Rwanda For Digital Nomads – Why Kigali Might Become The Next Digital Nomad Hub of Africa

Anybody who has traveled around Africa knows the roads are Bumpy… Literally! Over the 44 Countries I have visited in Africa so far, I encountered some over-inflated economies making it impossible to find a decent place to sleep under 200$, some are left in ruins by wars and tribal conflicts, some have no interest in tourism at all, some have no intercity transport adapted for travellers other than shared taxis filled with 10 people crushed like sardines, others are enjoying some stability but as soon as you step out of the beaten track it is back to harsh traveling conditions. Malaria and diseases are the other issues that constraint travelers to always be on their guards on the continent. Fortunately, some African countries are getting their head out of the sand. South Africa being an exception (as it is up to European standards), East Africa […]

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World Ranking MAP of the Best Digital Nomad Destinations

So you finally decided to become a Digital Nomad! You’ve found that brilliant idea that will make you job independent, you just bought that brand new Macbook and you had the courage to quit your job that made you so unhappy for so many years. You’re all set! But one question remains… Where should you go? That’s an absolutely legitimate question if you ask me! And why should you ask me? Probably because I’ve been living in most of those countries that you see in green on that map, working as one of the first digital nomads out there over the past 2 decades. I’ve tested them, for the good, for the bad, so I’ve prepared this map to help you not make the same mistakes as I have. With the recent boom in Digital Nomad, many people leave home with very little knowledge of […]


World Map of the Most Beautiful Women, Through the Eyes of a Man Who Visited Them All

Women are beautiful, everywhere and for different reasons! But some are just more beautiful in some areas of the world than others, that’s no secret to anybody. In this article, I will describe a question that guys ask me all the time over and over again when in “guy talk”! And to help them out, I decided to create a map to see how I see those countries with the most beautiful women in my personal taste! I have created it from my personal experience after meeting thousands of people over the last 2 decades while visiting 188 of the 196 countries of the world. This is also taking into account that I have met people from pretty much every other of the 8 countries I haven’t been to. So go ahead, share it around with your travel mates to plan that next trip in […]