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P&O Cruises, a British cruise line with a rich maritime heritage dating back over 180 years, offers an array of voyages aboard its fleet of modern and elegant ships. Each vessel embodies the essence of British style, hospitality, and tradition while providing guests with an exceptional cruising experience that combines comfort, luxury, and adventure.The fleet comprises a diverse range of ships, each with its own unique personality and charm. From the grandeur of the flagship Britannia to the intimate elegance of the Aurora, P&O Cruises offers something for every type of traveler, whether seeking family-friendly fun, romantic escapes, or cultural enrichment.

In a Nutshell…

  1. P&O Arvia: Arvia, the sister ship of Iona, belongs to the Excel class. It promises even more freedom, innovation, and variety for an ultimate P&O Cruises holiday experience.
  2. P&O Iona: With its luminous glass-roofed SkyDome, on-board gin distillery, and diverse dining and entertainment options, Iona surprises and delights its passengers.
  3. P&O Britannia: Inspired by the past and designed for the future, Britannia offers a stylish way to explore the world. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-timer, moments on board Britannia are truly memorable.
  4. P&O Azura: Azura boasts an incredible array of bars, restaurants, sports facilities, and unique features, ensuring an exciting cruise experience.
  5. P&O Ventura: Ventura offers fine dining, tranquil spa spaces, sports facilities, and four pools. Evenings come alive with elaborate shows and stand-up comedy in the lavish two-deck theatre.
  6. P&O Arcadia: Exclusively for adults, Arcadia combines chic styling, classic elegance, and a relaxed pace for a refined cruise experience.
  7. P&O Aurora: Another exclusively adult ship, mid-sized Aurora brings classic cruise travel joys to all its passengers.
  8. Our Fleet: P&O Cruises’ fleet epitomizes the best of modern British cruising, offering unrivaled holiday experiences. Whether family-friendly or exclusively for adults, larger or more modest, there’s a ship for every occasion and style.
  9. Why Sail with P&O?: With seven sensational ships, each with its own appeal, unique features, and exciting itineraries, P&O Cruises ensures unforgettable journeys to a variety of destinations.
  10. P&O Cruises Australia: Discover the features and destinations of P&O’s four Australian ships: Pacific Adventure, Pacific Encounter, Pacific Explorer, and Pacific Dawn.

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The P&O Cruises Fleet

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P&O Cruises, a stalwart in the world of British cruising, boasts a diverse and impressive fleet of ships that cater to a wide range of travelers seeking a blend of tradition, elegance, and modern amenities. From the iconic Britannia to the luxurious Iona, each vessel in the P&O Cruises fleet is designed to provide guests with a memorable and enriching cruising experience that reflects the line’s rich heritage and commitment to excellence.

Britannia, P&O Cruises’ flagship vessel, embodies the essence of a modern classic with its sleek design, contemporary amenities, and British-inspired decor. Launched in 2015, Britannia offers guests a sophisticated and stylish cruising experience that celebrates the best of British hospitality and culture. The ship’s elegant cabins, gourmet dining options, and world-class entertainment venues create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere that appeals to travelers of all ages. With a capacity for over 3,600 passengers, Britannia provides a vibrant and dynamic setting for guests to relax, socialize, and explore the world in comfort and style.

Iona, P&O Cruises’ newest and largest ship, sets a new standard for innovation and luxury in the world of British cruising. Launched in 2020, Iona features a range of cutting-edge amenities, including the SkyDome – a glass-roofed entertainment venue with panoramic views, a variety of dining options curated by celebrity chefs, and spacious cabins designed for comfort and relaxation. The ship’s focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, with features like LNG propulsion and shore power connectivity, reflects P&O Cruises’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting eco-conscious cruising practices. Iona offers guests a truly immersive and unforgettable cruising experience that combines luxury, innovation, and adventure in a setting of unparalleled beauty and sophistication.

