What to do in 3 Days in Sibenik, Croatia – An Underrated city soon to be recognized internationally

Halfway between the two Damlatian Stars of Split and Zadar stands Sinebik, a well underated city that still attracts a quarter of the attention as the others. This also means it is a great time to visit Sibenik before it catches up on the higer prices on food and accomodation you will find in most popular cities. But this is likely to change very soon so I would hurry up to get there as soon as possible if I were you.

The City Surounded by Forts

Sibenik’s setup is beautiful and perfect for yachties. It is located inside a bay which is garded by many forts, and makes it ideal to dock stright off the peer or at the marina for it’s calm waters. But Sibenik’s definit highlight is it’s Cathedral, which earns the title of the biggest 100% stone built cathedral in the world! And what a piece! Just by looking at it you can almost feel how heavy this whole consturction is. The square is also amazing with many streets leading to every corner of the old town, as well as the beautiful town hall, whcih has been rebult after the wall to almost the exact design.

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The old town of Sibenik is also one of the most beautiful and well preserved in Croatia, making me clueless why it has sturggled for so long to attract tourism like Zadar and Split. Sibenik has long concentrated on their industries, specially the Aluminum Industry that lies next to the center on its shores. Following my lonely planet guide book, the closure is due to Serbian bombings during the Croatian war which has made it too expensive to fix. But following a locals advise, this is actually not true and rather a planned measure by local authorities to refocus business towards tourism.

Sibenik Panoramic View

Best 2 Days Itinerary in Sibenik

Start your day with a good breakfast at Bazza Caffe & Bistro and continue to the old town on the main pedestrian street on Zagrebacka Ulica. Go down the street all the way to The Cathedral of St James to admire one of the largest 100% stone-built cathedral in the world and tour inside to see the design. On the square of the church, have a look at the Town Hall and its interesting architecture. Have lunch around the old town and enjoy walking more around the labyrinth streets of the old town. Reach the Perivoj Luje Marina, this interesting fountain full of turtles living “in the wild”. Visit the Church of Saint Barbara and then try reaching St. Michael’s Fortress around sunset for the best views of Sibenik. Have dinner in one of the great restaurants around the old town form my list of recommended restaurants (see below) such as Konoba Nostalgija or Pelegrini.

The next day, hop on one of the excursions to St. Nicola’s Fortress, a magnificent fort built on the water for the defence of the Bay of Sibenik. If you feel like visiting more fortress, have a look at St. John’s Fortress just north of the old town or even Barone Fortress for amazing views of Sibenik. In the afternoon, grab a city bike and ride all the way to Beach Banj, Sibenik’s Beach for a Swim. If you are with kids, you can exchange some of the fortress tours for the Solaris AquaPark, which they will thank you in return for it.

Top 10 Things to do in Sibenik

  • The Cathedral of St James in Sibenik
  • Town Hall
  • St. Michael’s Fortress
  • St. Nicola’s Fortress
  • Sibenik Beach Banj
  • Crkva sv. Ivana Krstitelja
  • Church of Saint Barbara
  • Solaris AquaPark
  • St. John’s Fortress
  • Barone Fortress
  • Turtle Fountain

Town Hall Square

Top Rated and Recommended Cafes in Sibenik

  • Bazza Caffe & Bistro
  • Cafeteria Giro Espresso
  • Valeria
  • Slasticarna Grom
  • Bistro More

Top Rated and Recommended Restaurants in Sibenik

  • Konoba Nostalgija
  • Pelegrini
  • No 4
  • Sesula
  • Bazza CAffe & Bistro
  • She
  • Konoba Tomaseo
  • Pizzeria Grill Argola
  • Dalmatino
  • Konoba Marenda

Sibenik In Pictures

Streets of Old Sibenik

Selfie with Sibenik in the background

Beautiful Sunset in Sibenik

Panoramic View with the Cathedral and the Town Hall

Beach in Sibenik

Enjoy the Beach in Sibenik

Church in Sibenik

Streets of Old Sibenik

Old Town from the Sea

Turtle Fountain

Sibenik at Night

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Very Interesting - What to do in 3 Days in Sibenik - #Sibenik #visitSibenik #Sibeniktrips #travelSibenik #Sibenikflights #Sibenikhotels #Sibenikhostels #Sibenikairbnb #Sibeniktips #Sibenikmaps #Sibenikguide #Sibeniktours #Sibenikbooking #Sibenikinfo #Croatia #TravelCroatia

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