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Most authors will agree; writing a book is not an easy task. Actually, writing my first book Globetrotter was pretty straightforward considering it was a memoir, and memoirs are not as a creative task as writing fiction. It consisted pretty much of writing down on paper what had been already in my mind, as the story itself is that of my own life. And you would agree, 17 years circling the globe non-stop surely provides a fair share of exciting stories to recount, while choosing which one I would want people to read was the actual exhaustive part.

To be honest, the hardest part about writing a book has been the editing. I really did not know what I was getting into when I started, especially planning to release 4 translations at the same time! And I can not thank enough my team of editors, development editors, proofreaders, translators and beta-readers that have helped me on this project. I have lost count of the number of people that have worked on the 5 editions of Globetrotter, but it should be well over 50 people for sure. 

Now I am proud to finally share these books with you, which carries my entire life story all wrapped up in a single package, recounted the best I could, the most honestly I could, in the closest manner I could to carry you with me in my adventures. 

Reaching #1 Best Seller

I guess the best reward an author can receive after writing a book is recognition, and receiving several titles of Amazon Best Seller in every single one of my books is definitely the best reward I could hope for! Here is a list of the rewards each of them received:

Globetrotter: Amazon #1 Best Seller in 4 categories on

Le Globe-trotter: Amazon #1 Best Seller in 4 Categories on

Trotamundos: Spanish Version released in 2021

O Globetrotter: Portuguese Version released in 2021

Человек мира: The Russian Language version released in 2022

The World’s Most Traveled Man’s Top 60 Travel Tips: For the seasonal traveler to the full-time digital nomad

The World’s Most Traveled Man’s Top 60 Travel Tips: Amazon #1 Best Seller in 8 categories on

Where can you get your copy?


Full Details on Globetrotter are available here. Globetrotter is currently on an exclusive deal with Amazon. (USA & international) – (Canada) – (United Kingdom) – (international) –

Le Globe-trotter

Full Details on Le Globe-trotteur are available here (in french).

Amazon (Version Papier et Digitale) (France): (Canada): (Reste du monde):

Kobo (version Digitale seulement)

Kobo France

Kobo Canada

Apple Store (version Digitale seulement)

Apple Store France

Apple Store Canada

Barnes & Nobles (version Digitale seulement)

Barnes & Nobles Store:


Full Details on “Trotamundos” are available here.



Apple Books:

The World’s Most Traveled Man’s Top 60 Travel Tips

Full Details on “The World’s Most Traveled Man’s Top 60 Travel Tips” are available here.

Amazon (Paper and ebook):

Kobo (ebook):

Apple Store (ebook):

Barnes & Nobles (ebook):

Other Books

All the store details for the other book version are available here for the spanish version, here for the portuguese version, and here for the russian language version.

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