Ventura and Azura, sister ships in the P&O Cruises fleet, are designed to provide families and travelers of all ages with a fun and vibrant cruising experience. Ventura, launched in 2008, and Azura, launched in 2010, offer a range of amenities and activities that cater to guests of all interests and preferences. From dedicated kids’ clubs and family-friendly entertainment to adult-only retreats and gourmet dining options, these ships provide something for everyone to enjoy. The cabins on Ventura and Azura are spacious and well-appointed, with modern amenities and thoughtful touches that ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay at sea. With a focus on fun, relaxation, and entertainment, these ships offer guests a lively and engaging cruising experience that creates lasting memories for the whole family.

Arcadia and Aurora, two of P&O Cruises’ mid-sized ships, exude elegance and sophistication with their classic design, refined decor, and intimate atmosphere. Arcadia, launched in 2005, and Aurora, launched in 2000, offer guests a more traditional cruising experience with a focus on relaxation, luxury, and personalized service. The ships feature a range of amenities, including spa facilities, fine dining restaurants, and elegant lounges, creating a refined and tranquil environment for guests to unwind and enjoy their voyage. The cabins on Arcadia and Aurora are tastefully appointed with luxurious furnishings, premium bedding, and spacious balconies that offer stunning views of the sea, providing guests with a serene and comfortable retreat during their cruise.

In conclusion, the fleet of P&O Cruises ships embodies a legacy of excellence, tradition, and adventure that sets the standard for British cruising. From the modern classic Britannia to the innovative Iona, the family-friendly Ventura and Azura, and the elegant Arcadia and Aurora, each vessel in the fleet offers guests a unique and enriching cruising experience that combines luxury, comfort, and exploration in a setting of timeless elegance and sophistication. With a commitment to quality, service, and British hospitality, P&O Cruises continues to delight and inspire travelers with unforgettable journeys that create lasting memories and forge lifelong connections to the sea.

P&O MS Britannia

P&O MS Iona

P&O MS Arvia

Destinations of P&O Cruises

  1. Mediterranean Cruise Holidays:
    • The Mediterranean beckons with its timeless beauty, charming backstreets, and sun-kissed beaches.
    • Ports of call include Alicante (Spain), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Katakolon (with tours to Olympia in Greece), Venice (Italy), and more.
  2. Caribbean Cruise Holidays:
    • Immerse yourself in paradise with P&O’s Caribbean cruises.
    • Explore vibrant islands, turquoise waters, and lush landscapes.
    • Ports of call include various Caribbean gems, each offering unique experiences.
  3. Canary Islands Cruise Holidays:
    • Discover the Canary Islands like never before.
    • From volcanic landscapes to pristine beaches, this archipelago offers diverse adventures.
    • Ports of call include Santa Cruz de Tenerife and other captivating spots.
  4. Spain, France, and Portugal Cruise Holidays:
    • Beyond beaches, Spain and Portugal reveal rich history, culture, and culinary delights.
    • Explore cities like MalagaCartagenaMykonos, and Cagliari.
  5. Northern Europe & Scandinavia Cruise Holidays:
    • Sail through cultural riches, fjords, and historic cities.
    • Ports of call include Baltic capitalsNorwegian fjords, and the Arctic.
  6. World Cruise Holidays:
    • Embark on epic journeys like the World CruiseClassic Southern Hemisphere Journey, or Grand Tours.
    • Visit diverse destinations, from bustling Shanghai to scenic Barbados and beyond.
  7. USA and Canada Cruise Holidays:
    • Explore the rich history and natural beauty of North America.
    • Ports of call include iconic cities like New YorkSan Francisco, and more.
  8. Norway and Iceland Cruise Holidays:
    • Witness dramatic landscapes, fjords, and the Northern Lights.
    • Ports of call include ReykjavikGrundafjordur, and other stunning locations.
  9. British Isles Cruise Holidays:
    • Take a break from busy lifestyles with cruises starting from just two nights.
    • Explore the British Isles, from historic towns to rugged coastlines.

The P&O Loyalty Club

P&O Cruises Peninsular Club Loyalty Program Review

P&O Cruises’ Peninsular Club loyalty program is a multi-tiered system designed to reward and recognize past passengers for their loyalty. The program automatically enrolls cruisers once they have accrued 150 points, with each night spent onboard a P&O Cruises ship worth 10 points, offering a range of perks and privileges based on the accumulated points .

