Holland America MS Koningsdam Review – A Classy Cruise Ship Experience

The Holland America MS Koningsdam stands out as a truly unique and exceptional cruise ship, distinguished by its innovative design, unparalleled amenities, and commitment to providing guests with an extraordinary travel experience. From its stunning architectural features to its diverse array of world-class offerings, the MS Koningsdam embodies a new standard of luxury and sophistication in the cruising industry. One of the most striking aspects of the MS Koningsdam is its distinctive and contemporary design, which seamlessly blends modern elegance with timeless refinement. The ship’s architectural marvels, such as the stunning Atrium and the iconic central pool with its retractable glass roof, create a visually captivating and inviting environment that sets the stage for an exceptional voyage. The culinary experience onboard the MS Koningsdam is nothing short of extraordinary, with an impressive selection of dining venues that cater to every palate and preference. From the refined ambiance of the Pinnacle Grill to the casual elegance of the Lido Market, guests are treated to an unparalleled gastronomic journey that celebrates the finest flavors and culinary traditions from around the world. The ship’s accomplished chefs and attentive dining staff ensure that every meal is a delightful and indulgent experience, reflecting a dedication to culinary excellence that is truly exceptional. Additionally, the MS Koningsdam offers a wealth of entertainment and enrichment opportunities that cater to a diverse range of interests. Whether guests are seeking captivating live music performances, thought-provoking enrichment programs, or immersive culinary experiences, the ship’s varied offerings provide a rich tapestry of entertainment and enrichment options to engage, inspire, and delight guests throughout their voyage.

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In a Nutshell…

  1. Pinnacle-Class Elegance:
    • The Koningsdam, part of the Pinnacle-class fleet, combines 21st-century elegance with nautical tradition.
    • Fluid lines and light-filled spaces create a dazzling onboard experience.
  2. Spacious Accommodations:
    • The ship accommodates 2,650 guests.
    • Public spaces are characterized by creative designs and sophisticated aesthetics.
  3. Entertainment Extravaganza:
    • Billboard Onboard: Enjoy chart-topping hits and music trivia.
    • World Stage: Innovative cruise ship shows with a two-story LED screen.
    • Rolling Stone Lounge: Live band performances spanning rock, pop, and country.
  4. Diverse Activities:
    • Fitness Center: Professionally staffed fitness classes.
    • Movies On Board: Recent-release films in the theater or stateroom.
    • Pickleball at Sea: Complimentary lessons and tournaments with stunning top-deck views.
    • Kids Club: Activities for children ages 3 to 17.
  5. Dining Delights:
    • Pinnacle Grill: The ultimate steakhouse at sea, offering Prime steaks, seafood, and fine wine.
    • Canaletto: Relaxed Italian cuisine best enjoyed when shared.
    • Tamarind: Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Japanese flavors praised by Condé Nast Traveler.
    • Rudi’s Sel De Mer: Modern twist on classic French dishes and seafood.
    • Grand Dutch Cafe: Dutch heritage-inspired snacks, lager, and coffee.
    • Lido Market: Casual marketplace with a wide range of food options.
    • Dive In: Poolside grill serving gourmet burgers and hot dogs.
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Entertainment onboard the MS Koningsdam

The Holland America MS Koningsdam cruise ship offers an exceptional array of entertainment venues and activities, promising an engaging and memorable experience for passengers of all ages.

The ship’s signature World Stage theater, a theater in the round, hosts premier entertainment every night, showcasing diverse presentations that adapt to different performances. From incredible dance performances by the Step One Dance Company to captivating history presentations and full-feature movie nights, the World Stage offers a variety of entertainment options to engage and delight guests. Additionally, the BBC performance ‘Planet Earth,’ featuring a string quartet playing music composed specifically for astounding wildlife photography, provides a unique and immersive experience for passengers.

The Koningsdam features the innovative “Music Walk,” a promenade that leads to several music venues, including the BB King’s Blues Club, Billboard Onboard (dueling pianos), the classical Lincoln Center Stage, and the Rolling Stone Rock Room. This unique layout allows passengers to seamlessly transition from one musical performance to another, providing an opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of music genres and styles. These venues also serve as ideal settings for comedians, adding to the ship’s vibrant and varied entertainment offerings.

