their vacation budget while enjoying the luxuries of a premium cruise experience. The ship offers various avenues for guests to access discounts and special offers, ensuring that every passenger can optimize their onboard experience without compromising on quality.

Guests can take advantage of early booking incentives, allowing them to secure their desired accommodations at reduced rates by booking well in advance. Additionally, the cruise line frequently offers limited-time promotions and special deals, providing opportunities for significant savings on cruise fares and onboard amenities.

Moreover, travelers can explore package deals and bundled offerings to enhance their onboard experience while saving money. These packages often include perks such as beverage packages, dining credits, and discounts on shore excursions, allowing guests to enjoy additional amenities at discounted rates.

For those seeking last-minute bargains, the cruise line may offer discounted fares on remaining cabins close to the sailing date. These last-minute deals provide an opportunity for spontaneous travelers to enjoy a luxurious cruise vacation at a fraction of the cost.

Fellow Passengers & social life

The social atmosphere aboard the Wonder of the Seas cruise ship is vibrant and inclusive, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among passengers from diverse backgrounds and interests. With a plethora of activities and events designed to facilitate interaction and connection, guests are afforded ample opportunities to forge new friendships and create lasting memories together.

One of the highlights of the social experience onboard is the diverse mix of fellow passengers, ranging from solo travelers and couples to families and groups of friends. This rich tapestry of individuals contributes to a dynamic and engaging atmosphere where everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Throughout the voyage, the ship hosts a variety of social events and activities that cater to different tastes and preferences. From themed parties and dance nights to trivia contests and craft workshops, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and participate in.


The Wonder of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s crowning jewel, is more than just a ship—it’s a floating wonderland that transports passengers to a realm of luxury, adventure, and boundless excitement. As the largest cruise ship in the world, it doesn’t merely sail; it glides through the waves with grace, leaving a trail of awe in its wake.

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From the moment you step aboard, you’re enveloped in opulence. The grand atrium, adorned with crystal chandeliers and sweeping staircases, sets the tone for the voyage ahead. As you explore the ship, you’ll discover an array of amenities that cater to every whim: from tranquil spa retreats to adrenaline-pumping water slides, there’s something for everyone.

Culinary Delights: Dining aboard the Wonder of the Seas is a culinary odyssey. Whether you crave sushi, sizzling steaks, or exotic fusion dishes, the ship’s diverse restaurants tantalize your taste buds. Don’t miss the whimsical Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine, where each course is a work of art.

Entertainment Extravaganza: Evenings come alive with entertainment that rivals Broadway. The state-of-the-art theater hosts jaw-dropping productions, while the ice-skating rink showcases world-class skaters pirouetting under shimmering lights. And for a touch of nostalgia, head to the Music Hall for live bands and dancing.

Thrills and Chills: Adventure seekers rejoice—the Wonder of the Seas delivers heart-pounding excitement. The Ultimate Abyss, a 10-story slide, propels you through twists and turns at exhilarating speeds. The FlowRider surf simulator challenges your balance, and the zipline offers bird’s-eye views of the open sea.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation: When it’s time to unwind, retreat to your stateroom—a sanctuary of comfort and elegance. The oceanview balconies provide front-row seats to sunsets over azure waters. And the Vitality Spa beckons with soothing massages and rejuvenating treatments.

Ports of Call: The Wonder of the Seas embarks on captivating itineraries. Explore the Eastern Caribbean, where turquoise waters meet pristine beaches. Or venture to the Western Caribbean, where ancient ruins and vibrant markets await. And during her Mediterranean sojourns, she graces the shores of Spain and Italy, weaving a tapestry of culture and history.

In the end, the Wonder of the Seas isn’t just a ship; it’s a vessel of dreams. As you disembark, you carry with you memories of starlit nights, laughter echoing through bustling promenades, and the sheer wonder of a world at sea.

– Reviewed by Contributing Author Silvester Thomson

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