Hi! I'm Ian

I’m from Quebec City in Canada, and at a very young age, I had dreams to discover the world. I imagined a life of endless travel, off the grid, out of the ordinary… In 2002 I designed a system to make it possible through online income. Little did I know, this new form of lifestyle would later become widespread with thousands of new adepts, known as digital nomads.

Fast forward today, more than 20 years on the road, non-stop and counting, I how visited 230 countries, including every one of the 195 recognized by the United Nations. I’ve circled the globe more than 6 times and filled 11 passports on the way… My digital nomad lifestyle is now deeply encrusted in me and I pride myself every day to have inspired travelers from around the world to grab their backpacks, and embark on their own journey on the open road!

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Countries I've Been: 230, including 195/195 U.N. Countries

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Another new country, spending christmas in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Its so hard to stay connected in West Africa, after 1 week travelling, first 2 days to cross the most remote international boarder seen to date, in the Guinean Jungle, with only means of transport an old 40 y/o Motorcycle, crossing Rivers and Lakes, amazing sceneries of untouched African Villages, I have survived the Conakry Experience with Fascination and embarked into another journey that has now brought me into War torn Sierra-Leone, but In the middle of some of the most stunning Virgin Beaches I have seen in Africa, where Lobster is somewhat the only food available on some menus! This will be My Christmas Stop this year, far from the Family but still smiling as new brothers are taking care of me 🙂 Merry christmas everybody, and Happy New Year!