GLOBETROTTER is a Best Seller! – Ian Boudreault Recounts 17 Years on the Road While Visiting Every Country in the World

Here it is! At last! You have no idea how happy I am to announce it. I can finally unveil my precious little conception I’ve been working so hard on, to the world! My feet were itching at the idea of having to keep it a secret for more than a year and a half! But with Covid raging all over the world, borders shut tight, restricting me from reaching my last country, I just had no choice… Fast forward to August 2021, having the book 99% ready for launch, I finally reached my 195th and final country in Libya. So I am proud to finally be able to present it to the world! What is Globetrotter? In simple words, it is my memoir. 17 years spent roaming the world, living non-stop in a suitcase, to 230 countries including every one of the 195 countries recognized by the United Nations… I had to crown this important milestone with something big, and a book was just […]


Visiting Libya in 2021: my 195th and last Country in the World!

Libya! Once one of the richest country in Africa, thanks to endless supplies of oil. And like many other oil countries would agree, wherever there is oil, there is trouble. Nothing could be further from the truth in the troubled north-African nation, which has been embroiled in Civil wars since the Arab Spring 10 years prior. I had waited since 2011 to enter Libya, with small windows opening once in a while. I had never managed to enter, and every time I seemed ready to go, more bad news would strike the country once again, spiraling to never ending chaos. \ Some might already know that I am a big fan of north African countries. In fact, I often say that they are my favorite Arab countries, along with Lebanon. Knowing Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia all reserved the same kind of culture, hospitality and amazing food, I knew I would have a great time in Libya. If only it was easier to make it there. […]

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World Map of the Hardest Countries to Travel – in the Eyes of a Man Who Visited Them All

  This map is part of my series about mapping different countries and comparing them with each other against different aspects, from the perspective of a person who has visited them all (188/196 to be precise). After creating the most beautiful countries map, the best food in the world map or even the best quality price countries, this map focuses on the easiest and hardest countries to travel to and to explore as a regular or a budget backpacker. This is a question that I often get from travelers and comparing them to each other will give you valuable information about what to expect. In This Article…1 The Map of the Hardest Countries to Travel to2 The Top Tiers: The Easiest3 The Middle Tiers4 The Hardest Countries5 Conclusion6 Pin to Pinterest The Map of the Hardest Countries to Travel to So from dark red (the most difficult to travel) to dark green (the easiest to travel), here is the map in question. I provide details on my choices […]