Viking River Cruises Review – Simply The Best European River Cruise Experience

Viking River Cruises is a popular cruise line that offers unforgettable travel experiences on the rivers of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Here are some of the things that make Viking River Cruises so unique:

  1. Destination-focused itineraries: Viking River Cruises offers destination-focused itineraries that allow passengers to explore the history, culture, and cuisine of the destinations they visit. The company’s itineraries are designed to provide passengers with an immersive and authentic travel experience, with expert guides and insider access to local attractions.
  2. Modern ship design: Viking River Cruises is known for its modern and elegant ship design, with features like floor-to-ceiling windows, private balconies, and spacious staterooms. The ships are designed to provide passengers with maximum comfort and convenience, with amenities like free Wi-Fi, in-room entertainment, and plush bedding.
  3. Exceptional service: Viking River Cruises is known for its exceptional service, with a staff-to-guest ratio that is among the highest in the industry. The staff is friendly, attentive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that passengers have an unforgettable travel experience.
  4. Gourmet dining: Viking River Cruises offers a variety of gourmet dining options, with menus that feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From regional specialties to classic international dishes, there is something to suit every taste on a Viking River Cruise.
  5. All-inclusive pricing: Viking River Cruises offers all-inclusive pricing, which means that passengers don’t have to worry about hidden fees or extra charges. The cruise fare includes everything from meals and beverages to shore excursions and gratuities.
  6. Sustainable travel: Viking River Cruises is committed to sustainable travel, with a focus on reducing its environmental impact and supporting local communities. The company uses eco-friendly materials and technologies on its ships, and partners with local organizations to promote responsible tourism.
  7. Innovative itineraries: Viking River Cruises offers a wide range of innovative itineraries, including themed cruises like wine cruises, Christmas markets cruises, and art cruises. The company is also constantly expanding its offerings, with new destinations and experiences added every
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In a Nutshell…

  1. Scenic Routes: Viking River Cruises offers picturesque journeys along some of the world’s most iconic rivers, including the Rhine, Danube, Seine, and Douro.
  2. Luxurious Ships: Their fleet consists of elegant, boutique-style ships designed for comfort and relaxation. Expect spacious staterooms, gourmet dining, and attentive service.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Viking emphasizes cultural enrichment. Onshore excursions include guided tours to historic sites, local markets, and immersive experiences.
  4. All-Inclusive: Most amenities are included in the fare, such as meals, wine, Wi-Fi, and shore excursions. No nickel-and-diming here!
  5. Historical Context: Viking’s onboard lectures and programs provide insights into the regions you’ll explore, connecting the past with the present.
  6. Scenic Views: Sailing past charming villages, vineyards, and castles, you’ll enjoy breathtaking vistas from your ship’s deck.
  7. Relaxing Pace: Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises move at a leisurely pace, allowing you to savor each destination without feeling rushed.

Viking River Cruises has established itself as a major player in the river cruise industry.expand_more But how did this company navigate its way to success? Let’s take a trip through Viking’s history and explore its key milestones:

Setting Sail in the Mid-1990s: The story of Viking River Cruises begins in the mid-1990s with Torstein Hagen, the company’s chairman and founder.expand_more Hagen, already experienced in the cruise industry, envisioned a new kind of river cruise experience. He desired a travel option focused on cultural immersion and enriching destinations.

Growth Through Acquisition: In 1997, Viking took its first steps by acquiring four river cruise ships operating in Russia.expand_more This initial fleet laid the foundation for the company’s future growth. A significant leap came in 2000 with the purchase of KD River Cruises, a well-established European operator.expand_more This acquisition not only expanded Viking’s fleet to 26 vessels but also secured access to prime docking locations in key European cities.expand_more

Expansion Beyond Europe: While Europe remained a core area of focus, Viking set its sights on new horizons in the early 2000s. The company introduced cruises on the Yangtze River in China, opening up opportunities for exploring the Far East. This spirit of expansion continued with the addition of itineraries on the Mekong River in Southeast Asia.

