One Day in Rio de Janeiro

Here’s a little snapshot I wanted to share where I am at the moment. Spending time home in quarantine isn’t easy. At least I have the beauty of the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro to keep my morale up while I can’t continue traveling around the world.

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One day in Rio de Janeiro

I decided to have a little fun today. I took pictures of the view from my window at different times to compare them together, to show how the beauty of this city changes through time. I am constantly blown away by Rio which never ceases to impress me year after year, every single day, every single hour. The pictures are taken from my Lagoa apartment rental I found to spend the quarantine, overlooking the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon.

I took the first picture early in the morning at 7:00, where the sun wakes up from behind, lighting up Ipanema on the left side, where we see a little bit of the Atlantic ocean, and the Morro Dois Irmaos.

The second was taken at 13:00, when the sun is way up and brightening up the colors, with clear greens and a nice shade of blue in the sky.

The third one was taken at 17:00, when a few clouds showed up to let the sunset reflect it’s last beautiful reddish colors, creating a magnificent view.

Even after having Traveled the whole world, this is still what I consider the most beautiful city in the world. I hope I could help you can understand why…

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