Cities I’ve Been Map (188/196 Countries) – Update December 2017

Each year or so, I update my map with the app “Cities I’ve Been” app on Facebook, and have done so for the last 10 years. This was my way to track my way through the world when I was at the stage of going anywhere whenever I felt like it and wasn’t necessarily counting the countries I’ve been to. I’ve never really been a “Country Counter” until I was getting close to 150 and newspapers started asking for my current count, as well as I wanted to have a way to measure the distance I have traveled. As a world adventurer, my Travel Map is really what I am proud of, much more than my “countries Ive been” map. It is really not that really that hard anymore to travel the 196 countries as it once was with all the flights getting cheaper. There are more and more people reaching the count. There’s even an American girl who has done it in a year and a half, basically reaching the airport, even counted some countries without getting out of the airport… But a country counter’s “Cities I’ve Been” map would look more like an empty map with 196 points indicating the airports in each Capital of the world. This is what makes the difference between them, and adventure travelers, which enjoys roaming the world, discover places, breath and live with local populations, travel with local transport and never having a “point A” to come back to. THAT is real traveling!

So here it is, My updated map of the cities ive been. It was about time I made an update, the last version dating from March 2016 when I was at 173 countries.

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