Visiting Pakistan: My Country #176/196

I arrived safely in Lahore in Pakistan’s Punjab province, after a transit in Dubai and Karachi. Immediately after exiting the airport terminal and roaming in my taxi it’s congested streets towards the center, I smell of deja-vu hit me with my previous adventures in India, Bangladesh, and Sri-Lanka. And with a reason. They used to be part the same British colonial Empire prior to the Indian Independence Act in 1947. Similar yet very different as the main religion here is Islam, which means dressing code is very different, food is much more reliant on meat and Islamic customs must be followed even though it doesn’t seem too conservative at first sight. Lahore was the perfect city to arrive! Eith 10 million inhabitants, it’s second to Karachi in size but much more livable and modern than its southern sister. The first thing that got me was […]

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World Ranking MAP of the Best Digital Nomad Destinations

So you finally decided to become a Digital Nomad! You’ve found that brilliant idea that will make you job independent, you just bought that brand new Macbook and you had the courage to quit your job that made you so unhappy for so many years. You’re all set! But one question remains… Where should you go? That’s an absolutely legitimate question if you ask me! And why should you ask me? Probably because I’ve been living in most of those countries that you see in green on that map, working as one of the first digital nomads out there over the past 2 decades. I’ve tested them, for the good, for the bad, so I’ve prepared this map to help you not make the same mistakes as I have. With the recent boom in Digital Nomad, many people leave home with very little knowledge of […]