Visiting Venice… Again, and Again !

This is a city that I keep coming back to. In fact, if there is one city in the world that I cannot get tiered of, and keep coming back for a stroll around, it definitely has to be Venice! Could I live in Venice? Definitely not… way too touristy. Is it the most beautiful city in the world? It might as well be! It is like a man made natural wonderland, a Disneyland for the eye, something that would be impossible to intentionally recreate nowadays where fake plastic amusement parks are the only thing we seem to be creating.

A photographers paradise

I must have been to Venice over 7 to 8 times if I can recall correctly. Each time it is like rediscovering it for the first time. I can do it for a few hours, and then I leave back to the mainland. Spending more time in the tourist mecca is too exhausting. I prefer to spend a few hours walking around untill I am exhausted and my legs hurt, and I feel satisfied with the experience! I snap well over 100 photos on the way, it’s all about capturing what comes as Inspiration!

Gelatos, non stop

This time around, I decide to plan a little game. I tried to sample as many gelatos as possible while visiting the city. It was definitely worth it, giving me a nice dose of carbohydrates on the way to feed this walking frenzy. My steps tracker recorded well over 15km walk after 4h in the city.

The secret how to go to Venice?

The secret of how to go and visit Venice, is to NOT stay in Venice … It sounds a little bit contradictory, but ask any italians, they will say the same. Venice has become sooooo expensive that for a astronomical amount of money, one would get a very cheap option. For example, a night in a dorm bed shared in a hostel with other 6 people in Generator hostel, can easily be 100 euros, as of time of writing, with prices going up on weekends! If that room would be booked entirely, that would be about 600 dollars room alone!

The trick is to sleep anywhere but Venice, and to visit Venice with the excellent connection offered from cities around by train or bus. Most people chose to stay on the immediate main-land on the other side of the bridge, in Mestre. But option are becoming also overpriced these days in Mestre. I would personally recommend staying a little further, like in Padova, Treviso, Vicente or even in Bologna. This time around, I decided to stay with a good friend of mine which lives in Ferrara, and made for a very pleasant place to spend the evening! All of them are quite cheap to reach by train.


Yes, Venice might be the most beautiful city of the world! After all, each time I come I keep telling myself the same after a full days walk!

Venice in Pictures

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