For guests seeking active pursuits, the ship offers a well-equipped Fitness Center with a wide array of fitness machines and weight-lifting equipment, complemented by stunning sea views. The Sport Court and outside track on the Sun deck provide additional options for guests to stay active and enjoy physical activities while at sea. The Lido deck features beautiful pools with jacuzzis, offering a relaxing and refreshing experience for passengers. The ship’s physical activities cater to various fitness levels and preferences, ensuring that guests have ample opportunities to stay active and engaged during their voyage.

Passenger reviews of the Koningsdam highlight the ship’s exceptional entertainment options, praising the captivating performances at the World Stage and the diverse musical experiences offered through the Music Walk venues. Guests appreciate the variety of entertainment events scheduled each evening, creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all onboard. The ship’s commitment to providing engaging and diverse entertainment options has garnered positive feedback from passengers, showcasing the appeal of the entertainment offerings onboard the Koningsdam. Find special deals and reserve today on the MS Koningsdam by Clicking Here.

  1. The World’s Stage:
    • The ship’s main theater hosts musical and dance production shows, as well as concerts and comedians.
  2. Billboard Onboard:
    • This venue showcases the talents of live musicians, including two pianists and a guitarist. It’s a great spot for music lovers to sing along and enjoy live performances.
  3. Lincoln Center Stage:
    • In an exclusive partnership with the world’s leading center for the performing arts, the Koningsdam features classical music performances by talented artists.
  4. B.B. King’s Blues Club:
    • Direct from Beale Street, B.B. King’s All-Star Band brings the best of Memphis R&B to sea. Get ready to groove to soulful tunes.
  5. BBC Earth In Concert:
    • Explore the natural world with captivating multimedia presentations on board. Learn about our planet’s wonders through stunning visuals and music.
  6. Rolling Stone Rock Room:
    • Step into the pages of Rolling Stone magazine for a unique experience chronicling rock history. Enjoy live rock music in this vibrant venue.
  7. Other Entertainment Spaces:
    • The ship’s atrium is a spectacular, multi-story central area where you can find various activities and events.
    • Art Gallery: Artworks are displayed for purchase.
    • Queen’s Lounge: Hosts presentations, speakers, and special events during the day, and transforms into a lounge at night.
    • Stuyvesant: A multi-purpose room used for card games, small group meetings, lectures, and presentations.

Cabins and Room Comfort on the MS Koningsdam

The MS Koningsdam offers a variety of staterooms and cabins to accommodate different needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of the general categories:

Interior Staterooms: These staterooms do not have windows and are typically the most affordable option. They come in various sizes and may have one or two beds.

Oceanview Staterooms: These staterooms have windows with a view of the ocean. They may have one or two beds and can offer more natural light than interior staterooms.

Balcony Staterooms: These staterooms boast a private balcony, allowing you to step outside and enjoy the fresh sea air and ocean views. They typically have one or two beds and may offer more space than oceanview or interior staterooms.

Suites: Suites are the most luxurious category of accommodations on the Koningsdam. They offer more space and amenities than standard staterooms, often featuring separate living areas, walk-in closets, and larger balconies. Some suites may also have whirlpool baths or special amenities like concierge service.

Special Categories: The Koningsdam also offers some unique stateroom categories, such as:

  • Solo Staterooms: Designed for single travelers, these staterooms are typically smaller but offer features to maximize comfort for one person.
  • Family Oceanview Staterooms: These staterooms can accommodate up to five people and may have multiple bedrooms or sleeping areas. They are ideal for families or groups traveling together.
  • Spa Staterooms: These staterooms are located near the spa area and may offer exclusive access to spa amenities or spa-themed décor.

Choosing a Stateroom: The best stateroom for you will depend on your preferences and budget. Consider factors like:

  • View: How important is it for you to have a window or balcony?
  • Sleeping Arrangements: How many people will be staying in the stateroom?
  • Space: How much space do you need for your belongings?
  • Amenities: Are there any special amenities that are important to you, such as a balcony or whirlpool bath?