A New Era of “Longships” : In 2011, Viking embarked on a new chapter with the introduction of its innovative “Longship” design. These specially designed vessels offered more spacious public areas, larger cabins with verandas, and improved fuel efficiency. The focus on modern design and passenger comfort became a hallmark of Viking’s river cruise experience.expand_more

Beyond Rivers: Ocean and Expedition Cruises: Viking’s ambition extended beyond river cruising. In 2015, the company launched its first ocean ship, the Viking Star.expand_more This marked Viking’s entry into the ocean cruise market, offering a distinctive experience that carried over from its river cruises.expand_more The success of the Viking Star was followed by the introduction of additional ocean ships and a foray into expedition cruises in 2022.

A Look Ahead: From its beginnings with a focus on cultural exploration to its current status as a multi-faceted cruise line, Viking River Cruises has come a long way. With a commitment to innovation and a dedication to providing enriching cruise experiences, Viking continues to chart its course in the travel industry.

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Entertainment on board Viking River Cruises

When it comes to entertainment on board Viking River Cruises, guests can expect a harmonious blend of cultural enrichment, live performances, and engaging activities that cater to a wide range of interests. Viking River Cruises, renowned for its immersive and destination-focused experiences, ensures that entertainment on board is no exception.

One of the highlights of entertainment on Viking River Cruises is the carefully curated program of cultural enrichment activities. Throughout the voyage, guests can participate in insightful lectures, presentations, and demonstrations that provide a deeper understanding of the regions they are exploring. Knowledgeable experts, such as historians, local guides, and guest speakers, share their expertise and passion, shedding light on the history, art, and traditions of the destinations.

Live performances are also a vibrant part of the entertainment experience on Viking River Cruises. Guests can enjoy a variety of musical performances that showcase the diverse musical traditions of the regions visited. From classical concerts featuring local orchestras to folk music performances highlighting traditional instruments and melodies, the onboard entertainment brings the culture and spirit of the destinations to life.

In addition to cultural enrichment and live performances, Viking River Cruises offers a range of engaging activities that cater to different interests. For those seeking relaxation and tranquility, wellness programs such as yoga classes, meditation sessions, and spa treatments provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate. Art enthusiasts can participate in hands-on workshops or attend art lectures to explore their creative side. Culinary enthusiasts can join cooking demonstrations and tastings, where they can learn about local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

Viking River Cruises also recognizes the importance of providing personalized entertainment options. Each stateroom is equipped with a state-of-the-art interactive TV system, offering a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Guests can enjoy their favorite programs at their own leisure, creating a personalized entertainment experience.

Furthermore, Viking River Cruises organizes themed events and celebrations to enhance the onboard entertainment. These events may include special dinners featuring regional cuisine, festive holiday celebrations, or themed parties that immerse guests in the local culture and traditions. These occasions provide an opportunity for guests to socialize, connect with fellow travelers, and create lasting memories.

It’s worth noting that while Viking River Cruises doesn’t have the same scale of entertainment as larger ocean liners, it excels in providing a more intimate and immersive experience. The focus is on creating an atmosphere that encourages guests to engage with the destinations, fellow travelers, and the ship’s amenities, rather than relying solely on onboard entertainment options.

In conclusion, entertainment on board Viking River Cruises combines cultural enrichment, live performances, engaging activities, and personalized options to create a well-rounded and captivating experience. From informative lectures to lively musical performances, guests can expect to be entertained, educated, and inspired throughout their river cruise adventure. Whether immersing in local traditions, enjoying the tranquility of wellness programs, or connecting with fellow travelers, Viking River Cruises ensures that entertainment on board is an integral part of the overall journey. Find special deals, Browse Viking Routes & itineraries and Reserve Today your Viking River Cruise by clicking here.

