Visiting Zadar in Croatia – The New Dalmatian Coast Hot Spot

The third biggest city in Croatia and quickly developing as an alternative for Split as a holiday base, Zadar really surprised me and exceeded my expectations. Enjoying the same quality of the Dalmatian coast as its southern brothers, Zadar has plenty to offer for the seasonal tourist looking for sun, beach and culture.

Trying to cash in on Tourism

With Tourism in mind, Zadar is aiming big nowadays with its cruise port which can receive the biggest fleet of cruise ships in the Mediterranean. Many of the biggest cruise companies have chosen Zadar as a regular stop to explore the Adriatic sea route, along with Venice, Split and Dubrovnik, as it is strategically located as an easy stop to explore other beautiful cities in the region, such as Sibenik. With the advent of Cheap airlines now connecting Zadar directly to major European cities, its popularity will likely grow exponentially in the next few years. There is also a constant flow of festival from June to October with plenty of festivals every week!

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The old center makes a very interesting visit and its narrow streets are pleasant to stroll around. Plenty of museums are at the disposal of visitors to understand the regions long history all the way to its Romain occupation and beyond. The waterfront path was also nicely built to receive the masses of tourists coming to enjoy its shores, and people can even jump right off the peer for a refreshing swim in the summer. Another nice addition to Zadar’s waterfront is the ocean organ and greetings to the sun, an interesting Art nouveau construction that is sure to attract curiosity!

Main Square of Zadar Old Town

Best 2 Days Itinerary in Zadar

Enter the old town from the Sea Gate and start with a good breakfast at Cogito Coffee Shop straight next to the gate for good food with a nice terrace. Continue to the square to see the Zadar Cathedral Saint Anastasia and get in to enjoy the interior. Continue to the Archaeological Museum of Zadar to tour the permanent and temporary expositions available. Just in front outside of the museum is the Roman Forum ruins so don’t forget to snap a few pictures of this 2000+ years old remains.

Have lunch around the Square and continue along the sea walk towards the north to reach the famous Zadar Sea Organ, an interesting natural orchestra coming straight from the power of the waves. Back into the old town, you can climb the Bell Tower to have a nice view of Zadar’s old town. Continue walking south on the seafront all the way to Fosa where you can swim with the locals on a hot summer day. From there, you can walk along the wall around the bay and get back in the old town from the beautiful Land Gate which has beautiful views from the park above.

Try catching the famous sunset of Zadar from the Greetings to the Sun circle and wait for dark to see its beautiful color show. Have dinner in the old town at one of my recommended Restaurant list such as Harbour Cookhouse or Proto Food.

The next day you can have breakfast at The Garden Zadar, and then walk around the Paseo Maritimo and cross the Gradski Most bridge. Have a look at the Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi and enjoy more of the old streets around the old town. You can spend the afternoon around the Queen Jelena Madijevka Park straight off the old town, or if weather permits, go swim at the Kolovare Beach where you can jump off the 5m tower with the local kids!

Top 10 Things to do in Zadar

  • Paseo Maritimo
  • Sea Organ
  • Greeting to the Sun
  • Narodni trg u Zadru
  • Zadar Cathedral
  • The Forum
  • Bell Tower
  • City Sentinel
  • Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi in Zadar
  • Zadar Land City Gates
  • Archaeological Museum Zadar

Top Rated and Recommended Cafes in Zadar

  • Cogito Coffee Shop
  • The Garden Zadar
  • Eva
  • Beach Bar Bamboo
  • Lounge & Bar Ledana

Top Rated and Recommended Restaurants in Zadar

  • Harbour Cookhouse
  • Proto Food & More
  • Cogito Coffee Shop
  • Harbour Cookhouse & Club
  • Crazy Pizza
  • Pet Bunara
  • Mamma Mia
  • Fosa
  • 2 Ribara
  • Restaurant Bruschetta

Zadar In Pictures

Zadar Streets at Night

Ruins in Zadar

Main Square at Night

Croatian Wedding in Old Zadar

Zadar Water front

Streets of the old Town

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Good Read - Visiting Zadar in Croatia - a New Hot Spot for Dalmatian Tourism - #Zadar #visitZadar #Zadartrips #travelZadar #Zadarflights #Zadarhotels #Zadarhostels #Zadarairbnb #Zadartips #Zadarmaps #Zadarguide #Zadartours #Zadarbooking #Zadarinfo #Croatia #TravelCroatia
Great Post - Visiting Zadar in Croatia - a New Hot Spot for Dalmatian Tourism - #Zadar #visitZadar #Zadartrips #travelZadar #Zadarflights #Zadarhotels #Zadarhostels #Zadarairbnb #Zadartips #Zadarmaps #Zadarguide #Zadartours #Zadarbooking #Zadarinfo #Croatia #TravelCroatia

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