The deck plans for the MS Koningsdam typically show the layout of the ship and the location of different stateroom categories. This can help you choose a stateroom in a quieter or more central location on the ship. Find special deals and reserve today on the MS Koningsdam by Clicking Here.

  1. Interior Cabins:
    • These cozy cabins have no windows and are perfect for travelers who prioritize value and comfort. Cabin sizes range from 145 to 225 square feet.
    • Categories: (I, J, K, L, N, IQ-Spa).
  2. Oceanview Cabins:
    • Oceanview cabins offer windows or portholes, allowing natural light to filter in. Cabin sizes vary from 175 to 280 square feet.
    • Categories: (OO-Single, C, D, E, F, CQ-Spa).
  3. Verandah (Balcony) Cabins:
    • These cabins feature private balconies where you can enjoy ocean views and fresh air. Cabin sizes range from 180 to 370 square feet.
    • Categories: (V, VA, VB, VC, VD, VE, VF, VH, VS, VQ-Spa).
  4. Family Oceanview Cabins:
    • Designed for families, these cabins accommodate up to 5 passengers. They have no balconies but offer ample space.
    • Categories: (FA-Aft, FB-Forward).
  5. Signature Suites:
    • These spacious suites include a separate sitting area and a private balcony. Cabin sizes are 295 to 315 square feet.
    • Categories: (SS, SY) Signature Suite / Mini Suite / Superior Balcony cabins.
  6. Vista Suites:
    • Vista Suites provide more room to spread out, with cabin sizes ranging from 210 to 305 square feet. They also have private balconies.
    • Categories: (A, AS, B, BC) Vista Suite / Mini Suite / Superior Balcony cabins.
  7. Neptune Suites:
    • These elegant suites offer extra space, a separate sitting area, and larger balconies. Cabin sizes are 330 to 720 square feet.
    • Categories: (SA, SB, SC, SQ-Spa) Neptune Suite / Grand Suite / Deluxe Balcony cabins.
  8. Pinnacle Suite:
    • The pinnacle of luxury, this suite boasts a generous 970 square feet of space, including a large balcony.
    • Category: (PS) Pinnacle Suite / Penthouse Suite.

Service on the MS Koningsdam

The Holland America MS Koningsdam is renowned for its commitment to providing outstanding service to its guests. From the moment you step foot onboard, you are greeted with genuine warmth and a welcoming smile. The attentive and dedicated crew members are there to ensure that your every need is met and that your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

The service aboard the MS Koningsdam is characterized by its attention to detail and personalized approach. The crew members take the time to get to know you, catering to your individual preferences and anticipating your needs. Whether it’s remembering your favorite drink or going the extra mile to accommodate a special request, the staff onboard strive to create a truly memorable and tailored experience for each guest.

The dining experience aboard the MS Koningsdam is a testament to the ship’s commitment to exceptional service. From the main dining room to the specialty restaurants, the waitstaff is attentive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing impeccable service. They take pride in their ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that your dining experience is not only delicious but also enjoyable and memorable.

The cabin stewards aboard the MS Koningsdam are another integral part of the ship’s exceptional service. They go above and beyond to ensure that your stateroom is always clean, comfortable, and well-maintained. From turning down your bed in the evening to replenishing amenities and tidying up throughout the day, they take care of every detail, allowing you to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

In addition to the attentive service, the MS Koningsdam also offers a range of onboard activities and amenities to enhance your cruising experience. From engaging entertainment options to enriching educational programs, the crew members are dedicated to providing a diverse and enjoyable itinerary for guests of all ages. They are readily available to answer questions, provide assistance, and ensure that you have a memorable and fulfilling time onboard.

The hospitality aboard the MS Koningsdam extends beyond the ship’s staff. The ship fosters a warm and friendly atmosphere among guests, creating a sense of community and camaraderie. Whether it’s striking up a conversation with fellow travelers at a social gathering or participating in group activities, the ship provides opportunities for guests to connect and forge new friendships.