Staterooms / Cabins on Viking River Cruises

When it comes to river cruises, Viking River Cruises stands out as a top choice for discerning travelers seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and unforgettable experiences. As you embark on your Viking adventure, let’s delve into the world of staterooms and cabins, where every detail contributes to an exceptional voyage.

The Viking Experience

Viking River Cruises operates a fleet of elegant Longships that gracefully navigate Europe’s picturesque rivers. Among these vessels, you’ll find a variety of staterooms designed to cater to different preferences.

Stateroom Categories

  1. Explorer Suites: These are the crown jewels of Viking’s fleet. Each Explorer Suite offers a spacious 445 square feet of elegance. Features include a private wraparound veranda, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, a large bathroom with double sinks, and premium bath products. The suite’s living room provides 270-degree views, making it an ideal retreat for discerning travelers.
  2. Veranda Suites: With 275 square feet of space, Veranda Suites strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. They feature a full-size veranda off the spacious living room, allowing you to step outside and enjoy the fresh air. The private bathroom includes a shower and premium bath products.
  3. Veranda Staterooms: These staterooms offer 39 options on each Longship. At 205 square feet, they provide ample space for relaxation. The French balcony allows you to open the doors for fresh air while enjoying the passing scenery. Veranda Staterooms come equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable voyage.
  4. French Balcony Staterooms: For those who appreciate unobstructed views, the French Balcony Staterooms are an excellent choice. These 135-square-foot staterooms feature floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, allowing you to admire the landscapes without stepping outside.
  5. Standard Staterooms: If you’re seeking cozy comfort, the Standard Staterooms provide a welcoming retreat. These 150-square-foot rooms offer all the essentials, including hotel-style beds, private bathrooms, and thoughtful amenities.

Choosing Your Perfect Cabin

Consider your preferences when selecting a stateroom:

  • Deck Location: Higher decks offer better views, while lower decks provide easy access to ship amenities.
  • Suite or Stateroom: If you desire more space, consider booking early to secure one of the limited Explorer Suites.
  • Veranda or French Balcony: Decide whether you want a full veranda or a French balcony for fresh air.
  • Traveling with Family: Some Longships offer connecting staterooms, ideal for multi-generational travel.

The Viking Difference

Viking River Cruises combines elegance, cultural enrichment, and personalized service. Whether you’re gliding along the Rhine, Danube, or Douro, your stateroom awaits—a cozy haven against a backdrop of timeless beauty.

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How to Book your Viking River Cruises

Booking a Viking River Cruise is a gateway to a world of elegant and immersive travel experiences along some of the most iconic waterways in the world. From Europe’s historic rivers to the exotic landscapes of Asia, a Viking River Cruise promises a luxurious and culturally enriching journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide to booking a Viking River Cruise and embarking on an unforgettable adventure.

Research and Destination Selection

The first step is to have a look at all the itineraries offered b Viking. Nest step in booking a Viking River Cruise is to conduct thorough research on the destinations and itineraries offered. Viking River Cruises offers a diverse range of options, including journeys along the Rhine, Danube, Seine, and Elbe rivers in Europe, as well as voyages along the Mekong, Yangtze, and Irrawaddy rivers in Asia. Travelers can explore the company’s website, brochures, and online resources to find the perfect itinerary that aligns with their interests and travel preferences.

Contact Viking

Once the desired itinerary has been identified, the next step is to contact Viking through their booking plateform or engage the services of a knowledgeable travel advisor specializing in river cruises. Viking’s dedicated team of cruise experts is readily available to assist travelers with any questions they may have about the booking process, itinerary details, onboard amenities, and more. For those who prefer personalized assistance, a trusted travel advisor can provide valuable insights, recommendations, and assistance in securing the ideal river cruise experience.

Selecting the Stateroom

Viking River Cruises offers a variety of stateroom categories, including spacious suites and elegantly appointed staterooms, each designed to provide comfort, style, and panoramic views of the breathtaking landscapes along the river. Travelers can select their preferred accommodation based on their budget, space requirements, and desired amenities, ensuring a personalized and comfortable onboard experience.

