My DIY Vanlife Build: Giving Myself New Tools to Explore the World in a Different Way

Many people have asked me over the years, what I would do once I reach my final 195th country of the world and check off this incredible journey I spent the last 20 years to accomplish. “What’s next” have they asked me repeatedly. “Well, I will just do it again, just differently” would I simply reply. As you may have heard before, “traveling is all about the Journey, not about the destination”. And it was time to build a new style of travel to keep the journey as interesting as possible. Once I reached my final country visited in August 2021 and after the release of my memoir Globetrotter, I was ready to undertake my exploration of the world in a totally new way and in many different forms. One project that I had on my bucket list for years, was to explore the beauties of Europe in more detail, in every corner. Europe contains an infinite number of villages that deserve to be explored! […]

выход новой книги: Человек мира - Первый в своём роде цифровой кочевник и самый путешествующий человек на земле

Презентация книги: Человек мира! – Ян Будро рассказывает о своих 17-летних гастролях, когда он посещает все страны мира.

Вот! В конце! Вы не представляете, как я счастлив объявить об этом. Наконец-то я могу открыть миру свою драгоценную маленькую концепцию, над которой я так усердно работала! Через год после выхода моей оригинальной книги GLOBETROTTER, оригинальной английской версии, ставшей бестселлером на английском и французском языках, теперь выходит Человек мира. Что такое Глобтротер? Простыми словами, это мои воспоминания. 17 лет, проведенных в скитаниях по миру, жизни без остановок в чемодане, в 230 странах, включая каждую из 195 стран, признанных Организацией Объединенных Наций… Я должен был увенчать эту важную веху чем-то большим, и книга была как раз тем, что мне было нужно. поделиться частичкой того, чем я жил все эти годы. Но зачем останавливаться только на одном… Я решил собрать команду из десятков редакторов и переводчиков, чтобы вместе выпустить книгу на 5 языках. Вот так! Много работы, но с таким количеством свободного времени во время самоизоляции, я думаю, мы можем сказать, что это было хорошее время, чтобы потратить бесконечные часы на редактирование. I уже выпущен на английском, […]


Announcing my 2nd Book: The World’s Most Traveled Man’s Top 60 Travel Tips

Here it is! My second book! And it’s called The World’s Most Traveled Man’s Top 60 Travel Tips. It was just launched worldwide this September 2021 and available on several platforms, in paperback and ebook format. Why so soon after just launching my first book Globetrotter, you might ask? Well simply because it comes hand in hand with Globetrotter! It’s more of a “How to” guide book, detailing ultimate tips and advice one could learn from experiencing 17 years living on the road and reaching all the countries in the world, half of a lifetime around the globe non-stop. I must admit, I saw it coming… And it happened! But I was prepared… When I first planned to write my memoir Globetrotter after reaching the 195/195 country milestone, I knew the book’s genre wouldn’t appeal to everybody. It is a biographical memoir, and in a memoir, we recount the story of a life experience, almost in a literal fictitious narrative. The writing style goes into […]


¡Lanzamiento del libro: TROTAMUNDOS! – Ian Boudreault cuenta sus 17 años en la carretera mientras visita todos los países del mundo

¡Aquí está! ¡Al final! No tienen idea de lo feliz que estoy de anunciarlo. ¡Por fin puedo revelar al mundo mi pequeña y preciosa concepción en la que he estado trabajando tan duro! Un mes después del lanzamiento de mi Best-seller GLOBETROTTER, la versión original en inglés, ahora llega Trotamundos. Este es para ustedes, al mundo latino. Se lo debia a todos, después de todo el tiempo maravilloso que he pasado dentro de sus países, definitivamente lo que considero mi parte preferida del mundo! Siempre digo que tengo una parte de mi corazón que es latina. Y este libro fue escrito pensando en ustedes, para todas las personas maravillosas que he conocido durante el tiempo que me han recibido siempre como invitado privilegiado en sus países. España, México, Colombia, Argentina, Panamá, Chile, Costa Rica, y todos los otros! Por todos esos tiempos increíbles que hemos pasado juntos, se lo agradezco desde el fondo de mi corazón. Esta gratitud está claramente indicada en mi memoir, como […]

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World Map of the Hardest Countries to Travel – in the Eyes of a Man Who Visited Them All