The MS Koningsdam also offers a range of services and amenities to cater to guests’ needs and preferences. From concierge services to assist with reservations and inquiries to spa and wellness facilities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation, the ship is designed to ensure that your every desire is met.

In summary, the service and hospitality experience aboard the Holland America MS Koningsdam cruise ship is characterized by exceptional service, attention to detail, and warm hospitality. From the moment you step onboard, the dedicated crew members are there to cater to your needs and ensure a memorable experience. With personalized service, a range of amenities, and a welcoming atmosphere, the MS Koningsdam promises to provide a voyage filled with genuine care and exceptional hospitality.

Food and dining Experience on the MS Koningsdam

The dining experience aboard the Holland America MS Koningsdam is a culinary journey that epitomizes excellence, offering an array of exceptional dining venues and a commitment to culinary innovation and quality that sets a new standard for luxury cruising.

The ship’s culinary offerings are nothing short of extraordinary, with a diverse selection of dining venues that cater to every taste and preference. From the refined elegance of the Pinnacle Grill to the casual sophistication of the Lido Market, guests are treated to an unparalleled gastronomic adventure that celebrates the finest flavors and culinary traditions from around the world. The ship’s accomplished chefs and attentive dining staff ensure that every meal is a delightful and indulgent experience, reflecting a dedication to culinary excellence that is truly exceptional.

The Pinnacle Grill, a hallmark of the Holland America dining experience, offers an intimate and sophisticated setting where guests can savor exquisitely prepared steaks and seafood dishes, accompanied by an extensive wine selection. The restaurant’s elegant ambiance, attentive service, and delectable menu create a memorable dining experience that is sure to delight even the most discerning palates.

For those seeking a more casual dining experience, the Lido Market presents a diverse array of international cuisines in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. From made-to-order pasta and stir-fry stations to a tempting array of freshly prepared salads and decadent desserts, the Lido Market offers a culinary journey that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring that every guest finds something to savor and enjoy.

In addition to the ship’s signature dining venues, the MS Koningsdam also features specialty dining options that showcase innovative and creative culinary concepts. The Culinary Arts Center presents immersive cooking demonstrations and hands-on workshops led by talented chefs, allowing guests to learn new culinary skills and techniques while enjoying a truly interactive dining experience.

Furthermore, the ship’s commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences extends to its in-room dining options, where guests can enjoy a selection of delectable dishes and beverages in the comfort and privacy of their staterooms.

The MS Koningsdam’s dedication to culinary excellence is further exemplified by its commitment to sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring that every dish is prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail. The ship’s culinary team’s passion for creativity and innovation shines through in every dish, as they continually strive to elevate the dining experience and delight guests with a diverse array of flavors and culinary delights.

The dining experience aboard the Holland America MS Koningsdam is a testament to the ship’s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and guest satisfaction. With its exceptional dining venues, innovative culinary concepts, and dedication to quality and creativity, the MS Koningsdam offers a dining experience that is sure to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning food enthusiasts, making it a standout choice for travelers seeking an exceptional culinary journey at sea.

  1. The Dining Room (Decks 2 and 3):
    • This beautifully designed, double-deck room features a stunning wine tower as its centerpiece, a sweeping staircase, and floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the ship’s wake.
    • The chairs are stylish leather in a soft taupe color, and the ceilings are adorned with strings of red and white lighting.
    • While the food is of high quality, it lacks a certain refinement and lightness often found in specialty restaurants.
    • There’s a wide selection of different table sizes, accommodating two to eight guests.
    • The menu includes appetizers like Caesar saladantipasti, and nods to Dutch heritage such as Dutch pea soup.
    • Entrees feature options like fish, steak, and even game birds. Three HAL Signature dishes are always available: New York strip loingrilled salmon, and broiled chicken.
  2. As You Wish Dining:
    • Passengers can opt for open-seating dining, making dinner reservations daily up to 4 p.m. or walking up anytime during dining hours.
    • Avoid the rushes right after shows for a smoother experience.
  3. Specialty Restaurants:
    • Tamarind: Offers Pan-Asian cuisine with dishes like miso-glazed black cod and sushi.
    • Pinnacle Grill: A classic steakhouse experience featuring premium cuts of meat.
    • Canaletto: Serves Italian favorites like pasta and risotto.
    • Sel de Mer: A seafood brasserie with fresh catches and French-inspired dishes.
    • Dive-In: For gourmet burgers and hot dogs by the pool.
    • New York Pizza & Deli: Grab a slice of pizza or a deli sandwich.
  4. Lido Market Buffet:
    • Casual buffet-style dining with a variety of international cuisines.
    • Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner here.
  5. 24-Hour Room Service:
    • Available for those late-night cravings or early-morning breakfast in bed.
  6. Beverages:
    • Basic coffee, tea, water, and select juices are included.
    • Specialty drinks and alcoholic beverages are available for an additional charge.
  7. Entertainment Dining:
    • Enjoy theater shows, musical performances at Billboard OnboardB.B. King’s Blues Club, and Lincoln Center Stage while savoring your meals.

