Sailor – Crew Profile

  • Dogon Country, Mali, Africa
  • Name: Ian Boudreault
  • Nationality: Canada
  • Age: 38
  • Profession: Electrical Engineer (Self-Employed Online Work)
  • Language Spoken: 6 Languages – English (100%), French (100%), Spanish (100%), Portuguese (100%), Russian (70%), Italian (50%)
  • Current Location: Mazatlan, Mexico
  • Boarding Location: Mazatlan or BCS (March) – From April 2021: Anywhere.
  • Destinations I’m interested in: Caribbean, Mediterranean, Atlantic Crossing, Whole World
  • Countries Visited: 193/195 of the U.N. Recognized Countries
  • Social Habits: No Smoking, No Drugs, Occasional Social Drinking
  • Status: Single, Straight, not looking for a relationship


Hi, I’m Ian!

I’m a Canadian world Traveler/Blogger having traveled to 193 of the 195 countries of our beautiful planet (if you are curious about my travel adventures, feel free to browse my blog to learn more about me or find references about me in the news). I prepared the following Crew Profile (based on my profile) to provide you with all the details as a candidate to hopefully one day sail together.

I traveled most of the world on land and having seen almost every country in the world, I am now eager to expand my reach to visit the 7 seas! The plan is to gain experience with some friendly sailors and share memorable times together, sharing stories as well as gaining knowledge on the way, always in good vibes 🙂 

I’m a certified skipper from the American sailing Association up to ASA 104, with a few experiences on deck as a skipper. I’m currently looking to expand my sailor portfolio by providing you with a reliable hand as a skipper and hoping to learn as much as possible on the way. As an engineer graduate, I am disciplined and a hard worker, follow orders and eager to learn from experienced captains as much as possible. I am also clean and tidy, respectful of peoples place and as a bonus, I’m an excellent cook, having worked as a lead cook in 2 restaurants while in college (coming from a French-Canadian family, cooking has always been a must).

I speak 6 languages which by default always makes me the translator in every group I’ve been. But I’m always glad to help.  I currently work as a self-employed online marketing specialist, although I graduated university as an engineer in Canada. So I am pretty much location independent work wise, free to adapt my schedule as fits both parties. If you need extended help on board, I have the possibility to adapt to your plans on the long term.

I’m also an experienced KiteSurfer. If ever you are into this amazing sport, and wish to surf together, I will be glad to join and even help you out if you need a tip or two 😉 Spear fishing is also very high on my bucket list!

Maritime Qualifications

  • American Sailing Association
    • Up to ASA 104 – Bareboat Cruising
  • Diving
    • PADI – Advanced Open Water
    • PADI – Nitrox Diving Certification
  • KiteSurfing
    • IKO Level – 3/3
    • VDWS Level – 7/7
  • Laser Olympic Sailing Classes
    • 1 month – 12 classes

Sailing Experience

  • St-Vincent and the Grenadines 2013 – Skipper – 2 Weeks – (400 nm)
  • Ukraine Dnipro River Sailing 2017 – Skipper – 2 Days (50 nm)
  • Fortaleza, Brazil 2018 – Laser Olympic sailing – 1 month (300 nm)
  • Croatian Coast 2018 – 1 Week – Skipper – (300 nm)
  • Other
    • Whitsunday Islands 2010 3 Days (200 nm)
    • Turkey Southern coast 2017 1 week goulet (200 nm)
    • Vietnam 2008 5 days goulet
    • 8 different ocean crossing on a cruise ships


I’m mostly looking for an unpaid skipper position on a private sailing vessel (Monohull or Catamaran, preferably 40 to 55 feet) where I can provide help on deck as well as in the kitchen. My sole objective is to get more nautical miles under my belt and learn along the way from friendly captains in exchange of a hand on deck. I have the knowledge on paper from my course, but I am still novice and lack practice experience, still need assistance from a more experienced captain. However, I am a very fast learner, eager to learn fast. Here is a list of possibilities I can provide.


  • Skipper: Some Experience
  • Cook: Experience
  • Unpaid / Paid position: Preferably hand-on-deck help. Also available for small contribution to boat expenses (not interested in a commercial birth)
  • Racing: Interested in Racing if ever opportunities arise
  • Availability: from 1 week to several months


  • Skipper: Boat Delivers
  • Cook: Charter Boats

A little more about me

Confident swimmer, rarely/unlikely seasick, good listener, good communicator, travel light (little luggage), respectful, clean & tidy, committed, Good Cook, eager to learn & work, fit & healthy, friendly, polite, perfectionist, diligent, positive outlook, organized, discreet, trustworthy, open minded, enthusiastic, easy going, sense of humor, can pay own expenses, available on my own, enjoy cooking, don’t mind cleaning, good with maintenance, can follow orders, enjoy teaching, buy my own boat one day, live on little money, learn a language, surfing, kitesurfing, spear-fishing, scuba diving, freediving, meditation.

You can find more about my current travel adventures here (193 of the 195 U.N. Recognized countries) or consult references about me from news outlets here.

Other links of interest:

My travel Map

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me for any doubt and extra information. Also please provide as much as possible all the details about your boat/crew and your sailing project you have in mind. If you do have a profile at Findacrew or any other platform, please reference them so I can learn more about you. You can contact me through my contact form by clicking here, so we can initiate contact, and plan further with a video calls.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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