Club Levels and Benefits

  1. Pacific Tier (150-500 points):
    • 5% discount on onboard purchases
    • Discounts on select sailings
    • Dedicated Loyalty Manager assistance while onboard
    • Access to a dedicated phone help line
    • Delivery of Peninsular Club magazine
  2. Atlantic Tier (501-1000 points):
    • All Pacific Tier benefits
    • 7.5% discount on onboard purchases
    • Complimentary glass of Champagne during sail-away party
    • Lapel pin upon reaching Atlantic status
  3. Mediterranean Tier (1001-2000 points):
    • All Atlantic Tier benefits
    • 8.5% discount on onboard purchases
    • Access to an exclusive onboard cocktail party on cruises of eight nights or longer
    • P&O Cruises slippers in the cabin on each sailing for onboard use
    • Lapel pin upon reaching Mediterranean status
  4. Caribbean Tier (2001+ points):
    • All Mediterranean Tier perks
    • 10% discount on onboard purchases
    • 10% discount on P&O Cruises travel insurance
    • Priority booking for newly released sailings
    • End-of-year gift from the cruise line
    • Priority lane at check-in
    • Early check-in at 1 p.m.
    • Complimentary half-bottle of Champagne in the cabin on the first formal night of each sailing
    • Access to a fine-dining lunch hosted by the ship’s officers on cruises of eight nights or longer
    • Lapel pin upon reaching Caribbean status
  5. Baltic Tier (2501+ points and 80-200 cruise nights):
    • All Caribbean Tier benefits
    • Priority to choose seats on inbound and outbound flight charters for Caribbean fly-cruises before the general public
    • 50% discount on laundry service
    • Select your time of disembarkation
    • Lapel pin upon reaching Baltic status
  6. Ligurian Tier (2501+ points and 201+ cruise nights):
    • All Baltic Tier benefits
    • Invitations to inaugural events for the cruise line’s new ships
    • Access to an exclusive lounge prior to embarkation
    • Early embarkation at 12:30 p.m.
    • Complimentary pressing service for formal attire prior to the first formal night
    • Lapel pin upon reaching Ligurian status

Member experiences and feedback showcase both positive and challenging aspects of the loyalty program. While some members express excitement about the perks and benefits offered at higher tiers, others share experiences of initial confusion regarding the program’s requirements. Additionally, instances of missing cruise history from the loyalty account have been raised, highlighting potential areas for improvement in the program’s administrative processes .

P&O Cruises’ Peninsular Club loyalty program, with its multi-tiered structure and diverse range of benefits, exemplifies the company’s commitment to rewarding and recognizing the loyalty of its past passengers. The program’s focus on providing tangible rewards, exclusive experiences, and personalized engagement reflects P&O Cruises’ ongoing efforts to cater to the needs and preferences of its loyal cruisers. However, member experiences also point towards the need for clear communication of program requirements and seamless administrative processes to ensure a positive and hassle-free experience for members.

Overall, the Peninsular Club loyalty program aligns with P&O Cruises’ overarching commitment to providing a rewarding and transparent loyalty program that enhances the cruising experience for its dedicated guests.

Finding Deals and Promotions on P&O Cruises

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The History of P&O Cruises

From their humble beginnings to becoming one of the most beloved cruise companies in the world, this friendly review will take you on a journey filled with fascinating tales and remarkable milestones.

Picture this: it was the year 1837 when the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) set sail on its grand adventure. Initially, P&O focused on mail and cargo services, but little did they know that their love for the sea would lead them to create something truly extraordinary.

Fast forward to the late 19th century, when P&O realized that the sea had more to offer than just cargo. They decided to turn their ships into floating paradises, offering pleasure cruises for people seeking a dose of relaxation and adventure. With their steam-powered vessels like the P&O Iberia and P&O China, they made waves in the world of leisure travel.

As the 20th century arrived, P&O Cruise Ships continued to ride the waves of innovation. The SS Himalaya, launched in 1949, was a true game-changer. It was the first ship solely dedicated to cruising, offering passengers a chance to indulge in a world of luxury and comfort.

