3 Days guide to São Tome & Principe – (my Country #187/195)

Set as a paradise island off the coast of Central Africa, Sao Tome was long on my list of countries to visit ever since I spent time in Cabo Verde back in 2014. Caberverdian friends had told me they considered Sao Tome as their little sister country, and now I must admit that was particularly true. Both are African, both are islands, both are Portuguese colonies and are very reliant on Portugal, as I later noticed with the massive Portugues community on Sao Tome.

Downtown São Tome

“Viva Brazil” I was told a few times as thats where local saotomeans beleived I was from, guessing from the my accent in Portugues. To me, it was them that felt Brazilian to me… Not because of their accent (sounds much more like Portuguese from Portugal to my ear) but because of their nice little colonial capital. Sao Tome city really felt to me like a Mini Salvador de Bahía where I used to live a few times. It actually reminded me of the neighborhood of “Rio Vermelho”, with it’s colorful colonial buildings (even their Parliament is Pink) and nice Portuguese style churches, with always at sight the turquoise ocean adorned with bright green palm trees.

Beach in Sao Tome

Sao Tome is a cute little city, and is blessed with nice beaches all around this tiny island. Out of my week and a half in the country, I mostly got to spend time in the capital and it’s surroundings as I was waiting for a Visa, but I already took note to visit Principe it’s neighbor island which needs more time to explore.

Forte de Sao Sebastião

Overall, the peaceful lifestyle of São Tome was a relief after the kaos of mainland Africa over my past 3 months. My days were mostly lazy under the hot sun, keeping hydrated by sipping fresh coconuts and eating massive amounts of fresh fruits from the local market. I particularly enjoyed my favorite fruit the Jackfruit for less than 50 cents per kilo! That’s unseen anywhere on the world and resulted in getting stuffed by Jackfruit every day!

Me at the Beach

Sao Tome Central Market

Now I am well rested and ready to continue my African adventures, flying back to main land Africa tomorrow!

To be continued…

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