Customizing the Experience

Viking River Cruises offers a range of customizable options to enhance the river cruise experience. From pre- or post-cruise land programs to exclusive shore excursions, cultural experiences, and culinary delights, travelers have the opportunity to tailor their itinerary to create a truly bespoke and memorable journey.

Finalizing the Booking

Once all the details have been carefully considered, the final step is to confirm the booking with Viking or the chosen travel advisor. Payment details, travel documents, and any additional requests or special arrangements will be finalized to ensure a seamless and worry-free experience from the moment of booking to the return home.

In conclusion, booking a Viking River Cruise is a straightforward and personalized process that promises a journey through some of the world’s most captivating destinations. With a focus on exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, and immersive experiences, Viking River Cruises invites travelers to embark on an adventure that will create lasting memories and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the world’s waterways.

Destinations of Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises, renowned for its elegant ships and immersive experiences, offers travelers a unique way to explore the world’s most captivating destinations. Whether you’re drawn to the historic cities of Europe, the mystical temples of Egypt, or the lush landscapes of Asia, Viking’s river cruises promise an unforgettable adventure. Find special deals, Browse Viking Routes & itineraries and Reserve Today your Viking River Cruise by clicking here. Let’s delve into some of the remarkable destinations you can explore with Viking:

  1. Europe:
    • Danube: Sail along the enchanting Danube River, passing through Vienna’s elegant boulevards and Budapest’s historic Castle District.
    • Rhine: Admire the castle-lined Rhine as you explore storybook villages and hilltop castles in Germany.
    • France: Discover the lush vineyards of Bordeaux and the charming windmills of the Netherlands.
    • Douro: Meander through Portugal’s rolling vineyards in the Douro Valley.
    • Elbe: Explore Germany’s spectacular Saxon Switzerland region.
  2. Asia:
    • Egypt: Embark on a timeless journey along the Nile River, visiting ancient temples and experiencing the magic of Egypt.
    • Cambodia and Vietnam: Cruise the Mekong Delta, passing lush landscapes and the sprawling Angkor Wat complex.
  3. The Americas:
    • Mississippi: Immerse yourself in the American South’s historic cities, from New Orleans to Memphis.
    • Heartland: Explore bustling St. Louis and distinctive St. Paul, discovering America’s heartland.
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Viking’s river cruises offer a seamless travel experience. Unpack just once and let the ever-changing scenery along the riverbanks captivate you. From the elegance of Vienna to the mystique of Angkor Wat, each destination reveals its unique story. Viking’s award-winning Longships ensure comfort and intimacy, allowing you to connect with fascinating lands and the people who call them home.

Why Choose Viking?

  • Cultural Immersion: Viking’s itineraries focus on cultural enrichment, with expert guides and curated excursions.
  • Scenic Beauty: Enjoy breathtaking views from your ship as you glide along the rivers.
  • Ease of Travel: No need to worry about multiple flights or long road trips—your ship takes you directly to each destination.
  • Unpack Once: Settle into your comfortable stateroom and let Viking handle the logistics.

Whether you’re sipping wine in Bordeaux, marveling at the pyramids in Egypt, or listening to jazz in New Orleans, Viking River Cruises promise an unforgettable journey. Book your cruise today and embark on a scenic adventure through time and culture.

Fleet of Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises has long been a pioneer in the river cruising industry, boasting an impressive fleet that redefines luxury, comfort, and exploration. The fleet’s meticulously designed ships, each bearing the hallmark Viking excellence, offer an unparalleled experience for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the enchanting waterways of the world.

The Viking Longships, a signature of the Viking fleet, stand as a testament to innovation and elegance. These state-of-the-art vessels are designed with a keen focus on guest comfort, featuring spacious staterooms and suites that showcase Scandinavian-inspired décor and panoramic views of the stunning landscapes passing by. The light-filled atrium, serene Wintergarden, and al fresco dining options contribute to the ship’s inviting ambiance, creating an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication that perfectly complements the journey.

