Epic 2 Days driving from Monrovia to Abidjan, Ivory Coast + More

Two days it took to get from Monrovia to Abidjan, another epic ride by shared African taxi (11 people in a car), 300km on 3 Motorbikes and a 12 hours Bus overloaded with people (and live chickens), going through dusty roads, crossing rivers, cacao plantations, corrupted officers and friendly villagers! I have finally made it on time for new years eve in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, marking the 27th country visited in Africa, in one piece and proud to have finally finished this month and a half journey that brought me across 8 countries of West Africa, With tons of new stories in my bag. Today, as an arrival gift, I am happy to see the rain for the first time since I arrived in Senegal in mid-November, but it feels like it’s been years I haven’t seen any… On my 6th visit to the Continent, I can continue to say: I truly Love Africa! Its Raw, Adventurous and Challenging; exactly the dose of adrenaline a traveler like me needs. I am already debating if I should continue this journey for a couple more weeks to some new horizons on this beautiful continent before making it back east… I Will investigate on this in the next few days, but meanwhile, Its time to Celebrate the New Years here in Abidjan with some well deserved Champagne!

Happy New Years Everybody!

Thanks to fellow Quebecer friend Martin M. for opening the doors of the U.N. Headquarters in Ivory Coast, it surely was a very interesting visit!

Also, Its now official, I am extending this African trip to new horizons, crossing to the eastern part of Africa… On the Menu:Burundi and Rwanda with a quick stop in Ethiopia!!!

Then on my way to Southern Africa… Still planning though. More to come soon

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