Destinations and Itineraries of the MS Koningsdam

  1. California Coast: From fall to spring, the Koningsdam graces the picturesque California coastline. Departing from San Diego, it cruises along this sun-kissed stretch, revealing stunning vistas, vibrant cities, and charming coastal towns. Passengers can explore iconic spots like Los AngelesSan Francisco, and Santa Barbara. Find special deals and reserve today on the MS Koningsdam by Clicking Here.
  2. Mexican Riviera: The Koningsdam also sets sail for the Mexican Riviera during this period. Departing from San Diego, it ventures southward, stopping at vibrant ports such as Cabo San LucasMazatlán, and Puerto Vallarta. Passengers can immerse themselves in the rich culture, savor local cuisine, and bask in the warm sun.
  3. Hawaii: As spring approaches, the ship embarks on an enchanting journey to the Hawaiian Islands. Departing from San Diego, it cruises across the Pacific, allowing passengers to explore the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Stops include Hilo (on the Big Island), Kahului (Maui), Nawiliwili (Kauai), and Honolulu (Oahu). Imagine palm-fringed beaches, lush rainforests, and volcanic wonders.
  4. Alaska’s Inside Passage: When spring arrives, the Koningsdam changes course, heading north to the pristine wilderness of Alaska. Departing from Vancouver, British Columbia, it navigates the famous Inside Passage. Passengers witness towering glaciers, fjords, and abundant wildlife. Ports of call include JuneauSkagway, and Ketchikan.

Finding Deals and Promotions for the MS Koningsdam

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The Holland America MS Koningsdam offers a variety of amenities and features to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable cruise experience for its guests. Here’s a summary of what you can expect onboard:

Comfortable Accommodations: The MS Koningsdam offers a range of stateroom options to suit different needs and budgets. These include interior staterooms, oceanview staterooms with windows, balcony staterooms with private outdoor areas, and spacious suites. There are also special stateroom categories designed for solo travelers, families, and those seeking spa access.

Delicious Dining: The MS Koningsdam features multiple dining venues, including casual buffets, sit-down restaurants with waiter service, and specialty restaurants serving various cuisines. Passengers can choose from a variety of dining options to suit their preferences throughout the cruise.

Lively Entertainment: The MS Koningsdam offers a variety of entertainment options to keep guests entertained throughout their journey. These may include live shows in the theater, music performances in lounges, or activities like trivia nights and dance classes.

Relaxing Activities: The MS Koningsdam provides opportunities for relaxation and leisure. There are swimming pools and whirlpools where passengers can soak up the sun. The ship also features a spa and wellness center offering a variety of treatments for those seeking rejuvenation.

Enrichment Programs: The MS Koningsdam may offer educational programs and lectures on various topics related to the destinations visited during the cruise. These programs can be a great way to learn more about the history, culture, and environment of the places you’re exploring.

Overall, the MS Koningsdam offers a comfortable and relaxing cruise experience with a variety of amenities and activities to suit different interests. When choosing a cruise, it’s important to consider your budget, preferred destination, and desired amenities to ensure a perfect vacation at sea. Find special deals and reserve today on the MS Koningsdam by Clicking Here.

– Reviewed by Contributing Author Silvester Thomson

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