Viking’s fleet also includes the elegant Viking Ocean Ships, which combine the intimacy of a small ship with the amenities of a larger vessel. These sleek, modern ships are designed to bring guests closer to the destinations, with spacious public areas, serene Nordic spa facilities, and thoughtfully curated art collections that reflect the cultural richness of the regions visited. The carefully appointed staterooms and suites, many with private verandas, provide a sanctuary of tranquility and comfort, offering a respite after each day of exploration.

Furthermore, the Viking Expeditions Ships, designed for exploration in remote and challenging environments, offer a new chapter in the Viking story. These purpose-built expedition vessels are equipped with cutting-edge technology and a focus on sustainability, allowing guests to embark on immersive experiences in some of the world’s most captivating destinations. The ships’ expedition equipment, including zodiacs and kayaks, provide opportunities for up-close exploration and discovery, while the onboard expedition team ensures that every journey is enriched with insightful lectures and engaging experiences.

The fleet’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the innovative features incorporated into each ship, such as energy-efficient hybrid engines, solar panels, and environmentally conscious design elements. Viking River Cruises’ dedication to eco-friendly practices underscores its commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the destinations visited and ensuring a responsible approach to travel.

Every ship in the Viking fleet is characterized by the exceptional level of service provided by the dedicated crew and staff. The genuine warmth and attentiveness with which every need is anticipated and met make guests feel not only valued but truly at home. The seamless hospitality and genuine care extended by the crew add an extra layer of comfort and luxury to the entire journey, ensuring that every moment is marked by a sense of gracious indulgence.

Viking River Cruises, a name synonymous with elegance and exploration, boasts an extensive fleet of vessels designed to transport travelers to the heart of captivating destinations. From Europe’s historic cities to the mystical Nile and the scenic Mekong, Viking’s ships redefine river cruising. Let’s delve into the remarkable fleet that awaits you:

  1. Viking Longships: These innovative vessels set the gold standard in river cruising. With the amenities of a fine hotel, they seamlessly navigate Europe’s waterways. Imagine waking up each day, stepping off your ship, and exploring enchanting cities like Vienna, Budapest, and Cologne. The Viking Longships make it possible, offering comfort, convenience, and enriching discoveries just a short walk from your stateroom.
  2. Europe: Viking has continuously reinvented European river cruise vessels. These ships glide along the Danube, Rhine, and other iconic rivers, revealing magnificent vistas and pausing at riverside ports. Whether you’re sipping wine in Bordeaux or strolling through Vienna’s elegant boulevards, the European fleet ensures an immersive experience.
  3. Egypt: Embark on a timeless journey along the Nile River aboard the all-suite Viking Ra. Witness ancient temples, explore the monuments of pharaohs, and enjoy the comfort and style that once eluded even ancient civilizations. In Cairo, indulge in the best hotels during your Egypt cruisetour.
  4. Mississippi: Inspired by the award-winning Viking Longships, the Mississippi vessel combines Scandinavian design with American history. Explore the iconic Mississippi River, from New Orleans’ jazz-filled streets to the soulful vibes of Memphis. It’s a voyage through the heart of the American South.
  5. Asia: The Viking Saigon, designed for the Mekong River, offers understated elegance. With just 80 guests, it provides outdoor verandas, hotel-style beds, and panoramic views of the lush surroundings. Cruise past Cambodia’s floating villages and the sprawling Angkor Wat complex, immersing yourself in one of the world’s most scenic regions.

Why Choose Viking?

  • Cultural Immersion: Viking’s itineraries focus on cultural enrichment, with expert guides and curated excursions.
  • Scenic Beauty: Enjoy breathtaking views from your ship as you glide along the rivers.
  • Ease of Travel: No need to worry about multiple flights or long road trips—your ship takes you directly to each destination.
  • Unpack Once: Settle into your comfortable stateroom and let Viking handle the logistics.

