Dubrovnik, Croatia, ruined by Game of Thrones…

Yes, that’s right… ruined…

So I first came here back in 2005, when it was still a European city dreaded by most travelers. It was still off the beaten track, and felt like a reward to arrive here with its beautiful old town! I came back over the years and ever since Game of Thrones took over the place, it has lost its Feel… Don’t get me wrong, it is still beautiful, but a beautiful flower without a smell, a flavor, is not the same anymore… It has become a Disney Land for American consumers eager to satisfy their television fantasy to “I’ve been on the scene of the game of Thrones”… Cruise Ships flood the area, everything has to do with the game of thrones…

Anyway, I never watched an episode of Game of Thrones as I don’t watch much TV… But maybe its an experience on its own for these people!

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