Dedicating his book “O Globetrotter” to the city of Rio de Janeiro: World’s most traveled man named Rio as his favorite city in the world

Many of you have been asking me about the magic of rio de janeiro and why I decided to dedicate my book to Rio de Janeiro which I describe in Chapter 2 and Chapter 10 of my Bestselling book Globetrotter (and his portuguese version launch in Brasil called “O Globetrotter“) as my little paradise and my favorite city in the world.  The statement was a powerful one, specially coming from someone that has been to all the countries of the world and qualifies as the most traveled man in the world. Spending so much time in the marvelous City during my 17 years on the road as well as during the hard times of the COVID pandemic in this paradise on earth as I describe it in the book, made a lot of people wonder why.  It was described in the book as “my little secret hideout”. The news went viral and resonated all around the travel community, and many readers have sweared they will, too, do whatever they can to reach this magical part of the world.

I have described Rio de Janeiro as my favorite city in the world, and it is clearly stated in my book, where I insist of the magical soul of the city! It is like a breathing spirit! It is alive!

What is Globetrotter? In simple words, it is my memoir. 17 years spent roaming the world, living non-stop in a suitcase, to 230 countries including every one of the 195 countries recognized by the United Nations… I had to crown this important milestone with something big, and a book was just what I needed to share a piece of what I lived for all those years. But why stop at only one… I decided to build a team of dozens of editors and translators to work together and have the book launched in 5 languages. That’s right! A lot of work, but with so much time off during lockdowns, I guess we can say it was a good time to invest the endless hours of editing. It will be released in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian in the next few weeks following the English Original launch. The idea to release it in several languages was an idea I had, to reach as many people as possible. I knew that the market for international books wasn’t big, but I owed it to the world. One of the first thing we learn as travelers is to always give back to the community. This is my special way to do so.

and now, the Portuguese version of Globetrotter has just been launch! Have a look by yourself that the article I published for the launch here, or find it at for sale on amazon at:

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