Full List of Viking River Cruise Ships

  • Viking Aegir
  • Viking Alruna
  • Viking Alsvin
  • Viking Astrild
  • Viking Atla
  • Viking Baldur
  • Viking Bestla
  • Viking Beyla
  • Viking Bragi
  • Viking Buri
  • Viking Delling
  • Viking Egil
  • Viking Einar
  • Viking Eir
  • Viking Eistla
  • Viking Embla
  • Viking Fjorgyn
  • Viking Forseti
  • Viking Freya
  • Viking Gefjon
  • Viking Gersemi
  • Viking Gullveig
  • Viking Heimdal
  • Viking Helgrim
  • Viking Hemming
  • Viking Herja
  • Viking Hermod
  • Viking Hervor
  • Viking Hild
  • Viking Hlin
  • Viking Idi
  • Viking Idun
  • Viking Ingvi
  • Viking Jarl
  • Viking Kadlin
  • Viking Kara
  • Viking Kari
  • Viking Kvasir
  • Viking Legend
  • Viking Lif
  • Viking Lofn
  • Viking Magni
  • Viking Mani
  • Viking Mimir
  • Viking Mississippi
  • Viking Modi
  • Viking Njord
  • Viking Prestige
  • Viking Odin
  • Viking Osfrid
  • Viking Osiris
  • Viking Ra
  • Viking Radgrid
  • Viking Rinda
  • Viking Rolf
  • Viking Sigrun
  • Viking Sigyn
  • Viking Skadi
  • Viking Skaga
  • Viking Skirnir
  • Viking Tialfi
  • Viking Tir
  • Viking Tor
  • Viking Torgil
  • Viking Ullur
  • Viking Vali
  • Viking Var
  • Viking Ve
  • Viking Vidar
  • Viking Vilhjalm
  • Viking Vili

Viking Einar

Viking River Cruises offers a variety of exciting river cruise experiences, and the Viking Einar is a great example of their modern fleet. Launched in 2019, this ship boasts innovative design and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey along scenic rivers.

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Spacious Design: The Viking Einar features a design that prioritizes passenger comfort. With public areas that offer ample space to move around, you can relax and take in the sights or socialize with fellow travelers.

Balcony Bliss: Most cabins on the Viking Einar feature balconies, allowing you to step outside and enjoy the fresh air and scenic river views directly from your room.

Delicious Dining: Viking River Cruises are known for their excellent onboard dining, and the Viking Einar is no exception. Expect a variety of dining options, from casual cafes to elegant main dining rooms, all featuring delicious cuisine.

Enrichment Programs: Viking River Cruises often incorporate educational programs into their itineraries. Onboard the Viking Einar, you might encounter lectures from experts or presentations about the regions you visit.

Relaxation Options: After a day of exploring or enjoying the amenities onboard, there are plenty of opportunities to relax. Soak up the sun on the pool deck, unwind in a comfortable lounge chair, or curl up with a good book in your spacious cabin.

Exploring in Comfort: The Viking Einar allows you to experience the beauty of river cruising in comfort and style. With its modern design, spacious public areas, and comfortable amenities, the ship provides a relaxing and enjoyable home base for your river journey. Viking River Cruises offers a variety of itineraries on the Viking Einar, so you can choose the perfect adventure for you.

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Viking Hlin

Viking Hlin, a river cruise ship operated by Viking River Cruises, has garnered both praise and constructive feedback from passengers, offering insights into the overall experience aboard this vessel. Reviews from travelers highlight various aspects of the cruise, from the ship’s accommodations and dining to excursions and staff interactions.

Find special deals and reserve today on the Viking Hlin by clicking here.

