Cadiz: Oldest City in Western Europe

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Ever since I visited the Romain ruins in Cartagena where I was told there was an even older city than Cartagena in Spain, I have had my eye on coming back to Cadiz to explore it more profoundly. Some claim it is as old as 3000 years old, built by the Phoenicians at the 8th century B.C. there is a lot of history around the small city, set as a port town fortified with walls and forts on a small peninsula. It breaths Andalusia at every corner, with orange trees lining the narrow streets and balconies on houses built and stacked so close together it wins the title of the densest city in Spain. Even Cristopher Colombus came here as a starting point on two of his first voyages to the Americas!

Plaza de la Cathedral is the heart of the city, but there are also 3 other squares which form the epicenter of Cadiz. The others are Plaza San Juan de Dios, plaza de Tope, and Plaza Mina. walking from one square to the next makes up for a great opportunity to shop around and enjoy and commercial streets of the old town, with pretty much all the big brand represented.

Beautoful Cadiz Streets with Andalusian Balconies

I actually enjoyed walking all around the shoreline were nice parks and coastal seaboard was built to enjoy a nice breath of sea air. The walk takes about an hour and a half to do, being about 4.5km. On the western side, there is the Castillo de Santa Catalina which is worth a visit, having expositions all year and also a nice viewpoint. A little further is the Cadiz beach covering a wide area which, I can imagine would make a great way to spend some time in the summer when it gets warmer. No luck in April, as the high winds coming through the Strait of Gibraltar makes this city freezing, compared to others around southern Spain.

Great Walk around the fortified Town

The Cathedral of Cadiz is probably its most famous landmark. It is actually a mix of Renaissance and Baroque style since it was built over a long period, and was only finished in 1838. Its pretty expensive to visit (6 euros in 2018) but it is definitely a worthwhile visit when in Cadiz for a couple days. It is even possible to climb the Torre de Poniente for great views of the city below.

Top things to do in Cadiz

* Feel the Andalusian vibes walking around its tiny streets
* Visit the grandiose Cathedral and a take a stroll on the beach
* lunch in the Mercado de Abastos
* Walk around the Island
* Castillo de Santa Catalina
* Casa del Obispo,
* Climb the Torre Tavira
* See the orange trees in Plaza Candelaria
* Visit the beach
* Eat Tapas in one of the many traditional Andalusian restaurants around

Top Rated and Recommended Cafes in Cadiz

* Cafe Royalty
* El Pelicano Musicafe
* La Clandestina
* Top Coffeeshop
* Panaria

Fort in the Sea

Castillo de Santa Catalina

Andalusian Tiles in the Park


Streets of Cadiz

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Amazing guide - Cadiz: Oldest City in Western Europe - #hotelesencadiz #cadizspain #carnavaldecadiz #cadiz #andalucia #spain #travelspain #spaintips #cadiztips #andaluciatips #travelandalucia #almeria #Sevilla #cadiztosevilla #cadizhotels #cadizflights #cadizcathedral #cadizbeaches #cadiztelegraph Travel guide Cadiz and Andalusia - Cadiz: Oldest City in Western Europe - #hotelesencadiz #cadizspain #carnavaldecadiz #cadiz #andalucia #spain #travelspain #spaintips #cadiztips #andaluciatips #travelandalucia #almeria #Sevilla #cadiztosevilla #cadizhotels #cadizflights #cadizcathedral #cadizbeaches #cadiztelegraph Awesome Cádiz guide - Cadiz: Oldest City in Western Europe - #hotelesencadiz #cadizspain #carnavaldecadiz #cadiz #andalucia #spain #travelspain #spaintips #cadiztips #andaluciatips #travelandalucia #almeria #Sevilla #cadiztosevilla #cadizhotels #cadizflights #cadizcathedral #cadizbeaches #cadiztelegraph

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