Hong Kong: The Great Asian Metropolis as a Hiking Destination

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Hong Kong is a beast of a city! Every time I come here I am amazed how quickly it changes here and there every year, ever more into a megapolis of the future. Since it was handed back to China in 1997, it enjoyed the 7% plus growth that the mainland has had over the years. Being here just feels like everything is economically going well. Investment pours in, modern roads and bridges all around the island and none stop flow of Teslas Model S roaming its downtown streets. Thanks to its strategical location and history, hong kong really feels to me like the Capital of Asia.

Financially, it definitely is, only rivaled by Singapore. But thanks to the Casino mecca of Macau next door, and Disney land Asia, without forgetting its great airport, its no wonder why it brings in so many tourists on a layover or on a holiday! I noticed a great amount of publicity advertising the “touristic Wonders” of Hong Kong throughout my travels in Southeast Asia, selling it as a dream destination to spend the next family holiday for Southeast Asian.

Central Hong Kong from the other coast

  I’ve been to Hong Kong over 5 times yet, and this time I wanted to enjoy my 3 days in the city to enjoy something I had not done before: Some hiking! It is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Hong Kong, but there are so many trails around the islands that enjoy some amazing tropical vegetation! I researched a little bit and found a bunch of hikes I could do close to the city center to enjoy great views and great sunsets. But this time I decided to do the most famous, the Victoria Peak. Most people go there with the Tram (or cable car) on the way up, where at the summit you can find the typical tourist attractions, restaurants and even a newly built mall! But I decided to walk all the way up starting from the Centra Hong Kong Station and going through the Beautiful (and free) Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden. It was a Sunday and I quickly found myself surrounded by many local hikers that were well equipped for the hike. From the top, walking around the peak on Lugard Road felt like being back in the tropical jungles of Rio de Janeiro, with incredible views of the metropolis jungle of skyscrapers down. I then went back down through another road, the Hatton Road on the west side, all the way back to the Soho neighborhood. Overall, from Central Station up to the peak, around Lugard Road and back down to Soho, its a nice 10 t 12km hike that is a great way to fill a morning or an afternoon in Hong Kong!

Paintings on Queen’s St. by Graffiti artist M. Chat

Other than that, I can’t recommend more SOHO neighborhood in hong kong island. It really feels like being back in the UK, there is so much influence from the British times. Bars and pubs all around, nice restaurants, and a great vibe, especially on a Sunday! On Saturday, it makes a great place to hang out for a party night.

Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong in 3 days

  • Hike around Victoria Peak
  • Eat Dim Sum in local joints around Tsim sha Tsui or Wan Loong Court
  • Visit SOHO neighborhood
  • Take the Star Ferry for a cheap visit across the river
  • Temple Street Night Market
  • Gamble in Makau
  • Madam Tussaud Wax Museum
  • Artspace or history Museum

Best Recommended Cafes in Hong Kong

  • Cafe Gray Deluxe
  • Not Speciality Coffee
  • Kapok on Sun Street
  • Big Bay Cafe
  • Ethos

Best Recommended Restaurants in Hong Kong

  • Samsen (Thai Food)
  • Little Creatures (Gastropub)
  • Din Tai Fung (Dim Sum)
  • Mott 32 (Dim Sum)
  • Pici (Italian)

View of Centra Hong Kong at night

Selfie on Victoria Peak

Going Up, Up, Up on Victoria Peak

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Awesome tips for Hong Kong - Hong Kong: The Great Asian Metropolis as a Hiking Destination #visithongkong #hongkongtrips #travelhongkong #hongkongflights #hongkonghotels #hongkonghostels #hongkongairbnb #hongkongtips #hongkongbeaches #hongkongmaps #hongkongblog #hongkongguide #hongkongtours #hongkongbook #hongkonginfo #hongkongtripadvisor #hongkong #hongkongmacau #hongkongchina #travelchina

Essential hong Kong tips and guide - Hong Kong: The Great Asian Metropolis as a Hiking Destination #visithongkong #hongkongtrips #travelhongkong #hongkongflights #hongkonghotels #hongkonghostels #hongkongairbnb #hongkongtips #hongkongbeaches #hongkongmaps #hongkongblog #hongkongguide #hongkongtours #hongkongbook #hongkonginfo #hongkongtripadvisor #hongkong #hongkongmacau #hongkongchina #travelchinaAmazing Hong Kong - Hong Kong: The Great Asian Metropolis as a Hiking Destination #visithongkong #hongkongtrips #travelhongkong #hongkongflights #hongkonghotels #hongkonghostels #hongkongairbnb #hongkongtips #hongkongbeaches #hongkongmaps #hongkongblog #hongkongguide #hongkongtours #hongkongbook #hongkonginfo #hongkongtripadvisor #hongkong #hongkongmacau #hongkongchina #travelchina

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