Passenger reviews of the Viking Hlin provide valuable insights into the overall experience aboard the ship. Positive comments highlight the attentive and friendly staff, well-maintained accommodations, and enjoyable excursions. Many passengers commend the ship’s amenities, such as the French Balcony staterooms, attentive stewards, and the culinary offerings, including excellent dining experiences and the availability of wine. The ship’s scenic cruising through the Rhine River, featuring breathtaking views and the opportunity to witness numerous castles, has left a lasting impression on passengers.

Passengers have expressed appreciation for the attentive and personalized service provided by the ship’s staff. From steward services and room cleanliness to the expertise of tour guides, the staff’s dedication to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for passengers shines through in the reviews. Specific mentions of staff members who went above and beyond to accommodate guests’ needs and provide valuable insights during excursions reflect positively on the ship’s service culture.

Reviewers have highlighted the well-appointed accommodations aboard the Viking Hlin, noting the comfort, cleanliness, and functionality of the staterooms. The availability of various stateroom categories, such as Porthole rooms, French Balcony staterooms, and suites, offers passengers a range of options to suit their preferences. Additionally, passengers have praised the ship’s amenities, including the Aquavit Terrace, sundeck, and the availability of onboard activities during scenic cruising days.

The Viking Hlin’s itinerary and shore excursions have been a point of appreciation among passengers. The opportunity to explore enchanting ports of call, witness historical landmarks, and immerse in local culture through guided tours has left a positive impression. While some passengers have expressed minor concerns about the timing of certain excursions and the impact of local events on tour experiences, the overall sentiment towards the excursions has been favorable.

In summary, the Viking Hlin has left a positive impression on passengers, with its attentive staff, well-maintained accommodations, enjoyable excursions, and quality amenities contributing to a memorable river cruise experience for many travelers. While there have been occasional constructive feedback regarding specific aspects of the cruise, the overall consensus is that the Viking Hlin provides a comfortable and enriching journey along the Rhine River.

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Viking Ocean Cruises

Interested in Viking’s River Cruises? Check Out our full article about Viking Ocean Cruises Review & Guide Here.

Viking is mostly known for its River cruises, but it also hs a fleet of ocean cruises! Viking Ocean Cruises is a name synonymous with elegance and exploration. It offers a fleet of small ships that redefine luxury travel. With a focus on cultural enrichment, breathtaking scenery, and personalized experiences, Viking invites travelers to embark on unforgettable journeys across the world’s oceans. Let’s delve into the remarkable features of Viking Ocean Cruises:

The Fleet

Viking Venus

Viking Saturn

Viking Neptune

Viking Mars

Viking Octantis

Destinations of Viking Cruises

Viking River Cruises offers captivating journeys to various enchanting destinations. Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm of Europe, the mystical allure of Egypt, or the vibrant cultures of Asia, Viking has you covered. Here are some of the remarkable places where you can set sail with Viking:

  1. Europe:
    • Danube: Explore Vienna’s elegant boulevards and Budapest’s historic Castle District.
    • Rhine: Witness the castle-lined beauty along the Rhine River.
    • France: Cruise through the lush vineyards of France.
    • Douro: Discover Portugal’s rolling vineyards in the Douro Valley.
    • Elbe: Visit storybook villages and hilltop castles in Germany.
    • And more!
  2. Asia:
    • Mekong Delta (Vietnam): Experience Vietnam’s lush and fertile Mekong Delta.
    • Angkor Wat (Cambodia): Marvel at the sprawling Angkor Wat complex.
  3. Egypt:
    • Nile River: Sail along the timeless Nile River, passing ancient temples and historical wonders.
  4. United States:
    • Mississippi River: Explore the heartland of America, from bustling St. Louis to distinctive St. Paul.


Viking River Cruises offers an unparalleled experience that seamlessly blends luxury, exploration, and cultural immersion. From the moment guests step aboard, they are enveloped in a world of elegance, comfort, and personalized service that sets the standard for river cruising.

