Crashing on the Lithuanian Coast in Palanga

Where else to spend a few days in the region during the peak tourist season of mid-July on the Baltic Sea? Palanga is known around the Baltic Countries to be one of the most festive and energetic Beach Resort of the three. And I had a few days to explore it thoroughly under the northern european sun!

The Go-To Holiday destination for all Lithuanians

After being in Klaipeda for a few days (and loving it), I was looking forward to see why everybody was telling me that nobody stays in town in the summer and go straight to Palanga. Even the Avis Car Rental had “reduced hours” to serve more time in Palanga. As soon as I arrived I understood. It was jammed packed of people enjoying its lively atmosphere and it looked much better than I expected. I imagined just another baltic coast resort, something quiet like in between Jurmala in Latvia or Parnu in Estonia (which are respectively their liveliest beach resorts). But having almost twice the population as Estonia, and it’s coast being so narrow, everybody in Lithuania seems to end up in Palanga!

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The city itself looks beautiful! The town is big enough not to feel like a small place (like Parnu) and is small enough not to be spread over kilometeres just to reach the beach (like in Parnu). The Beach has golden sand and the water is super shallow, as you would expect from the baltics. The highlight of Palanga is on Basanaviciaus Street where everybody seems to converge all day long for a promenade around the cafes and bars it has to offer. It is connected to the beach and a very long peer where people gather at sunset for a romantic moment. After dark, there is live music everywhere, local bands pump up the music, such as in “I Love Palanga Bar”, my favorite place to get a nice lithuanian cold craft beer while sitting in a garden.


The city also has lovely parks and a nice forest that still makes it feel  like a nature escape from the city. There is actually a nice bike trail the leads all the way to the Latvian coast that is very pleasant. I had the chance to test it myself (picture bellow).

Overall, I can say that Palanga is definitely a nice place to spend a few days on a baltic trip.

Main street in Palanga

Best 2 Days Itinerary in Palanga

If you’re here, most likely it will be summer time as this is mostly a summer resort. Spend your first day exploring the old town, walking around busy Basanaviciaus Street and enjoy coffee at one of the many cafes. Make your way to the beach and join in the festivities with the thousands of tourists present. On your way back from the beach, try one of the famous “smoked fish” available at many shops (try the market) and after dinner, join the crowd at the Palanga Peer for the Sunset. After sunset, try going to “I love Palanga” to catch a live show and sip a beer in the garden.

The next day, rent a bike and ride through the forest and parks where bike lanes have been built all the way to the Latvian Border. If you feel like an adventure with your bike, make it all the way to Sventoji, another beach resort about 12km from Palanga. Or else you can just ride around Birute Park. In the afternoon, try visiting the musical fountain and the Sculpture of fisherman. If it is a rainy day, you can visit the Palanga Amber Museum. Have an extra day? If you feel like an amazing excursion outside of town and have your own wheels, go to the Soviet Missile Silo at Plunge, a truly incredible “and disturbing” piece of history.

A Sauna on the Beach… The Baltic way 🙂

Top 10 Things to do in Palanga

  • Enjoy the Pedestrian Street of Basanaviciaus
  • Palanga Beach
  • Bike ride in Forest along the Coast
  • Palanga Amber Museum
  • Concert at “I Love Palanga” Bar
  • Birute Park
  • Musical Fountain
  • Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • Sculpture of fisherman
  • Sunset at the Peer

Top Rated and Recommended Cafes in Palanga

  • Cafe Banduke
  • Vero Cafe on Basanaviciaus st
  • Max coffee
  • Coffee Inn
  • Fotokava

Top Rated and Recommended Restaurants in Palanga

  • Vesuma
  • Silelis GastroPub
  • Restoranas 4
  • Onore
  • a-petit Restaurant

Palanga in Pictures

Traditional Houses in the center of Palanga

Riding on the Bicycle Trail in the Baltic Forest to the Latvian Border

Peer at sunset where everybody gathers

enjoying local craft beers at one of the many live shows around town with a friend from my home town

Main Pedestrian Street in Palanga

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