Viñales – Best Day Trip from Havana

If you happen to make Havana your base for your next trip to Cuba, don’t forget to do a day trip to Viñales, which is such an easy trip to do as a day tour from Havana. You can do it yourself or do it with an organized tour and it will not cost you more than $60. Highlights are coffee plantations and most especially that tobacco plantations which you can easily visit and test by yourself by smoking a big cigar made in front of you.


How to get to Viñales from Havana?

Some people prefer to stay overnight or to stay two days because of the nice little village that they can just stay and relax. But most people do it as a day tour as there’s not much more to do than what you can do in one day. That’s what I did. Also, by tsharing the cost on a shared tour becomes much cheaper than doing it by yourself because you need to hire a taxi or take a bus but to get on the bus you need to get to the bus station which you will need a taxi, etc. The cost is about $60 and the advantage of doing the tour is that you well have all the included activities.

What is there to do in Viñales?

Visiting the tobacco plantations is the biggest thing but most tour will bring you to a big painting that is done on a massive Rock, like in the picture above. Tours will also bring tourists to a cave and bring them on a little boat tour inside of it. Nothing fancy but adding to the other activities it’s pretty complete. The other added bonus is that they provide you a nice lunch included. I usually prefer doing everything by myself but when it’s just a hassle to organize sometimes I sobrina consider dining tours and I definitely think that in Cuba it’s worth just letting them organize things for you and avoid the hassle.

Me and my childhood friend Vince

Did I like the experience?

Yep! definitely worth it and that’s why I’m blogging about it. I went with my friend Vince and he hadn’t even heard about it so some People will miss this amazing place with amazing natural formations unique in the world. Definitely a must go and only 200 to 300 km from Havana. It’s not hard to get there.

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