Hi! I'm Ian

I’m from Quebec City in Canada, and at a very young age, I had dreams to discover the world. I imagined a life of endless travel, off the grid, out of the ordinary… In 2002 I designed a system to make it possible through online income. Little did I know, this new form of lifestyle would later become widespread with thousands of new adepts, known as digital nomads.

Fast forward today, more than 17 years on the road, non-stop and counting, I how visited 230 countries, including every one of the 195 recognized by the United Nations. I’ve circled the globe more than 6 times and filled 11 passports on the way… My digital nomad lifestyle is now deeply encrusted in me and I pride myself every day to have inspired travelers from around the world to grab their backpacks, and embark on their own journey on the open road!

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Countries I've Been: 230, including 195/195 U.N. Countries

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Visiting Venice… Again, and Again !

This is a city that I keep coming back to. In fact, if there is one city in the world that I cannot get tiered of, and keep coming back for a stroll around, it definitely has to be Venice! Could I live in Venice? Definitely not… way too touristy. Is it the most beautiful city in the world? It might as well be! It is like a man made natural wonderland, a Disneyland for the eye, something that would be impossible to intentionally recreate nowadays where fake plastic amusement parks are the only thing we seem to be creating. A photographers paradise I must have been to Venice over 7 to 8 times if I can recall correctly. Each time it is like rediscovering it for the first time. I can do it for a few hours, and then I leave back to the […]


Lançamento do livro em Português : O GLOBETROTTER – Ian Boudreault relata quase 20 anos na estrada visitando todos os países do mundo

Finalmente chegou ao Brasil! Depois de se tornar um best-seller da Amazon em todas suas versões em inglês, francês e espanhol. Agora é hora de revelar para o Brasil! Meus pés estavam coçando com a ideia de ter que manter isso em segredo por mais de um ano e meio! Mas com a Covld furiosa em todo o mundo, as fronteiras fechadas, me impedindo de chegar ao meu último país, eu simplesmente não tinha escolha … Avançando para agosto de 2021, com o livro 99% pronto para lançamento, finalmente cheguei ao meu 195º e último país do Mundo, na Líbia. Estou orgulhoso de finalmente poder apresentá-lo ao Brasil, o país que tanto me inspirou em minhas viagens e que se reflete claramente em minhas memórias! Aquilo a que me refiro constantemente, meu país favorito de todos… O que é Globetrotter? Em palavras simples, é meu […]


Announcing my 2nd Book: The World’s Most Traveled Man’s Top 60 Travel Tips

Here it is! My second book! And it’s called The World’s Most Traveled Man’s Top 60 Travel Tips. It was just launched worldwide this September 2021 and available on several platforms, in paperback and ebook format. Why so soon after just launching my first book Globetrotter, you might ask? Well simply because it comes hand in hand with Globetrotter! It’s more of a “How to” guide book, detailing ultimate tips and advice one could learn from experiencing 17 years living on the road and reaching all the countries in the world, half of a lifetime around the globe non-stop. I must admit, I saw it coming… And it happened! But I was prepared… When I first planned to write my memoir Globetrotter after reaching the 195/195 country milestone, I knew the book’s genre wouldn’t appeal to everybody. It is a biographical memoir, and in a […]


¡Lanzamiento del libro: TROTAMUNDOS! – Ian Boudreault cuenta sus 17 años en la carretera mientras visita todos los países del mundo

¡Aquí está! ¡Al final! No tienen idea de lo feliz que estoy de anunciarlo. ¡Por fin puedo revelar al mundo mi pequeña y preciosa concepción en la que he estado trabajando tan duro! Un mes después del lanzamiento de mi Best-seller GLOBETROTTER, la versión original en inglés, ahora llega Trotamundos. Este es para ustedes, al mundo latino. Se lo debia a todos, después de todo el tiempo maravilloso que he pasado dentro de sus países, definitivamente lo que considero mi parte preferida del mundo! Siempre digo que tengo una parte de mi corazón que es latina. Y este libro fue escrito pensando en ustedes, para todas las personas maravillosas que he conocido durante el tiempo que me han recibido siempre como invitado privilegiado en sus países. España, México, Colombia, Argentina, Panamá, Chile, Costa Rica, y todos los otros! Por todos esos tiempos increíbles que hemos […]


GLOBETROTTER now a #1 Best-Seller

WE DID IT! Globetrotter has reached #1 Amazon Best Seller! And even better, it has done so 4 times in 4 different categories! The launch was a great success with thousands of people reading the book as we speak! I am truly humbled by all the amazing words of encouragement I have received from all my readers from all over the world! And want to thank everyone for taking the time to read globetrotter. I couldn’t hope for a better outcome so far and still, a lot is yet to come, with the launch of its international versions in Spanish, Portuguese and Russian! To write a memoir, it takes a big effort to open up truthfully and deliver personal segments of one’s life. Trust me, It hasn’t been easy, as my objective in writing globetrotter has always been to be sincere, and detailed about sensible […]