A Night at the Vienna National Opera

Interesting experience to see a Ballet, I’ve seen a couple operas around the world, in Riga, and in Bucharest, but a Ballet in this amazing and historical building makes it even more interesting.  Coming to the Opera in Vienna is a must, even for those not interesting in seeing the performance, as this Chinese guy next to me left after just 5 minutes into the show… The hallways and courtrooms are breathtaking! I’ll be adding some pictures in emporiostudio.com very soon.

For those interested in assisting to the show but don’t want to have to pay for a 60 euros ticket, there is a special standing ticket available for 3 euros, which is definitely worth it. You just need to line up about 10 minutes prior the show at a special back door in the Opera.  At that price, you can’t beat it!

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