Overnight in Varadero from Havana

Most people who go to Varadero will be in an all-inclusive hotel and arrive straight at Varadero airport. I wasn’t in Cuba to be in this sort of hotel so Varadero was not my first choice of place to be as a base, I had chosen Havana for that. But I still wanted to see it so a 2 day visit was enough. Now that I’ve been, I can honestly say that even if it’s a tourist behemoth, it is a very beautiful beach. Even though it’s super touristy, it was really built on an amazing piece of Beach and the water is one of the clearest and bluest I have ever seen around the world rivaling with the Pacific ocean and even the Red Sea.

A two-day trip to Varadero.

This time around I wasn’t really into just hanging around all day at a beach and sipping mojitos and piña coladas all day. I had done that in 2002 and quite frankly I wasn’t that interested about it, also for the fact that I was in the Dominican Republic not too long ago so I wasn’t craving a beach. I preferred this time to stay around Havana and do visits around the capital instead of Varadero. But suddenly I met up with a childhood friend of mine, Vince, and he ended up convincing me to do a 2 days visit to Varadero where he was based and flying out of.

It was kind of funny because I felt like I was leaving home in Havana for a weekend trip and when I came back I felt like coming back to my little apartment. It fell like home, in Havana. But two days was actually just perfect. We left early in the morning and arrived around midday to enjoy a whole day of Beach and a good meal with a nice sunset. The next day we checked out from our home stay and enjoyed another whole day of beach before I left around 6 p.m.. only two days but in Varadero there’s not that much more to do as it’s all all-inclusive hotels and we can go in if we’re not part of it. So if you’re not in their all inclusive there’s not that much to do in Varadero.

How to get to Varadero from Havana?

I wanted to take the bus but it was always full for the next 5 days, and the bus must be taken far away from the old town so it was a little bit of a hassle. I ended up going for the more secure and reliable solution which was to take the transfer with Cubatur. Some other people went by shared taxi but for me that wasn’t an option as it was the same price as the transfer and the transfer would leave me straight in the old town where I was staying in Havana.

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