  This map is part of my series about mapping different countries and comparing them with each other against different aspects, from the perspective of a person who has visited them all (188/196 to be precise). After creating the most beautiful countries map, the best food in the world map or even the best quality price countries, this map focuses on the easiest and hardest countries to travel to and to explore as a regular or a budget backpacker. This is a question that I often get from travelers and comparing them to each other will give you valuable information about what to expect. In This Article…1 The Map of the Hardest Countries to Travel to2 The Top Tiers: The Easiest3 The Middle Tiers4 The Hardest Countries5 Conclusion6 Pin to Pinterest The Map of the Hardest Countries to Travel to So from dark red (the most difficult to travel) to dark green (the easiest to travel), here is the map in question. I provide details on my choices […]

How to Find and Book the Best & Cheapest Accommodation for your Travels - #travel #traveling #budgettravel #traveldestinations #travelblogger #travelblog #traveltips #travelplanning #backpacking #backpackers #globetrotter #cheapflights #worldtravel #gapyear #howtotravel #travelguide

How to Find and Book the Best & Cheapest Accommodation for your Travels

As I keep saying all the time, traveling is not as expensive as people think. Even though accommodation is usually the most expensive chunk of money you will spend out of your daily budget, it will turn out as expensive as you want it to be. There are so many options out there nowadays that you can easily sleep under 30$ a day very comfortably. I’ve been in these types of accommodation non-stop for over 10 years now, which helped me visit  95% of the world’s countries, so I know what I’m talking about. In this article, I rounded up all the tips and tricks out there for you to see the options available and understand you can use them too! I also share valuable tips on how to save money on the biggest websites and how to use them. In This Article…1 Hotel Rooms2 Private Apartments3 Guesthouses & Rooms in Shared Apartments4 Hostels and shared rooms5 Community Hosting6 Overnight Transport7 Sleeping in airports8 Camping9 Which are the […]


How to Find the Best Insurance for Your Travels

Travel Insurance is an essential and important part of travel expenses, yet some people will just ignore it thinking “problems only happen to others”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Leaving on an international trip will require planning and traveling safely is crucial to keep a peace of mind in any event. I have always had travel insurance for pretty much 95% of all my 10+ years on the road, and do not regret it one minute! Most people are lost when dealing with insurance so I will clear things up in this article in details, covering essentially what you need to know to be prepared and see your options of insurance. In This Article…1 Why do I consider myself a good resource to talk about insurance?2 What exactly is travel insurance?3 Why exactly MUST you get yourself insurance?4 My Personal experience.5 How does the Excess (or Premium) work?6 What to Look For in a Good Travel insurance7 Adventure sports exceptions8 Important note about […]


How to Choose the Best Gear and What to Pack for your Travels

Packing the perfect gear for traveling is such big subject with travelers that I had to bring up a post about my personal tips and tricks I learned while on the road all those years to reach all the countries in the world. The general consensus is that most people bring way too much than they really need… Most interrogations are always the same: What type of Luggage should you leave with? what size? Rolling suitcases vs backpack vs hybrid? Carry-on only or check-in luggage? What are the essential things to bring?  In this article, I will go through all the options available in details to clear out any doubts you may have and get you ready for your next trip.  In This Article…1 My Personal Evolution through the Years2 What types of luggage should you use?3 Size does matter – The 2 Dimension Rules.4 My Current Setup: Minimalism5 Should you bring a daypack?6 Traveling with expensive gear7 Toiletries8 Layering concept9 What Cloth do I bring?10 […]

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How to Choose Your Ideal Travel Destinations

You might have a travel list completely full of travel destinations and places to go, or you might be overwhelmed by the abundance of choice and struggle to make up your mind. In any case, there is a simple process I have developed over my 10+ years on the road to chose my next destinations. Some people frankly don’t plan enough and let themselves go with the flow, which is perfectly fine sometimes. But in my case, I spend a lot of time planning reading and I cannot recommend enough researching on candidate destinations and synchronizing with the best times to go to every part of the world. Doing your homework beforehand you will definitely thank yourself later by enjoying being at the right place at the right time! In This Article…1 How Much Time do you Have2 How Much Money do you Have3 Weather and Seasons Worldwide4 Local Events and Activities5 Planning for Each City6 What About your Next Trip?7 Share Pin to Pinterest […]


How to Stop Dreaming, Get Set and Start Traveling!

We live in societies where television has converted the population in a massive audience to consume other people’s stories. Movies, TV Shows, Youtube channels and even internet consumption has created this effect of being a spectator. However, when it is about our own lives, we are the main actors and it is our own story that we are building every day. To my eyes, it is not an option to live life behind a screen through others people’s adventures. So consider this: If traveling really is a dream of yours, whatever might be stopping you at the moment, you must stop traveling through other’s stories and become the main actor of your own adventures, no matter what! What is stopping you from doing so right now could be obstacles that seem too hard to overcome for the time being, but the truth is I see very few obstacles that justify not traveling at all. Money is usually a big one for most people before they […]