Canadian Newspaper LaPresse Publishes my Travel Recommendations for 2019

Back in January, I was contacted by a Journalist from Canadian Newspaper LaPresse named Mrs Ballivy, concerning an article about experts recommendations for Canadian tourists to travel in 2019. Flattered by the trust and confidence giving by such a reputable newspaper, I accepted with pride! My recommendations appeared in two articles published by the newspaper, where out of my 9 recommendations, 3 were selected. You can find the link to these two articles, but I also thought I could share the remainder of my other recommendations with my loyal readers right here in this article.

Two articles published by La Presse

The two articles published by LaPresse were quite interesting and can be found in French at the following links. The first was published on the 12th February 2019 under the title Les destinations voyage de l’année where the authors kept Tallinn as my recommended city to visit.

Article #1: Les destinations voyage de l’année

My love for the Nordic City is definitely not a secret as I have frequently listed Tallinn as one of my favorite cities in Europe.  The second article that was published was on the 14th of February 2019 under the title Des voyages pour tous les goûts and focused more on the Countries and Regions to visit in 2019. In this one, two countries were listed under my recommendations: Croatia and Georgia. These two small countries of Europe definitely pack a lot and offers an incredible experience for anyone wanting to get something out of the typical western European trip.

Article #2: Des voyages pour tous les goûts

My 9 Original Recommendations for 2019

The original recommendations I sent to the reporter were written in French and can be found here for whoever prefers to read the detail version with explanations in my article called Mes Recommandations de Destinations Voyages 2019. I was asked by the Journalist to write two selection of destinations. The first was about the countries and regions to visit in 2019, and the second was about the cities to visit in 2019.

Beautiful Panama City

My Full List of Recommendations can be found below, but keep in mind that I have chosen them taking into account it is focussing a general public that is not necessarily a travel maniac like me. It is also targetting a Canadian public, and it would definitely vary according to where you are from.

Countries or Regions to Visit in 2019

  • Budget Traveler: Georgia
  • Sun Destination: Canary Islands, Spain
  • Cultural Destinations: Croatia
  • Nature Destination: Argentinian Patagonia

Cities to Visit 2019

  • Budget Traveler: Medellin, Colombia
  • Sun Destination: Panama City (as seen on this Article’s Main Picture)
  • Cultural Destinations: Valletta, Malta and Tallinn, Estonia

City to Visit in Canada

Quebec City

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