The Digital Globetrotter’s Russia Top 5 Lists

As usual with my country review series, I present my top 5 of different aspects of Russia. Its a great way to start planning your itinerary by seeing the highlights of my trips.

Top 5 Favorite Cities

1. Novosibirsk
2. Krasnoyarsk
3. Sochi
4. Vladivostok
5. Moscow

Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities

1. St-Petersburg
2. Vladivostok
3. Sochi
4. Moscow
5. Samara

Top 5 Best Nature

1. Siberian Forest
2. Black Sea Coast from Krasnodar to Sochi
3. Baikal Lake and Baikal Natural Reserve
4. Altai Mountains
5. The Far East around Vladivostok

Top 5 Food & Drinks

1. Borsch
2. Shashlik
3. Russian Dumplings
4. Russian Pancakes
5. Russian Salad

Top 5 St-Petersburg Attractions

1. Hermitage Museum
2. Peterhof Palace
3. White Palace
4. Canals
5. Chuch of the Saviour

Top 5 Moscow Attractions

1. Red Square
2. St-Basil Cathedral
3. Moscow Metro
4. Kremlin
5. Bolshoi Theatre

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