My Favorite Town in Cuba is… Trinidad!

Even better than Havana in my opinion, it is a perfect little picturesque and authentic village to spend two to three days while in Cuba. I felt transported back in the 19th century walking around its cobblestone streets and its colorful houses. The setup is just magical and nature as well. But be quick to come because I predict that its authenticity will disappear very soon as it is booming with construction at the moment. Hotels are popping everywhere and tourist traps will arrive soon after. If they say Cuba must be visited before it becomes developed, then Trinidad is to be number one on your bucket list.

What should you do there?

I enjoyed just walking around the old town. It’s so nice and feels so good to just observe how people are living. It just feels so colonial at the same time so Cuban. It really feels like time has stopped in the village for the last two centuries. There’s a bunch of little museums around even an art museum which is free. You can go up the tower to have an amazing view of the city which is definitely not to miss. I really enjoyed the “Casa de La Musica” where there is a band playing every night and if you go before 7 you can get in for free. Perfect place to enjoy a little glass of rum while listening to salsa and even Folk Cuban music and different styles.

Any restaurants to recommend?

You bet I do! I had the most amazing meal at a restaurant called Botija! I highly recommend having at least one meal there. I liked it so much that I came back for my second night. I found out about it because it was the highest-rated restaurant on most apps like Google maps and Foursquare. They specialized in Cuban food but also some kind of fusion which was kind of very interesting style of meals. For example, the meal that I had twice in a row was some pork brochettes that came hanging on a rack, like on the image below. With their pineapple sauce and the pieces of pork which were wrapped in some fish and bacon. It was so tasty. Now I wish I could be there again to have it one more time.

How to get to Trinidad?

From Havana, there are four ways to get there. The first one is to get a private taxi. Maybe if you’re 4 passengers that could be worth it. Most people use option 2 which is to take the bus but that’s a bit annoying because if you’re in central Havana you need to get to the bus station and get a taxi just to get there. The third option is to have a shared taxi. And the last option which is not really known by many but the one that I did is that the tourist agencies Cubanacan offers a transfer which leaves directly from your hotel and leaves you in the center of Trinidad.

Just to avoid the hassle I think it’s definitely worth it. It can be a little long drive about 5 to 6 hours but also lets you have a stop in Cienfuegos which is another highlight in the area.

Trinidad in pictures…

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