My Travel Map: Updated March 2016

I just finished one of the most puzzling and logistically hard to plan leg of my travels, the Pacific Islands. My count is now up to 173, a quick rise since these minuscule islands are quick to visit. It was especially hard to plan and synchronize the flights between the islands and spent 1 week in Bali planing to make it work. and it did.

but it was risky… flights are non-refundable… Which means in the peak of the cyclone season, if I miss a flight on one island, I will miss the remainder of my trip! and oddly enough, it almost happens! Cyclone Winston, the strongest cyclone ever recoreded in the southern hemisphere struck Fiji, while I was waiting to fly there from the Marshall Islands. But I was just a few days lucky, I managed to catch my flight and continue my adventures.

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