Itinerary of the Best Christmas Markets Tour in Europe

Christmas markets are starting to become very popular in the world and especially in Europe in the past decades. Even though they have been around since the middle ages, their popularity has exploded in recent years, and nowadays most big cities around central Europe will take advantage of the November and December months to try and boost tourism with a Christmas market. Since they are kind of easy to set up, requiring only a few huts and serving a variety of 10 different foods, every city can easily set them up. However, they can get as complex as they want to push them, and some Christmas markets are absolutely phenomenal to visit. 

The Tour of central European Christmas markets

Central Europe takes the cake for Christmas markets, and this year, I had plans to take a month and a half to visit some of the top markets around Germany and the Czech Republic. After Extensive research, I came up with a route that would bring me from Hamburg all the way to Cologne through a big loop, where I would have the chance to see a maximum of Christmas markets that had been ranked in the top 10 of several websites. 

And here is a little summary with pictures of the results of the experience!

The Hamburg Christmas Market

WE started our tour in Hamburg, and the christmas market was just about to open, so we couldn’t really see it by night time.

The Berlin Christmas Market

Really nice market, especially the main one with indoor and outdoor setup. It was a particularly cold night so we appreciated the interior kiosks to drink hot wine!

Dresden Christmas Markets

This has to be our favorite. There are 2 or 3 markets that are worth the trip alone, actually 2 of them ranks in our favorites all over Germany. The Dresdner Striezelmarkt was absolutly beautiful, and the best in Germany, by far. The medieval market was also a highlight!

the Medieval Market

The Prague Christmas Market

Ranked as one of the best in europe, but definitly not as nice as the German ones. What makes it special are the buidlings around the main square. The food is not as nice as in Germany.

The Cesky Krumlov Christmas Market

An amazin town, with a tiny chrsitmas market. Still, its nice to have one! about 5 to 10 kiosks, most of the time closed.


The Pilsen Christmas Market

Cutes chrsitmas market, probably the best we’ve seen in Czechia.

The Karlovy Vary Christmas Market

Very nice christmas market, with a choral.

The Nuremberg Christmas Market

Known as the first and best christmas market. But for us, coming from a month of visiting others markets around Germany an Czechia, it wa a little bit of a disapointement. Dresden beats Nuremberg by far. Stil nice though.

The Rothenburg Christmas Market

Small but a nice visit, with snow!

The Cologne Christmas Markets

Also in our favorite, Cologne has a lot of christmas markets worth a visit!

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christmas market itinerary
christmas market itinerary

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