Trogir, a Tiny UNESCO Marvel in Croatia

Overshadowed by its big sister Split just 10km away, Trogir is often just a simple day tour for tour groups arriving by bus for a quick 1 hour guided walk. But for me Trogir is much more than this, somewhat of a secret destination of mine and this year I decided to go directly to Trogir after flying into the country, preferring it to Split for its charming UNESCO recognized medieval old town.

A Tiny Island that has a lot to offer

Trogir is just a tiny island that can be walked around in less than 30 minutes. But doing so would ruin the experience that I adore in Trogir, which is to immerse myself in this small ancient town to feel Trogir, walk the curvy narrow streets at night, hearing the old churches ring their bells in the morning and absorb the feeling of being taken back a thousand years ago. Trogir is also a yachties paradise with its massive marinas as well as the constant yacht meetings that are taking place just in front of the pedestrian waterfront, pretty much all summer long, which makes it a very lively and festive atmosphere.

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I wouldn’t come to Trogir for its beaches though, as they are not the most attractive in the world. Being stuck between the mainland and island, its waters are rather dirty. But clear water is never far away in Croatia and a quick drive away, or taking part in one of the many day boat tours will surely bring you to a fresh, clear Adriatic swimming experience, and some of the best I have seen in the Mediterranean! No wonder Dalmatia and Croatia is so trendy right now and flooded with tourists, especially in the area of Split and Trogir!

Best 2 Days Itinerary in Trogir

Start the day by getting into the old town from the majestic North Gate of Trogir, where most people arrive. Enjoy a healthy breakfast at Caffe Bar Corto straight in the middle of the old town, before visiting the marvellous St. Lawrence Cathedral just nearby, as well as the Cipiko Palace.  You can also see from here The City Hall. Enjoy some time around the Central Square in Trogir before continuing down Gradska Ulica towards Riva and walk along the Waterfront Promenade where everybody seems to be at any time in Trogir. At the end of the promenade is Fortress Kamerlengo where you can go up and have a nice panoramic view of Trogir.

After lunch (try the Pizza at Pizzeria Kristian), go to the St. Dominic Monastery as well as the St. Michael Bell-tower and head to the beach at Beach Trogir or on the other side at Public Beach Trogir where you can play on the inflatable water slides (free).

The next day, you can hop on a day excursion to visit the Blue Cave, as well as the Krka Waterfalls. You can also go on a Blue Lagoon Cruise, which would fill most of your day. For dinner, go to one of my recommended restaurants (see section below) such as Piccolo Ponte or Konoba Trs for a great experience and culinary delicacies.

Top 10 Things to do in Trogir

  • Trogir Historic Old Town
  • St. Michael Bell-tower
  • Central Square in Trogir
  • Waterfront Promenade
  • The St. Lawrence Cathedral
  • Fortress Kamerlengo
  • Beaches of Trogir
  • Day Trips excursions by Boat around Trogir
  • The City Hall
  • St. Dominic Monastery
  • The North Gate

Top Rated and Recommended Cafes in Trogir

  • Dovani
  • Slasticarna 7 Palmi
  • Caffe Bar Corto
  • Vaffe Trogir
  • Big Daddy

Top Rated and Recommended Restaurants in Trogir

  • Piccolo Ponte
  • Konoba Trs
  • Pizzeria Kristian
  • Alka Restaurant
  • Restaurant Kamerlengo
  • Vrata o’grada
  • Capo
  • Vanjaka
  • Pizzeria Mirkec
  • Calebotta

Trogir In Pictures

Small Streets of Old Town Trogir

Trogir Water Front

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Great Post - Trogir, a Tiny UNESCO Marvel in Croatia - #Trogir #visitTrogir #Trogirtrips #travelTrogir #Trogirflights #Trogirhotels #Trogirhostels #Trogirairbnb #Trogirtips #Trogirmaps #Trogirguide #Trogirtours #Trogirbooking #Trogirinfo #Croatia #TravelCroatia
Amazing Post! - Trogir, a Tiny UNESCO Marvel in Croatia - #Trogir #visitTrogir #Trogirtrips #travelTrogir #Trogirflights #Trogirhotels #Trogirhostels #Trogirairbnb #Trogirtips #Trogirmaps #Trogirguide #Trogirtours #Trogirbooking #Trogirinfo #Croatia #TravelCroatia

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