The staterooms and suites aboard Viking River Cruises are a testament to refined sophistication, providing a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence. The attention to detail in the design and amenities ensures that every guest feels pampered and at ease, with stunning views of the passing landscapes serving as a constant reminder of the beauty that surrounds them.

Culinary excellence is a hallmark of Viking River Cruises, with each meal crafted to perfection and reflective of the regions visited. The array of dining venues, from elegant restaurants to al fresco options, offers a delightful culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds and celebrates the flavors of the destinations. The impeccable service and attention to detail further elevate the dining experience, creating unforgettable gastronomic memories for guests.

The enrichment and entertainment programs on Viking River Cruises are thoughtfully curated to provide a perfect balance of relaxation and cultural immersion. From engaging lectures by knowledgeable experts to captivating performances and hands-on demonstrations, there is always an opportunity to expand one’s horizons and gain a deeper understanding of the destinations visited. The onboard ambiance is one of conviviality and sophistication, fostering a sense of community among guests and creating an atmosphere of shared discovery.

What truly sets Viking River Cruises apart is the exceptional level of service delivered by the dedicated crew and staff. The genuine warmth and attentiveness with which every need is anticipated and met make guests feel not only valued but truly at home. The seamless hospitality and genuine care extended by the crew add an extra layer of comfort and luxury to the entire journey, ensuring that every moment is marked by a sense of gracious indulgence.

The meticulously crafted itineraries offered by Viking River Cruises are a testament to the art of exploration, allowing guests to delve into the heart of captivating destinations along the world’s most iconic rivers. The carefully planned shore excursions provide immersive experiences, whether it’s exploring historic landmarks, savoring local cuisine, or engaging with the communities visited. Each day brings new discoveries and meaningful connections, leaving guests with a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures and histories that unfold before them.

In conclusion, Viking River Cruises sets the standard for luxury river cruising, offering an extraordinary blend of elegance, comfort, and cultural discovery. The meticulous attention to detail, exceptional service, exquisite dining, and captivating itineraries create a journey that transcends the ordinary and leaves an indelible impression on the hearts of those fortunate enough to embark on this remarkable voyage. Viking River Cruises invites travelers to embrace the art of exploration and embark on a transformative journey through the world’s most picturesque waterways.

  1. Destinations:
    • Scandinavia: Sail through the fjords of Norway, visit the historic cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen, and immerse yourself in Viking heritage.British Isles & Ireland: Explore the rugged coastlines, ancient castles, and charming villages of the British Isles.North America: Cruise along the eastern seaboard, from New York to Montreal, discovering the rich history and natural beauty of this region.Caribbean & Central America: Escape to turquoise waters, lush rainforests, and vibrant cultures.Mediterranean: From Rome to Athens, experience the art, architecture, and culinary delights of the Mediterranean.
  2. Inclusive Experiences:
    • Shore Excursions: Every port of call includes a complimentary excursion. Explore ancient ruins, local markets, and hidden gems guided by experts.Cultural Enrichment: Lectures, performances, and workshops onboard provide deeper insights into the destinations you visit.Fine Dining: Viking’s restaurants offer gourmet cuisine inspired by the regions you sail through. From Italian trattorias to Nordic specialties, each meal is a culinary journey.
  3. Intimate Atmosphere:
    • With only 930 guests, Viking’s ships avoid crowds and queues. Relax in serene public spaces, enjoy personalized service, and connect with fellow travelers.
    • Spacious staterooms feature verandas, king-size beds, and thoughtful amenities.
  4. Why Choose Viking?:
    • Thoughtful Design: Scandinavian elegance meets modern comfort. The ships are designed for relaxation and exploration.Cultural Immersion: Viking’s itineraries focus on history, art, and local traditions.No Nickel-and-Diming: Wi-Fi, specialty dining, and wine with meals are included.No Children Under 18: Viking caters to adults seeking a refined experience.

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– Article by Contributing Author Silvester Thomson

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