Now, let’s talk about the beloved SS Canberra. This magnificent vessel, introduced in 1961, was the epitome of elegance and charm. It quickly became a favorite among travelers, with its spacious cabins, stunning public areas, and dining options fit for royalty. The Canberra’s legacy continued for over three decades, leaving an indelible mark on P&O’s history.

The 1990s brought a new wave of excitement as P&O Cruise Ships underwent a modern transformation. The Oriana, Arcadia, and Aurora graced the seas, offering contemporary cruising experiences like never before. These ships were a perfect blend of style and substance, providing a haven for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

As we sailed into the new millennium, P&O Cruise Ships set their sights on even greater horizons. The Ventura, launched in 2008, showcased the company’s commitment to providing unforgettable experiences. With its spacious decks and a plethora of onboard activities, it ensured that every passenger had a vacation filled with joy and laughter.

And then, in 2015, the Britannia came into our lives. This majestic flagship took P&O Cruise Ships to new heights of grandeur. With its stunning design, world-class amenities, and captivating itineraries, the Britannia became a symbol of adventure and exploration.

Throughout its history, P&O Cruise Ships have not only offered extraordinary journeys but have also embraced a spirit of inclusivity and warmth. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time cruiser, their friendly crew is always ready to welcome you with open arms and ensure that your voyage is nothing short of exceptional.


One of the hallmarks of a P&O cruise is the exceptional service provided by the attentive and professional crew. From the moment guests step onboard, they are greeted with warm smiles and genuine hospitality, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire voyage. Whether attending to guests’ needs in the staterooms, serving up delicious meals in the restaurants, or leading engaging activities and entertainment, the crew members go above and beyond to ensure that every guest’s experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Dining aboard P&O ships is a culinary delight, with a variety of restaurants and dining options to suit every palate and preference. From sumptuous buffets and casual cafes to elegant specialty restaurants offering gourmet cuisine, guests can indulge in a culinary journey around the world without ever leaving the ship. With menus inspired by the freshest ingredients and flavors from around the globe, dining aboard a P&O cruise is sure to tantalize the taste buds and satisfy even the most discerning foodies.

Entertainment is another highlight of the P&O cruise experience, with a wide range of activities and shows to suit every interest and age group. From dazzling Broadway-style productions and live music performances to comedy shows, dance parties, and interactive workshops, there’s never a dull moment onboard a P&O ship. Whether looking to relax and unwind or get the adrenaline pumping with exciting onboard activities, guests will find plenty of options to keep them entertained throughout their voyage.

Accommodations aboard P&O ships are spacious, comfortable, and elegantly appointed, providing guests with a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration and adventure. From cozy interior cabins to luxurious suites with private balconies, every stateroom is thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and convenience, with modern amenities and plush furnishings ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

In addition to its exceptional onboard amenities and activities, P&O Cruises offers a wide range of shore excursions and port experiences designed to immerse guests in the culture, history, and natural beauty of each destination. Whether exploring ancient ruins, sampling local cuisine, or embarking on thrilling outdoor adventures, guests can create unforgettable memories ashore with P&O’s expertly curated shore excursions.

In conclusion, P&O Cruises offers travelers a truly unforgettable cruising experience aboard its fleet of elegant and sophisticated ships. With its impeccable service, delectable dining options, exciting entertainment, and immersive shore experiences, P&O Cruises continues to set the standard for excellence in British cruising, delighting guests with unforgettable journeys to some of the world’s most captivating destinations.

– Reviewed by Contributing Author Silvester Thomson

N.B. – The information on this review has been compiled by contributing author and Cruise Expert Silvester Thomson for thedigitalglobetrotter.com and is provided “as is” for the convenience of online readers. The Sources come from personal opinions, online research on official and unofficial websites, and in some cases with the help of AI generated content. It should not be taken as fact, as it can be mistaken or altered by future ship modifications from the cruise line done after review. Thedigitalglobetrotter.com does not and cannot verify all information and should not be taken as granted fact. All readers must take measures to find reliable facts by their travel agent or from the official page of the cruise line to verify any doubts.

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